Online video is one of the most powerful ways to market your business or product. It’s a form of media that people love due to its interactive nature. You can create videos with software such as Adobe Creative Suite, YouTube, or other web-based applications.

Most online platforms have an area where you can store and edit your videos. Some let you add music and settings like length and font style, which are important for looking professional.

With all these tools, creating engaging videos has never been easier. If you’re in the marketing game, it’s time to use video! The average person now spends around two hours per day watching content, including streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu.

Businesses should consider using video to promote their products and services. With the right tool set up, you can produce and publish content quickly and easily.

Creating a video marketing strategy

how does online video marketing work

A few years back, doing online videos was very trendy. People would make YouTube videos about how to do something new or interesting. Now that technology has advanced, creating engaging videos is a pretty easy way to boost your business’s growth.

By adding a video to your website or other social media sites, you can increase traffic to your site, promote your products, generate more sales, and connect with others in your industry.

There are several different types of videos you can create — product reviews, interviews, announcements, etc. You get to decide which type of content is best for your company and what will be received well.

Making a video does not necessarily mean writing down a script and recording it yourself. There are many free editing software apps available where you can easily add music, special effects, and voiceovers.

Many people start off making their own videos before investing in professional equipment or training courses on producing videos.

Touchpoints in videos

how does online video marketing work

A touchpoint is an element of a video that appeals to one or more senses, such as vision, sound, taste, smell, and/or feel. It can be a scene, a piece of dialogue, something instrumental, or anything else part of the media content you’re marketing.

Most marketers these days use interactive videos for online advertisements. These are typically commercials or advertisements that contain enough material to attract your attention and keep it.

Usually, they make use of visuals, voice, music, and/or text. While some of them may still be traditional static ads, most are designed to get readers to do something – either visit a site or purchase a product.

What makes an advertisement effective is its ability to grab someone’s attention quickly and maintain it. The length and detail of the ad also play a big role in how well it touches people.

The length of videos

how does online video marketing work

With video content, length is important. Lengthy videos are more likely to get people’s attention and may even influence them in ways that short videos cannot.

Too many people these days have become desensitized to too much unnecessary junk content, so they do not respond well to shorter pieces.

It is your job as an online marketer to create valuable content. If you see someone else getting lots of engagement from their posts, then make sure you include some of those components in yours!

But YouTube doesn’t want us to just throw away money, it wants us to make purchases and spend income reading ads.

So, how long should your videos be? We’ll talk about that here.

We recommend setting up separate accounts for each of your main brands or businesses. This way you can use one account to upload business-related videos and another account to upload personal vlog style videos.

By having different profiles, you give yourself room to breathe and focus only on what time slot works best for your business without feeling pressured to keep posting for hours every day.

That’s why we suggest sticking to a half hour per session unless otherwise requested. You will also need to know when your videos run out so you can prepare ahead of time.

The content of videos

how does online video marketing work

A video is also referred to as an interactive media product. It’s more descriptive than just a piece of content that you can watch for a length of time. An online video requires someone to actively look at it while it is being watched.

This engagement creates hype around the content, which encourages people to check out what it has to offer.

Your business can use this same technique by creating engaging, entertaining content for your YouTube channel or other mediums like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Designing a website

how does online video marketing work

A successful YouTube channel doesn’t start you with a blank canvas. It starts with a template or design that is already optimized for video. You can use their templates free of charge, but you will need to purchase additional software like Kaltura or VidIQ to be able to upload your videos and edit them.

There are many free ones as well, but most of these don’t offer the advanced features that paid ones do. This could be limiting if you want more elaborate editing capabilities.

Choosing a theme

Another way to use videos for your business is to create one video that fits into an already established genre or style. This is called using a them, or as they are more commonly known – a movie trailer!

The most common types of movies you will see made into online videos are product reviews, how-to’s, company profiles, and event announcements. To make your own movie trailer, you can either purchase a free template from a website or software program, or you can start filming and editing yourself!

There are many ways to edit small clips and then combine them together to form a continuous video. Most web browsers now have easy to access tools to do this too.

Understanding YouTube

how does online video marketing work

A lot of people get hung up on what platform to use for online video marketing, but they forget one of the most important things — how to use your channel!

To make this more concrete, let’s look at the example of someone who wants to do some video marketing. This person has a business she is trying to promote and create a movie trailer-style video about it.

Now, there are two ways to go about doing this. You can either pick a random free tool that anyone with an internet connection can access or you can invest in software or services that help you produce better content. The first option will almost certainly not make a difference because even if you have a very professional looking movie, no one will watch it!

The second choice really only makes sense if you plan to run large scale videos (which you probably should). There are several good film editing softwares out there that cost around $100-$300 per year. Some even offer monthly subscriptions!

Either way, the next thing you need to do is choose a platform where you can upload and publish your videos. Luckily, this isn’t as difficult as many might think!

There are currently three major players when it comes to social media sites and users being able to create and edit videos: Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. All three of these platforms have been around for quite some time so their technology is built solid.

Getting your studio setup

how does online video marketing work

A lot of people get stuck in their creative process starting with editing, then moving onto filming, and finally publishing or marketing their videos. But this order is not necessary! You can start with the least expensive piece and work up from there!

The first step in online video marketing is having a camera to edit with. More advanced users may also want to have some lighting equipment and an editor that you can use. Luckily, these things are relatively inexpensive!

Most companies will provide you with their software free or at a low cost which makes it easy to begin producing videos immediately. There are many free softwares available such as YouTube, Google Suite (Gmail, Drive, etc.), Microsoft Office, Adobe Creative Cloud, and more!

Many people already have this stuff so you would be coming along for a tour.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.