Some jobs will help you with the test as well as looking good on your CV. Read on and learn more.

Stay safe

One of the most important things you should consider is the safety of where you live, learn, work and play.

Talk to your parents about any dangers that are in your area. Is there a lot of rough weather in the winter?

Is there a drinking problem? Is your school situated in a low-income area? Discuss these issues with your parents.

If you’re in a city you might even consider taking a career in a security agency or a police force to help protect you.

These jobs are also interesting as they give you a chance to be part of the community and a chance to make your mark.

Wear suitable clothing

The question is this; do you want to be a waiter/waitress/bar-back?

This is not a role for someone of a low intelligence level.

You have to be smart enough to read a menu and remember what each dish is called.

Also, if you have read this far, you know how much you have to learn so you need to be comfortable in your own skin. Dress accordingly.

Take a professional course

If you are planning to study further, then take a professional course which will help you if you want to get a proper job after you have finished school.

Sometimes when you are doing your national secondary school exam, you might find it hard to understand complex science equations.

There are also jobs for maths and sciences at the University of Cape Town.

Get a real job

If you have the opportunity to do a real job, take it. Most of these jobs are not advertised on Jobstreet.

Yes, you might want to study law or computer science but you might be more creative than that.

Take an interest in fixing an older car, building something, and so on.

Work experience can be a great way to get a real job.

Start early

This is an important point, please try to start work as early as possible in your career.

When you get to high school, it is very difficult to make friends with people when you are stuck in the classroom, doing subjects you don’t really want to do.

You will not be able to make meaningful friendships because there is little time to be social when you are always studying.

So, please try and get a job as early as possible.


first time jobs for introverts

Some of the best jobs in South Africa are in the mining industry.

If you can start at 16 years old, the same as in South Africa, you might be able to make good money as a junior mining engineer.

The pay for these jobs is good but you need to be patient.

If you can go through the three-year Mining Studies course, you will be able to work at the mines when you are a few years older.

Get an industrial job

Some of the best jobs in South Africa are in the IT industry.

You can find work as a data entry operator and the same applies to computer technicians.

If you are a keen hacker, take your career in a different direction.

There is a lot of money to be made in the IT industry.

Get into a business career

If you have a business idea, you might be able to find a job in business.

As many South Africans have discovered, there are a lot of “booming businesses” in South Africa.

You can start a business by becoming a taxi driver. You can make money by just going around and meeting people in business networking events.

These business events are usually held in board rooms and clubs around the country.

If you are just starting in your business, do some market research and you will find that there is money to be made.

If you are making good money already, try making more money.

Once you have built up a strong clientele, you can start expanding your business.

Plant your seeds

how to make staff meetings more fun

Yes, these are some of the most lucrative careers in South Africa but you have to put in the work and be patient.

You need to start working at 16 years old.

Use the above list as a starting point, it is a good list to start with.


The above list is a useful starting point. The good news is that South Africa is young, so it is not easy to retire.

Do all these things at the beginning of your career. When you get older you might be able to change jobs, move to a different city, change industries.

You should do all these things at the beginning of your career so you have a foundation to build upon.

These are good starting points but you should use them as a guide.

Once you start working, try and find your own career.

Do something you are passionate about and start at the top.