Quality of life is basically that which influences physical well-being.

So, what is quality of life? Well, this refers to the emotional and mental wellbeing of a person.

Various factors can determine a person’s quality of life.

They include:

  • Health and lifestyle:
  • Economic:
  • Education:
  • Social:
  • and quality of the people around:

But it is also just in a sense one factor among many.

The quality of a person’s social interactions with others can affect his overall quality of life.

However, he needs to be exposed to diverse social interactions for a better quality of life.

In some countries, like America, factors such as education, economics, and social isolation affect the quality of life.

Top 10 Best Jobs For Quality of Life:

1. Artist

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One of the best jobs for a person’s quality of life is that of an artist. Some say this is because of the creativity needed to pursue this job.

The jobs which require more creativity involve ones that require creativity.

The art industry plays a vital role in the evolution of art history.

Some of the world’s most iconic artists – such as Picasso, Monet, or Van Gogh – were known for their unique style of painting.

An artist is someone who uses their creative genius to bring awareness about certain social issues. This can be through the many paintings and sketches that they make.

Artist jobs are in high demand.

Also, the job involves meeting various people from diverse backgrounds, while simultaneously giving a voice to their views.

Being a social worker or rights advocate is also an artist’s dream.

Artists not only contribute to social and political issues, but also the human spirit. They support people in society and bring happiness.

2. Planner

No matter how creative you think you are, a professional planner is a better fit for you.

There are various types of planners:

  • Police planners
  • School planners
  • Corporate planners
  • Travel planners
  • Scientific planners
  • Political planners
  • Math
  • Business

It is said that many doctors, teachers, lawyers, bankers, psychologists, or social workers, can become planners.

The main benefits of a planner job are the time they can spend with their loved ones, as they rarely miss a day of work. Another benefit is the vacation they get, as they work remotely.

People who can work in this type of job have a better quality of life.

3. Bookkeeper

Many professionals can give bookkeeping as a profession a miss, but if they are dedicated to their job, they can earn an incredible income.

Being a bookkeeper means reading financial documents and then properly entering the numbers.

It is said that people with bookkeeping degrees can earn up to $50,000 per year.

Also, there are bonuses that bookkeepers can earn, and it can range up to six figures.

4. Chef

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A chef is basically a person who cooks. And, this means someone who practices making new dishes every day.

There are various ways to become a chef, including the following:

  • Private training:
  • Takes a bachelor’s degree:
  • Takes a master’s degree:
  • Takes a master’s degree in business:
  • Takes cooking classes:

You can work in a private restaurant, hotel, hotel cafe, or be a tour guide.

However, you will need to start preparing to become a chef.

5. Social worker

Someone who works as a social worker is involved in helping people in need of help.

However, they also promote a specific cause.

Social workers are specialists in the fields of mental health, domestic violence, elder care, social services, poverty, homelessness, AIDS, and sexual health.

6. Dentist

How can someone who practices dentistry can also contribute to their quality of life?

Dentists may be called doctors, but their jobs are really about oral health.

For example, in dentistry, a dentist diagnoses and treats oral health issues such as teeth decay, gum disease, head, and neck cancer, or dental disorders.

Other responsibilities of a dentist include prescribing and monitoring oral health products.

If you are willing to work at a dentist’s office, you can expect to earn between $85,000 and $129,000.

You can also go to school for dentistry, and study oral biology, oral medicine, or dental hygiene.

7. Financial advisor

People who specialize in this field of work are known as financial advisors.

Here, the main job is to provide a financial plan to their clients, based on their financial goals.

But, this can be in terms of saving for retirement or their children’s education.

The main benefits of a financial advisor are to earn good incomes and start working earlier.

Another benefit is that financial advisors don’t have to spend hours doing paperwork. You can do your job online.

8. Pharmacist

A pharmacist is a person who specializes in pharmaceuticals.

It is a profession that allows a person to be involved in research, creating new drugs, and studying new disease processes.

Pharmacist jobs are mostly done at hospital-based locations or doctor’s offices.

If you are interested in becoming a pharmacist, you can study pharmacy at the local college.

9. Marriage and family therapist

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Marriage and Family Therapist

A marriage and family therapist is a health professional who helps couples and families to find a way to be happy, healthy, and successful.

They are also involved in evaluating and working with mental health issues, including alcohol and drug abuse, relationship violence, family conflict, eating disorders, sexual assault and abuse, gender issues, grief and loss, abuse and neglect, eating disorders, and other issues.

The main responsibilities of a therapist are to help clients reach their highest potential in life, and help couples be more happy and successful in their relationships.

10. Survey worker

In the workplace, a survey worker is a person who does what is called “surveying.”

For example, a survey worker can be hired by a company to collect data and information, such as a survey.

There are several types of surveying jobs that you can do in your spare time.

The job can include some form of work as a surveyor, or an on-site survey technician, for example.