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While the globe continues to open up in tiny waves, more and more companies are opening their doors and combining conventional procedures with contactless techniques. Whether you’re a restaurant with virtual menus or a company that blurs the lines between in-office meetings and remote employees, the world is straining to adapt to the new normal.

QR codes have proved to be a safe and efficient method to strike that fine balance of minimizing physical contact while keeping company doors open. Since we are no longer isolated, this balance will be even more important over the approaching Christmas season, when physical engagement and contact will be at an all-time high.

If you want to participate in the scary festivities of October, QR Codes are a great way to keep your customers and workers safe while still having a good time.

To advertise business, candy with QR code stickers on the back is used

Your favorite Halloween sweets may both fulfill your sweet appetite and aid in the promotion of your company. You may use a QR Code on the back of a candy bar to lead consumers to your website or goods, whether it’s chocolate, nerds, or your favorite sweet treat.

Over the next several months, candy will be plentiful, and whether you’re at work or at home, this presents a unique chance to put a smile on people’s faces while also being creative with your marketing.

Tickets may be purchased using QR codes at a fall festival, event, or haunted home.
People are heading outdoors to get into the autumn mood. QR Codes are an excellent method to attract visitors to your website for ticket sales, whether it’s for a football game, an autumn festival, or a haunted house.

Even while individuals want to enjoy this time of year, they also want to be well and safe. QR codes provide a direct connection between your consumers’ ability to attend an event and their willingness to do so.

They may just scan the QR Code with their phone and buy tickets in a matter of seconds.

QR codes for bar menus and food/drink menus

During the peak of the epidemic, restaurants and bars began utilizing QR Codes to assist with takeout orders and to improve indoor dining safety. Your paper menus may be transformed into an easily accessible online experience that your clients will enjoy using QR Codes.

Restaurants have placed QR Codes in the center of their tables, bars have placed them at the entrances, and now you can make your holiday menu more accessible as well.

QR codes may be used to retrieve pictures taken at a photobooth

Photobooths have been more popular in recent years, and we’ve seen them at everything from weddings to concerts. Photobooths are a fun and simple way to make your event unique because to the quirky and specialized settings that people use to decorate them.

Businesses may alter the way they share photographs by giving a QR Code that receivers can easily scan to get their photos for a direct download. A photographer may simply put a QR Code wherever in the booth to be scanned, saving time by eliminating the need for customers to wait for their photos to be printed.

QR codes are used to finish costume purchases at retail shops

This year’s Halloween arrived early, which means your favorite stores are hoping you’re prepared to buy your trademark costume ahead of time. Because most stores offer dressing rooms where clients may try on their clothes before purchasing, the costume procedure can already be a pretty hands-on experience. Using QR Codes at checkout may help keep everyone safe by reducing physical contact between workers and consumers.

For a fast and efficient checkout, consider using QR Codes at the registers or with workers around the shop.

QR codes may be used to create a virtual sign-in at weddings

As we move towards the enchantment of autumn and winter for upcoming weddings, the season of love is upon us. Newlyweds like having a fun keepsake to help them remember all of their visitors, whether it’s a guest book or a sign in sheet.

Couples may utilize a personalized QR Code to urge visitors to send a heartfelt message or words of support directly from their phones. Unlike a conventional sign-in book, QR Codes may be put in easily accessible places around the wedding venue.

QR codes may be used to register workers for holiday festivities

This season, office celebrations will be in full flow as employees prepare to bob for apples, eat cotton candy, and play fun games. The “registration” form recently received an update, whether you run a little company, a big organization, or intend on organizing an event in your area.

When planning an upcoming event, most people utilize registration to assess attendance. You may now replace your paper and pen with a QR Code that can be read from any location in your workplace.

To assist control attendance and prevent the spread of individuals handing around a pen, including a QR Code on your welcome table, promotional brochure, or email.

Thanks to Desiree Johnson at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.