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Rejection is never easy to talk about, yet it happens to a lot of people. Rejection at work may make us feel uninspired, unproductive, and even hopeless.

Rejection at work may take many forms, including not getting a desired promotion, losing a customer to a rival, being publicly chastised or blamed for proposal mistakes, and so on.

Though professional rejection may be stressful, there are some excellent strategies to overcome it!

Reconsider your options

Let’s be honest, we all get surprised when we are rejected at work; but, if it is occurring more often, it may be time to seek further assistance for your development. This may include spending extra time learning about and educating yourself about your job, as well as trying your best to remain calm during the process.

As the world evolves, we like being welcomed into new jobs and places. This may drive us to over-excite ourselves, causing us to over-qualify ourselves for the job.

This is where you’ll want to narrow down your search.

Consider the following questions…

  • Is this a position I’m willing to take on?
  • Perform I have the majority of the skills/knowledge required to do my work well?
  • Is my mental state suitable for taking on this task?

When you’ve correctly evaluated this, you’ll begin to enjoy rejection when it comes your way. When one door shuts, another opens, as the saying goes.

Always seek feedback

Have you ever heard the expression, “You only know what you know when you know it”? This is true for workplace rejection as well.

Ask as many questions as you need to obtain the information you need, such as definitions and analogies. Even compiling a list from coworkers and management may help you create a positive work ethic.

Due to rejection and a lack of response, 44 percent of salespeople do not fully follow through with their customers.

Now that you’ve absorbed all of the criticism, put it to use in your job. Work hard not just for the business but also for yourself to enhance your work ethic.

For the sake of your future, you want to be the greatest employee you can be.

When I first began working at a bigger corporation, my boss told me that my phone tone might be a little more pleasant at times. I was devastated because I had thought I was a natural on the phone up until that point, but I went home, buried my pride, and practiced on my sisters and brothers.

It was odd at first, but I soon grew so comfortable with them that answering calls was a breeze, regardless of the day or time. What is the moral of the story?

Never assume you know everything—accept criticism and use it to improve!

Put yourself in their shoes for a moment

Rejection at work may be painful, but it doesn’t always mean you’re not good at your job. It simply provides you with the opportunity to grow as an employee or coworker.

If you’ve ever owned a business, been an entrepreneur, or are one now, you know that your aim is to expand the company emotionally, financially, physically, and globally.

This can’t happen if workers aren’t aware of problems that need to be addressed. This is when we, as workers, would have to put our emotions aside and look to the future for the company’s sake.

As entrepreneurs, this may be painful at times, but it is necessary to guarantee that future generations follow a code or procedure. It’s also about instilling in your workers a positive work attitude.

In 2021, there will be 582 million entrepreneurs, each with their own ideas and objectives for their businesses. They can only get so far without workers who are ready and eager to work.

Thankfully, here is where you can make the most of your flaw! Any company owner can see the value in a hardworking employee, but it’s much better if they can be taught.

Where does the entrepreneur develop and nurture his or her employees to become the greatest workers? When you start viewing the value of your work ethic in this light, you’ll only take solace in their comments if you’re rejected at work.

Remind yourself of your greatness

When I was working on a sales campaign, it seemed like every day was a new obstacle, and I couldn’t seem to strike the target. A more seasoned sales person approached me one day and offered me some words to repeat to myself every morning.

This kind of encouragement is another another method to cope with job rejection! Everything comes down to your mental health – are you actively managing your emotions? Do you take deep breaths and relax when necessary? If not…

Say it with me

  • I put in a lot of effort.
  • I am a highly regarded employee.
  • I am an excellent team player.
  • My job has a positive impact.

The more you remind yourself of your job, the more efficiently you’ll be able to do it! For someone who lacks confidence in themselves, rejection never leaves a pleasant sensation.

If you can turn it around, your work will appreciate you! Try giving yourself pep speeches in the morning, during your lunch break, or just before you go to work!

Don’t forget to work on your resiliency! Use the words above to motivate yourself whenever you’re feeling sad.

What doesn’t kill you strengthens you

I’m sure you remember the tune! It was not just speaking about encouraging ourselves, but it was also factual. The word “no” will be heard by every entrepreneur.

It’s actually maintaining a healthy attitude that may lead you to a position of acceptance when dealing with rejection at work. Look for the positive in every bad remark!

Consider every promotion you felt you deserved but didn’t get as a fresh opportunity to develop your social skills in your immediate team!

It doesn’t imply your effort was any less important because they didn’t say what you wanted to hear. Remember that sometimes rejection is out of your control.

This isn’t anything to be embarrassed of; rather, it’s something to take advantage of and grasp your place in the workforce! You may not be the greatest match for every position you apply for; they may need someone with five years of experience, but you only have four.

They may be looking for someone who speaks six languages, but you only speak three. We may recognize these things and accept them for what they are: the truth.

To sum it up…

Although rejection is unavoidable, there are methods to transform it into a good experience. Always remember that ‘when one door shuts, another opens,’ therefore seek for criticism, be teachable, give yourself pep speeches, and never give up on your work ethic!

Rejection at work never feels good on the inside, but we can always utilize it as an opportunity to build excellent work habits in our daily lives. Return next week for another article that will assist you in growing as a small company owner and expanding your internet presence!

Thanks to Dave Kosmayer at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.