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SDRs are in responsible of converting demand generation leads into actionable leads and sales conversations. Your SDRs are essential for qualifying incoming prospects and generating new leads from outbound initiatives.

Even though outbound SDR services are critical to most firms, there are still some concerns about outsourcing them. Leaving these issues unaddressed prevents businesses from achieving greater sales success.

This is why we’ve compiled a list of the most often asked questions about outbound SDR outsourcing in order to dispel any misconceptions or misgivings individuals may have.

Why should you outsource SDR?

First, let’s address the most frequently asked question. Many firms wonder whether outsourcing their SDRs is preferable to performing it in-house.

This is why outsourcing your SDR is more realistic.

It’s simple: outsourcing outbound sales development allows you to focus more on your internal team (Account Executives, Regional Sales Managers, and so on) while removing the burden of hiring, training, and managing outbound sales development in-house.

What services does SDR outsourcing cover?

Outsourced SDR teams complete a variety of duties in accordance with the objectives of their clients. They engage in outbound activities and generate leads/prospects, which they then pass on to the appropriate sales team.

Following that, they make outbound calls to potential clients. They also communicate with prospects by phone and email.

SDRs do the same thing: they contact new clients and generate new sales for your business. In order to improve territorial income, SDR teams also enable easy handoffs to sales and regular and bi-directional contact with sales partners.

Is it possible for SDRs to do more than just generate leads?

Many people confuse B2B Lead Generation and Appointment Setting with Outbound Sales Development, despite the fact that the two are fundamentally different.

Because your Outsourced Team will work as an extension of your company, under your brand, alongside your internal sales and marketing teams, hiring a Sales Agency gives you a lot more than “cold prospecting” services.

What level of technology know-how do they have?

SDR outsourcing is all about maximizing efficiency while increasing sales. Furthermore, technology has altered B2B marketing and sales in the recent decade.

SDRs have more ground to cover, whether it’s artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, or social media. Outsourced SDR teams are experts at identifying, assessing, engaging, and converting customers through the use of technology.

All of this while maintaining a healthy level of human connection in order to foster connections, trust, and confidence in a product or service.

Can I rely on the accuracy of their data?

Without a doubt! In B2B sales, SDRs are usually pressed for time and forced to multi-task. Given the difficulties of managing CRM data and other resources, this is reasonable.

SDR outsourcing reduces record problems because specialist SDRs are tasked with keeping data integrity a top priority. They’re also proficient with most CRM systems and data-driven sales and marketing tools.

As a result, a modern approach to the SDR role, as well as data quality, were contrasted.

Will an outbound SDR team increase my conversion rate?

Converting a lead takes time and effort. Contacting prospects, overcoming obstacles, confirming that they are a suitable fit, and linking them to sales teams are all responsibilities of a sales development team.

We’ve seen sales development teams convert leads into opportunities at a far higher rate than those who don’t. For example, two technology clients supplied similar products to the same type of customer.

Thanks to Judy Caroll at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.