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When it comes to increasing revenue, retention, and adoption of your mobile app, product engagement is crucial. Converting casual users into your most valued consumers requires involving them in your product experience.

In this article, we’ll go over the fundamentals of product engagement as well as some suggestions for increasing it.

What is the definition of product engagement?

Product engagement is a metric that indicates how engaged your consumers are with your product. So, instead of simply counting active users, figure out which consumers are using your product and why.

Understanding how consumers interact with your product and what motivates them to become more active requires measuring customer engagement. Customers that are actively engaged make more purchases and have a higher total lifetime value.

Why is it essential to track engagement?

You must comprehend the effect of every action when you launch a product, introduce a new feature, or simply send out any kind of message via your product. You’ll want to discover how consumers use your product and what motivates them to do so.

Engagement measurement can assist you in answering questions such as:

  • Why aren’t consumers taking advantage of the new functionality we recently released?
  • Why is it that this group of consumers spends more time browsing than the group that spends less time?

What motivates consumers to upgrade from free to premium accounts?

You need to know how your most important consumers interact with your product in order to spend more in developing it. After all, who wouldn’t want more of those high-value clients?

You can see how critical it is to convert disgruntled consumers into superfans in the picture below. They’ll buy from you again and again, help you advertise, and attract new consumers.

How do you determine whether or not a product is engaging?

Before you can improve engagement, you must first comprehend what it means in terms of KPIs for your organization. Do you just want to track active users?

Is there a metric that more properly gauges users that are more engaged? Different metrics will indicate success for each product, app, and brand, so you’ll need to establish them first.

How can you make your product more engaging?

Customer feedback must be regularly captured, analyzed, and acted upon to improve engagement.

  • Collect: In the first instance, make sure you have a solution like Apptentive in place to capture all of this consumer feedback data. Without real facts to back it up, you won’t be able to make correct product choices. (For a deeper understanding of how to utilize particular tools like surveys to promote consumer involvement, see this post.)
  • Analyze: Dig deep into your data to see what makes certain consumers more engaged than others.
  • Act: Once you have the answers to your questions, begin adding improvements to your product roadmap that you believe will increase consumer engagement.

Thanks to Madeleine Wilson at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.