This is a list of the top jobs that highly sensitive persons will be better suited for.

There are also a lot of great resources available for individuals that have questions regarding what to do in terms of getting a job.

1. Social worker

Social workers spend the majority of their time helping individuals. They work with individuals in need of help.

Social workers work on behalf of people that need a helping hand.

This career path is ideal for those that have difficulty with crowds or hate small talk.

Social workers are people that are great at connecting with people on a personal level.

2. Counselor

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In some instances, a counselor is better for highly sensitive people.

The amount of times that highly sensitive people tend to run into conflict with other people is overwhelming.

Counselors are usually more patient and understanding.

They can filter out their own personal issues and focus on helping other people.

3. Recruiter

Recruiters usually take calls from companies looking for skilled workers.

This career requires individuals to be more involved in the company.

The amount of time that highly sensitive people can spend on the phone with recruiters is limited.

But highly sensitive people tend to work well in this line of work.

4. Professional dance teacher

Most dance teachers require instructors to have a degree in dance or have a formal dance background.

But dance teaches a skill set that may be more suited for highly sensitive people.

There is less physical contact when dancers are performing and less pressure to perform.

5. Journalist

Journalists spend the majority of their time writing stories.

The amount of time that highly sensitive people spend in front of a computer may be limited.

But highly sensitive people tend to enjoy sharing their stories with the public.

They tend to work better in journalism than in sales.

6. Professional golfer

Golfers typically need to hit a ball a very high number of times.

This can take a lot of energy from people that have a lot of mental energy to expend.

Golf can be stressful. But golf can also be a great stress reliever for highly sensitive people.

They can handle a stressful environment.

7. Auctioneer

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Most auctioneers have to work in a public setting and have to deal with people that are emotional and frustrated.

Auctioneers have to be able to tell the difference between being negative and expressing dissatisfaction.

Highly sensitive people are often able to filter out these types of comments.

8. Makeup artist

Most makeup artists are beauty artists. They need to have a large amount of empathy for their clients.

This is why makeup artists tend to work better for highly sensitive people.

The amount of time that highly sensitive people spend on their makeup can be minimal or non-existent.

They have the capacity to create something beautiful without looking like they are in a medical office.

9. Photographer

Photographers tend to spend a large amount of time on their own.

They have to deal with their own social anxiety.

Being in a controlled environment and getting to have the freedom to do what they want is great for highly sensitive people.

But highly sensitive people can be easily distracted by extraneous noise and noise that is too loud.

10. Chef

Cooks are individuals that have to go out and gather ingredients and prep work.

They work in fast-paced environments. They are always being watched and have a high expectation of them.

Highly sensitive people have the ability to be focused. They do better in kitchens than in the company of others.

11. Attorney

Many attorneys have to deal with difficult people. They work in courts.

They have to keep in mind a lot of different factors.

Highly sensitive people tend to be able to take in more information and be more focused.

12. Teacher

Educators have to be patient and have a strong understanding of the child that is under their care.

Most people will let their children do anything that they want as long as they are motivated.

But it is difficult for people with a lot of mental energy to deal with highly energetic children.

Teachers tend to be able to do this job better than others.

13. Psychiatrist

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People with a lot of mental energy are a great fit for a psychiatrist.

Many highly sensitive people can have issues like anxiety disorder or post-traumatic stress disorder.

Their intellect is very strong, so they can use this to their advantage in a psychiatric setting.

Psychiatrists tend to be good listeners and they can handle a high volume of patients.

14. Wedding planner

Some wedding planners have to have a large amount of empathy and physical sensitivity.

Wedding planners work with a lot of people and a lot of emotions.

This is why people who have a lot of mental energy tend to be good wedding planners.

They tend to take in a lot of information and filter out the aspects that they need to focus on.

15. Lawyer

Many lawyers have to work with highly emotional people.

Lawyers tend to be strong, analytical thinkers.

If someone is highly emotional and frustrated, they can take it out on the lawyer.

Lawyers are usually very observant and have great intuition.