The U.S. government shutdown currently in effect is causing numerous problems across the country, in many different forms.

For one, the shutdown has left government employees without pay, regardless of their agency and standing within those agencies.

Apart from government employees, regular American citizens not directly employed by the government have been left without the benefits that many government agencies provide.

An Impasse

The shutdown has also highlighted the deep political divide currently taking place across the country.

Since long before the 2016 presidential election, Democrat and Republican groups have only become further entrenched in their previous policies and beliefs.

In the light of the shutdown, this broad divide has only become more apparent.

Attempts by political leaders to compose a financial proposal that would satisfy all involved have thus far proven to be ineffective.

In particular, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has communicated to many different media outlets that attempts to negotiate with President Trump with regards to the border wall have not been productive thus far.

Light at the End of the Tunnel

One of the only major positive aspects of the length of the government shutdown has been that the difficulty of the situation has encouraged input from citizens not directly involved with the federal government.

From news channel commentators to political pundits to regular U.S. citizens, there have been many proposed ideas that attempt to tackle this challenging situation.

One particular solution caught the attention of our editors, devised by Dr. Gregory Finkelson.

Dr. Gregory Finkelson Speaks Out On The Wall

Dr. Gregory Finkelson, American Corporate Services

Dr. Gregory Finkelson is President of American Corporate Services, Inc.

Recently, Dr. Finkelson decided to take it upon himself to create a practical and effective plan to both end the U.S. government shutdown while also finding a way to fund a border wall along the U.S./Mexico border.

One of the most enticing aspects of Dr. Finkelson’s plan is that funding the border wall would not require any financial investment from the American government or taxpayers.

Dr. Finkelson has written an open letter to President Trump and his administration detailing his elegant solution to the shutdown.

At its core, the plan allows for successful foreign investors to contribute money to the construction of a border wall, and in turn, these investors would be paving their own path to American citizenship in the future.

These wealthy individuals would not constitute an economic or social burden on the country as a whole. And the wealth and resources they would bring with them would serve as a boon to the U.S. economy.


Should the Trump administration choose to adopt Dr. Finkelson’s plan to end the shutdown, all government employees could return to work immediately.

Furthermore, the $5 million that would have been spent by the American government to build a southern border wall could be used to fund other social programs around the country.

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