How to Concentrate on Work Without Getting Distracted

Some of the creativity jobs for introverts include writers, public speakers, stand-up comics, musicians, painters, comedians, and podcasters.

An extrovert thinks about how to share an idea and how to get it to the audience. An introvert thinks about the audience.

They can both communicate, but introverts can create more deeply in solitude than extroverts can.

There are many benefits for an introvert to pursue a career as a creative. Some of the benefits of being an introvert to consider are:

It’s okay to be different.

Introverted individuals have different brains than introverts.

Don’t be intimidated by public speaking.

Create your own niche and create your own creative spaces.

Even though introverts tend to be more quiet and introspective, they are creative in their own way.

These are some of the best creative jobs for introverts.


Writer jobs require you to have a deep passion to express yourself. Writers enjoy writing different types of content.

A writer is also someone who values detail.

Writing jobs typically pay well and have a high job satisfaction rate. This is because many writers find happiness in creative work.

Writer jobs tend to require your focus and discipline, along with an ability to develop strong opinions.

If you enjoy storytelling, and you enjoy communicating through words, then you should consider becoming a writer.

Note: A freelance writer is different from a full-time writer. Freelance writers are an income stream that does not require an income.

Full-time writers are focused on a career path and typically work freelance.

Freelance writers can express themselves in ways that full-time writers cannot. This is because of the freedom of the freelance career path.


Singer jobs include those that work with music and those that create music.

You can be a musician or a singer if you have a strong passion for music.

An advantage of working as a singer is that you can sing in front of large groups of people.

Singer jobs usually require that you have a good voice. The vocal range of singers ranges from alto to soprano.

Some singer jobs require that you also have other musical skills.

Singer jobs typically pay well and can also have a high job satisfaction rate. There are also some barriers that you may face as a singer, including audition stress and competition.

Potential Singers may consider combining their singing and speaking skills with something that they are good at, such as playing an instrument.

For example, David Ortiz became a top-level baseball player after playing softball and working as a community center softball coach.

Even though some singer jobs pay well, the hardest part of a singer’s job is the time commitment.

With all of the singing lessons that you need, you need to give your singing time.

Out of all of the singer jobs, artist and performer would be one of the most unique career paths for a singer.

Artists and performers work to help spread the message of their art and create a unique work of art.


I Want to Travel the World and Get Paid

Photographers tend to be very creative people. They enjoy taking pictures and they can create wonderful images.

Many photographers can also take stills from films. This requires them to have skills such as composing the shot, planning the scene, and editing.

Photographers usually focus on portraits. They typically take photos of people and things in their environment.

Photographers also enjoy working in black and white, color, and lots of various types of photos.

As a photographer, you should develop a strong sense of composition, as well as a creative vision.

Photographers are typically artists that need lots of time for a project.

They can be full-time workers that take home a relatively high paycheck.

Graphics designer

Graphics designers work on logos, banners, logos, and other materials. They also work on web designs.

As a graphics designer, you will need to develop good design skills. You will also need a strong ability to use various types of software.

The graphics design career path requires strong computer skills.

Typical design assignments include logo creation, branding, web development, and apps.

In terms of job satisfaction, you should consider a career as a graphics designer that focuses on creating quality content, such as print and web pages.

Web developer

Web developers build websites. They typically create content and designs that are scalable, such as mobile apps.

Web developers typically have a strong software engineering background and they can develop a variety of software, including web pages.

Web developers usually work freelance and are often able to work from home. Some websites, such as YouTube, can be built entirely by one person.

Web developers also build websites for other people and businesses.

They use code on the client’s site and sometimes even build themes that can be applied to other websites.

Some web developers also take on other freelance and commission work.


As you can see, there are many interesting and creative career paths for singers.

If you have a talent for singing and are looking for something new, you may want to consider a career in the creative industry.

You can start by taking the free online web developer classes from Coursera and edX.

If you already know what you want to do, you can take a more structured program, such as the Singing Teacher Certification Exam.

You can also go to the right college to learn a more well-rounded, transferable skill.

You can also consider finding a vocational high school that teaches singing or pursuing a music degree at a traditional university.

Whatever you decide, remember to stay focused and on task.

Music can be a lifelong passion, but you need to learn and earn the right skills to make your dreams come true.