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As we confront the Great Resignation, adopting a hybrid work environment is one aspect to consider in order to retain and recruit top personnel. We’ve discovered that a hybrid work environment is beneficial to our employees, therefore we’re sharing our findings so that your company may save thousands of dollars in the future.

We go into further detail on the advantages of adjusting to the new post-pandemic work climate.

Keep top-notch employees

Your talent is the first and most essential asset in your company that needs to be recognized. How can you handle the team’s issues while retaining success over the past 18 months’ roller coaster ride?

One option is to conduct an anonymous survey to the whole staff through SurveyMonkey, asking questions to assess their worries about returning to work. You may then develop an informal policy based on the findings that takes into account the input from the team.

If you don’t prioritize their safety, you risk losing them to another company or, worse, a rival who will go above and beyond to solve their worries.

Retaining top talent necessitates creating a hybrid, flexible work environment in which workers feel comfortable working from home and/or just working onsite at your office on occasion. What damage does it do your business if a few of your workers relocate out of state for what they believe is a better way of life if you’re set up to work remotely?

We established a policy at Bop Design that enabled workers to work from anywhere in the United States. We didn’t want to lose important workers because of family concerns during a pandemic, so we changed our policy to provide them choices.

Save tens of thousands of dollars in overhead and time

What happens if you discover that your employees would like to work from home indefinitely?

Adapting to this new hybrid environment may save you thousands of dollars in unnecessary overhead expenses such as rent and parking. If your current lease is coming to an end, you may downsize, renegotiate a cheaper cost, seek additional amenities, or request a shorter lease in the future.

Working out of a shared office or holding a monthly meeting in a big conference room at a WeWork or Regus location is far less expensive than renting an office and can be tailored to your company’s and workers’ requirements.

Our team members’ travel time to and from clients would often consume a full day of work. With all of the shutdowns here in California during the start of the epidemic, all in-person meetings were immediately canceled, and precious time was recovered.

There was no turning back after all meetings were converted to a bespoke Zoom connection. To remain connected with team members and customers, you’re probably utilizing video conferencing today, whether it’s Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.

Congratulations, you are now saving time and resources by transferring all calls to a video conferencing software instead of sending employees to a client’s office for an hour meeting.

It’s also worth noting that adopting a permanent work from home or no in-person meetings policy may substantially decrease your company’s carbon footprint.

The hybrid trade’s tools

Every problem you have when working remotely has a software solution created by another B2B company. We had to rapidly adjust to the new standard at Bop Design, and we discovered how much we had depended on in-person project communication.

Since a result, we decided to migrate the team from Basecamp to Forecast, as we need a more comprehensive project management solution. We can now communicate more efficiently and effectively about the annoyances of designing, authoring, and creating B2B site designs thanks to the transition.

We also utilize a corporate telecommunications software that enables our staff to answer our office phones from their mobile phones, ensuring that we never miss a call. Any voicemail a team member receives is also sent as a text and audio email, ensuring that customers are never left in the dark.

In addition, during our monthly virtual lunch and learns, we use DoorDash Teams, which allows each team member to order their own lunch. Our workers aren’t any less important because they aren’t in the office Monday through Friday, so we figured up a method to reward them regardless of where they work.

Striking a balance

We want our employees to feel a sense of belonging to our company, as well as respected and appreciated. You should want the same for your workers, particularly if you want to retain the talent you’ve invested so much time and effort in developing.

It may be difficult to strike a balance between working from home and raising a family, but if you are aware of what is going on in your workers’ life, you can assist them. You may do so by asking them questions, listening to them, and responding to their worries.

If the majority of your staff is hesitant to return to work, don’t force any of them to. Everyone benefits if you create a hybrid work environment that keeps your employees happy and prevents them from leaving.

Show them how valuable they are by implementing a hybrid work environment.

Thanks to Colleen Perone at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.