Non-fungible tokens continue to draw additional use cases from a range of organizations, corporations, and brands. The latest company to use NFTs to offer tokenized performance driving completion certificates is luxury automaker Lexus.

Lexus stated in a special announcement on October 17 that visitors to its Lexus Performance Driving School will get individual digital tokens (LPDS). These NFTs will highlight each person’s classroom performance as well as their brief driving video.

Overview of the Lexus Performance Driving School

In 2018, Lexus launched the Lexus Performance Driving School. During the LPDS event, visitors may test-drive a number of high-performance Lexus automobiles on some of the most popular racetracks in the country.

Since then, the LPDS has developed into a well-liked location for both experienced and novice racers, with around 40 participants every day. Each driver at the Lexus driving school completes a one-day curriculum that includes lead-follow exercises on the main track, a skidpad experience, and autocross laps.

NFT Is Adopted By Lexus For Its LPDS

For their high-performance driving experience at the LPDS, the luxury vehicle maker plans to provide its visitors with a living memory package. Visitors to Lexus will get NFTs that include a 45-second movie of a day spent using LPDS.

For visitors to mint and own their NFT, Lexus will offer the short memory bundle on the Polygon platform. The vice president of Lexus Marketing, Vinay Shahani, made the following observation on the new NFT project:

“Lexus strives to provide its guests with one-of-a-kind experiences, and I can think of no better way to commemorate an amazing day spent at the Lexus Performance Driving School than with a personalized NFT. Instead of a curated timeline of retouched photos, the NFT offers an authentic and truly unique way to share one’s on-track accomplishments and opens the door to attend and participate in exclusive Lexus events in the future.”

The updated LPDS NFT certifications will additionally provide an overview of significant vehicle metrics, such as average speed, achieved g-forces, and lap times. Lexus has already given its NFT certifications to more than 130 LPDS in the meantime.

Thanks to Dominic Kimani at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.



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