first time jobs for introverts


Are there decent jobs for introverts with no experience? If you enjoy working independently or get intimidated by the tremendous team spirit of workmates, chances are you are an introvert.

Thanks to advanced technology, introverts now have the freedom to choose from several jobs that allow them to exercise their skills even with no job experience, in the comfort of their homes.

Below is a list of first-time jobs for introverts with no experience that may interest you.

first time jobs for introverts

Virtual Book Keeper

Do you have training in accounting? Why not consider handling company financial records remotely? In a bid to cut on their operating expenses, startups outsource accounting duties to individual bookkeepers.

These jobs include maintenance of cash flow, bank reconciliations, budgeting, receivables, and payables management, and end-of -year reporting.

Your only buy-in for this type of job is a computer with a reliable internet connection. Some require you to install the right accounting software such as QuickBooks and Sage.

Apart from your professional papers in accounting, you will also need soft skills like Excel spreadsheets analysis, email management skills, and general administrative knowledge.

Sign up on various freelance sites that advertise for such jobs including and People Per Hour.

Personal Financial Advisor

first time jobs for introverts

Are you good at handling finances? Do your friends ask you for advice before investing in the stock exchange or taking up a mortgage?

If you have a finance education background, why not create a portfolio as a personal financial advisor?

Entrepreneurs, startups, and even large institutions seek the services of a personal financial advisor when they have a career week, as part of their corporate social responsibility initiatives.

Some do so when they need assessment on maximizing their tax savings, want to start saving for their retirement, or need insurance for their business assets.

As a financial advisor, you are supposed to come up with the strategies on how to minimize business risks to accumulate wealth in the long term.

To start your career as a financial advisor, apply for a license from your local regulatory body.

first time jobs for introverts

Start building your portfolio by writing about financial planning, offer free online sessions, and use these sessions to secure long-term clients.

Freelance Writer

Do you enjoy putting your thoughts on paper? Do you like solving complicated problems? Writing and publishing paid articles is now hassle-free.

There are tons of sites that want your skills. These sites have writing jobs for introverts with no experience.

To begin with, research on the kind of topics that pay well today. Choose a few topics that interest you. Write captivating articles and then use these articles as samples to bid for jobs.

Invest some time in learning how to write a sales pitch. Use the sales pitch in directly sourcing for writing gigs from bloggers, magazines, and journal sites.

Later on, you may want to create a strong online presence by starting your blog where you post your interesting articles to build your portfolio.

first time jobs for introvertsTesters

If you are an IT professional or enjoy reviewing new software or products, why not sign up to be a tester?

Testers are professionals who use a product or service in the same way an end user is expected to use it, with the aim of finding and reporting bugs in the product or service.

Most companies that employ testers offer some form of training before assigning a test cycle. The practice may take less than a week.

The only investment you need is to have the right computer or mobile devices required to do the testing. Some testing has to be online; hence, having a reliable internet connection is key.

Online Personal Trainer

With so many people struggling to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle, why not become an online personal trainer?

Online personal training is one of the jobs for introverts with no experience that is also enjoyable.

jobs for introverts

If you have been struggling with excess weight yourself and have found a healthy way to lose weight, people are looking for you. Turn this knowledge into a steady income flow.

Make short workout videos illustrating how to burn calories from various parts of the body. Follow up your workout routines with advice on healthy eating.

Carry out online fitness challenges to get people in shape. 

This style of training is ideal for many working professionals who are health conscious but never get the time to hit the gym.

You could also offer paid subscription plans, write eBooks on healthy living, or work with brands that make products that promote a healthy life.

Invest in a spacious studio to record your workouts. Also, buy a good quality video recorder, a computer for editing your videos, and necessary equipment for simple workouts.

Data-Entry Specialist

first time jobs for introverts

Do you have an impressive typing speed? Are your keen on details? Can you meet strict deadlines? Why not register as a data-entry specialist?

If you have formal training in medical, accounting, law, architecture, or any other technical field, you can make good money from this profession.

A data-entry specialist transforms raw hard copy data into digital data that can be manipulated using other sophisticated applications.

Many companies and governments are now making efforts to digitize all their operations. Various departments in organizations have also taken up initiatives to go paperless.

To work as a data entry specialist, you will need a computer with a reliable internet connection.

It’s also important to keep all your files organized, as this article outlines.

You should also be able to receive the scan copies of the documents to be digitized. Install the required software to process the documents.

Also, try to have a quick turnaround to handle large volumes of work.

Travel Blogger

Are you an introvert who loves traveling? Do you have qualifications in tours and travel? Do you enjoy writing?

There are many jobs for introverts with no experience in the travel industry. Start a blog that narrates your recent expeditions.

first time jobs for introverts

Let your audience know what to look for and what to avoid when traveling to various tourist destinations.

Run campaigns such as “Fill A Bus Tour” to encourage domestic tourism.

Many passionate travelers around the world do not have the time to peruse all the tourist information available.

Such people rely on a popular travel blogger to choose their flight bookings, accommodation, and luggage to bring on their next trip.


The list of jobs for introverts with no experience is endless. To make your choice of work enjoyable, select jobs that you enjoy. 

After gaining some experience, you may opt for formal employment with more prominent organizations. Alternatively, you can use your expertise to form a work team and create jobs for other introverts like yourself.

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