first day at work outfit


If you’ve just been hired for a new job, first of all, congratulations! Searching for a job can be very hard work indeed.

Now all that’s left is to do great work and make it clear to the leaders of your new company that you’re looking to climb the corporate ladder.

Your path to success starts with the very first day of work. And that’s why we’ve gathered some helpful information on how to put together the perfect first day at work outfit.

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You’ve probably heard this phrase before: dress for the job you want, not the job you have.

It’s good advice, but we also believe that you can do both at once while also communicating your personal style.


Review the Dress Code

Before getting started on putting together the perfect first day of work outfit that will let everyone know a bit more about you, you’ll need to review the company’s dress code policy.

The style of clothing that a company allows has a lot to do with how a company sees itself.

If the company is well-established and has been a staple in the industry for a few decades, then the dress code will most likely reflect that, meaning it will require business formal to business casual clothing for its employees.

If a company is still a startup and prides itself on being innovative and unique, then the dress code will reflect that as well. Startups tend to allow for more casual clothing, although there is often an unspoken emphasis on style.

If your company has not already outlined to you the details of its dress code, then you should think back to your first time visiting the office, most likely for your interview.

What was the interviewer wearing? More importantly, what were the other employees wearing?

work outfit

When it comes to constructing an outfit for your first day at work, your goal will be to take the kind of outfits you observed in the office and elevate them slightly.

If you’re able to do this successfully, you’ll both fit in on your first day as well as erring on the side of formal, showing that you have respect for this job and the company itself.


Every outfit starts with hygiene. Make sure to shower the morning of your first shift. Try to use moisturizer and/or an exfoliating scrub on your face.

If you have facial hair, trim accordingly to make sure that you don’t attract any unwanted attention on your first day.

Make sure that all your clothes are clean and that you’re not just pulling them from the laundry bin the night before going into the office.


If you’ve been letting your hair grow out for a while, consider going in for a haircut a few days before you start your new job.

First Day at Work Outfit

This could also be a great opportunity to try out a new style. Try to pick a hairstyle that is both professional and fun, leaving room for a few different styling options.

If you’re stumped for ideas, take a look at the hairstyles of celebrities you like, or even ask your barber or hairstylist for recommendations.


The shoes you choose to wear on your first day of work are actually quite important. The style and look send a message to your co-workers about the kind of person you are.

After all, they don’t know you yet and don’t have much else to go on.

But even the sound your shoes make can have an impact on how you’re seen as well. If you decide to wear dress shoes that make a lot of noise on tile or hardwood floors, it can assert confidence or even dominance in the workplace.

If you only have athletic shoes at home, try to find some appropriate shoes for the workplace at a big box store that offers discounts on name brands.


Your pants or bottoms should be undeniably professional. That means no acid-wash denim, shorts, or especially revealing clothing.

First Day at Work Outfit

Slacks or chinos are never a bad bet, as they work in many different settings and can be dressed up or down accordingly.

A pencil skirt is appropriate in many office environments, as well as many other skirts that fall just above or below the knee.


Just like the bottom half of your outfit, the top half of your outfit needs to be professional and clean cut.

But your shirt or top is also an opportunity to have a little fun with your outfit. Don’t be afraid to wear something colorful on your first day, especially if you tend to be a generally positive person.

A button-down shirt that’s well-tailored is never a bad idea for the first day of work.

Bags and Accessories

The briefcase or bag that you bring with you on your first day of work is a crucial part of the outfit itself, not just an accessory.

A simple bag or briefcase with very few embellishments and style points is definitely a safe option, regardless of where you work.

First Day at Work Outfit

As long as the accessory is clean, well-maintained, and fits with the rest of your outfit, you can make it a staple of your daily work supplies, that you’ll bring into the office again and again.

If you don’t already have a usable bag or briefcase for the workplace, then you may decide not to bring one on your very first day at work.


Ultimately, first impressions are very important, especially in the workplace. But it’s also important to note that you don’t have to be perfect on your first day, far from it.

In the end, the most important part of your outfit on the first day of work is your smile and a perceived willingness to participate and learn in the workplace.

The importance of this open-mindedness simply can’t be overstated.

Being friendly is important, being ambitious is important, and these qualities can attract positive attention much better than any outfit, even one that’s very well curated.