12 unique business ideas

With so many new entrepreneurs appearing each day, it’s tricky to choose a truly unique business idea for your startup.

It might seem that all the ideas are already taken and you have no choice but steal someone’s idea and start growing your own business.

Before you do it though, check out the following 12 unique business ideas that might make you millions – if not billions – over time.

Once you’ve started your business, you may want to use these tips to help make your business look more professional.


1. Help People Keep Their Memories Safe

Google Drive, Facebook, Instagram, and Dropbox store billions of photos, but what if one day all those online photos will just vanish.

You won’t be able to restore them and it means all your memories will disappear and your children won’t be able to see their childhood photos. Doesn’t that sound scary?

Help people keep their memories safe by investing in a quality photo printer and offering print photos.

There are lots of creative ways to encourage people to print their photos rather than store them online. This business idea has a bright future.

2. Streetwear

Streetwear, a whopping $300 billion dollar industry, keeps growing at a 5% annual increase.

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It’s expected that streetwear will astonishingly thrive in the near future, making it one of the most successful ideas today.

Male streetwear is particularly popular these days.

3. Voice Translators

It’s impossible to know all languages, but it doesn’t mean people stop traveling. Many people use Google Translate when traveling, working, or dating a foreigner.

Translator’s tools have always been in high demand, so why not remove a language barrier by selling voice translators that help to translate several languages at the same time?

Since interpreters charge a lot, people will definitely buy your voice translator.

4. Become a HIIT Trainer

HIIT is the most popular method of training today. Even the laziest homebodies can become interested in HIIT.

12 Unique Business Ideas

If you’re a fitness junkie and you have a lot to share about high-intensity interval training, there are a few incredible business ideas for you.

You can either open a small gym and become a HIIT trainer or share your video instructions on YouTube. Writing a blog or selling fitness-related items is another idea to consider.

5. Thrive in the Power Bank Industry

If you’ve saved a great amount of money for your startup, consider investing them in the power bank industry. This startup idea is going to be successful as this industry is expected to increase up to $25.16 billion by 2022.

Nowadays, it’s hard to imagine life without a smartphone, and, with all those apps, a power bank is a must-have.

Unlike the ideas mentioned above, this business idea can make you a billionaire. It requires investments, though.

6. Posture Corrector

The chiropractic field keeps growing in popularity. Today, people have more posture issues than ever before.

Spine surgeons state an alarming increase in patients with upper back and neck pain related to bad posture triggered by the prolonged use of smartphones or other gadgets.

Plus, a sedentary lifestyle and office jobs are gradually damaging our spines. That’s the major reason why becoming a posture corrector is a lucrative idea. You’ll need to have a certificate and a well-equipped room for it.

Or you can launch a business and hire a professional to work for you. Both ideas can leave you with a wallet full of cash.

7. Produce plant-based foods

The unstoppable rise of veganism has made thousands of restaurants and food companies switch to plant-based foods.

12 Unique Business Ideas

Plant-based diets are all the rage right now and people are on the lookout for new vegan-friendly foods to add to their diets.

There are tons of opportunities for new entrepreneurs to capitalize on the less-exploited areas of veganism. It depends on your startup capital.

8. Give Bespoke Beauty a Whirl

From custom skincare products for certain skin types and with plenty of possible colors, the bespoke beauty industry has been named the top beauty trend this year and is going to thrive in the next decade for sure.

There are many bespoke beauty business ideas and, again, it ultimately depends on your startup capital.

9. Offer a Digital Detox

Although we can’t imagine our lives without all those gadgets we use daily, more and more people are dreaming of taking a break from screen time.

12 Unique Business Ideas

The digital detox trend is totally new and there are multiple ways, including the cheap ones, to help this trend grow and make people healthier.

For example, you can plant a garden where people can meditate or just read a book. No gadgets would be allowed in your garden.

Or, you can launch a digital detox coffee shop or a restaurant. The trick is to distract people from their gadgets at least for a short while.

10. Start a Luxury Pet Care Business

The pet-related businesses are booming these days as well. Pet owners spend half their paychecks for their furry babies and some are ready to splurge on a luxury pet care.

Why not give them this opportunity?

From dog training or walking service to pet clothing and accessories to pet photography, there are tons of ideas for new entrepreneurs who love pets.

12 Unique Business Ideas

11. Launch a Standing Desk Business

As we mentioned above, a sedentary lifestyle is ruining our health, which is why people are looking for ways to jazz up their office time.

The whopping 15,000 searches for “standing desks” each month indicate that launching a standing desk business is actually a fantastic idea.

12. Open a 3D Printing Shop

One of the best startup ideas for 2020 to 2030, opening a 3D printing shop, is an excellent way to reach success and feed your bank account.

3D printers are already expected to aid in the production of prosthetic body parts, spare camera parts, architect models, sinks, and even homes.

Come up with the idea of what you want your 3D printer to produce and start actually saving for it.


When you want to launch a business, it’s important to consider all the pros and cons of each idea before you make your final decision.

Remember, even if your business idea is already taken, you can make it more unique and achieve more success than your competitors.