Temp agencies can be a great way to find work in relatively little time, but for some reason, there are many people who swear against the idea of working with a temp agency.

There are certainly negative aspects to finding temporary jobs, but whether those aspects outweigh the positives is entirely up to you.

Below is our list of the pros and cons of working for a temp agency. Use these to help you decide whether you’d like to sign on with a temp agency or continue to look for jobs on your own.



First, let’s take a look at some of the most positive aspects of finding work through a temp agency.

Finding Work in a Pinch

If you’ve been out of work for a long time, then reaching out to a temp agency can be one of the best ways to find a paying job in very little time.

The focus of any temp agency is to provide last-minute staff to companies that need someone to start immediately, for whatever reason.

If a temp agency is impressed by your qualifications, then it will be more likely to recommend you for job openings as they arise.

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The best part is that you don’t have to look for these job openings, that portion is handled completely by the temp agency.

Another advantage is that temp jobs often don’t even require an interview before you start. You can simply arrive on the requested date.

Exploring Different Companies

If you’re unsure of the type of company you’d like to work for, then finding jobs through a temp agency can be a great chance to explore different kinds of companies.

If you want, you can even ask a temp agency representative what types of companies they usually work with.

For example, some temp agencies work exclusively with entertainment companies, while others may only work with B2B workplaces.

It’s also important to remember that temp agencies don’t require you to accept any specific job openings. You will have the chance to consider each one and decline if you think it wouldn’t be a good fit.

No Commitments Required

Along the same lines, once you start working with a company as part of a temporary placement, you won’t be required to stay at that company past the agreed-upon date range.

Therefore, if a temporary placement doesn’t seem very enjoyable or you don’t have the proper skills necessary to tackle daily tasks, you can leave at the end of the placement and try to avoid similar placements in the future.

Pros and Cons of Working for a Temp Agency

Let’s compare this with the experience of finding a new full-time job yourself.

If you decided to leave a company after just a few months, it could potentially have negative effects on your standing with that company, as well as harming your resume.

Decent Pay

Temporary jobs tend to pay well over minimum wage, making them a much better option than finding a last-resort service industry job.

Even more important, if the company you’re working with decides to extend a full-time job offer once you’ve finished your temporary contract, you’ll have the chance to negotiate for better pay, with the help of your temp agency.

Long-Term Possibilities

As we mentioned above, some temp agencies allow employees to take full-time ongoing positions with specific companies.

In other words, your temporary placement could essentially serve as a trial run, giving you the chance to see how well you like the job and your coworkers.

By the end, you’ll have an opportunity to ask yourself whether you’d like to work there for the foreseeable future.


Now let’s discuss the negative aspects of finding work with the help of a temp agency.

No Guarantees

Above all else, you should remember that temporary placements are just that: temporary. There is no guarantee that the company you’re working with will need your services after the temp job has been completed.

Pros and Cons of Working for a Temp Agency

After a placement is finished, you could very well be unemployed again if your temp agency hasn’t been able to find you a new placement.

This could cause financial problems, especially if you’ve been living check-to-check.

We should also note that temp agencies may not find you any placements at all, especially if your qualifications aren’t sufficient.

Little Time to Settle In

As we all know, having a new job means that you have to learn all new procedures, meet new coworkers, and adjust to a brand new office environment.

If you find that you have trouble making these adjustments, then temporary work may not be for you.

Some placements can last as little as a few days, meaning that the very next week you’ll need to adjust to yet another workplace setting.

Makes for a Spotty Resume

When it comes to listing your temporary work on your professional resume, it’s important to consider how potential employers will view your experience.

For example, it may be a good idea to list your temp agency as your employer rather than listing your individual placements.

Listing individual placements may confuse employers or give the impression that you resigned from each of these jobs after just a few weeks or months, which will not inspire confidence in your loyalty.

Unfortunately, some employers also see temp work as being worth less than dedicated full-time placements.

Pros and Cons of Working for a Temp Agency


We’d like to mention that temp agencies all have their own rules and regulations, and you should try to speak with a representative in detail before signing on with a temp agency in your area.

You should also feel free to ask about the average timeline, how long it takes for individuals to find placements.

And ask yourself whether you’re truly unsatisfied with your current job.

This will help you decide whether temp work is right for you.

On the plus side, you don’t need to pay to sign up with a temp agency, meaning you could sign up and still continue to look for permanent work on your own.

It’s also a good idea to look for reviews of specific temp agencies in your area to make sure that they treat workers with respect and decency.