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Scrum 2022 — getting started as a scrum master or product owner (TL;DR)

In 2022, you’re probably thinking about how to further your Scrum Master or Product Owner job. Perhaps I can assist you in this area with a compilation of articles, papers, and LinkedIn polls that I wrote in 2021 and which proved to be the most popular.

They vary from interview questions for Product Owners and Scrum Masters to a variety of Scrum anti-patterns to the most fascinating polls on apparently basic topics about “agile” in general and Scrum in particular. Every post includes a link to a free booklet that delves further into the issues and offers practical solutions.

Good luck with Scrum 2022—just remember to stick to the fundamentals!

Scrum teams are being held back by 27 sprint anti-patterns

Welcome to the Sprint anti-patterns article in our Scrum anti-patterns series, which includes not only the three Scrum roles but also stakeholders and IT management.

The associated free Scrum Anti-Patterns Guide has been downloaded over 11,000 times thus far.

To get their teams up to speed, new Scrum masters should ask these 20 questions.
Twenty questions for you, the new Scrum Master, that can be answered in 60 minutes.

Start learning and getting up to speed on how your new Scrum Team is presently delivering the product, from Product Backlog forensics to KPIs to team difficulties and technical debt. For your convenience, you may print a template.

The development team is dead; long live the Scrum team! Scrum Guide 2020

Scrum Guide 2020 is now available: Beyond software development, changes are on the way to make Scrum more accessible and inclusive. Learn more about the changes, get the free Scrum Guide 2020 Reordered to detect patterns faster, and participate in the Scrum community debate.

More than 10,000 people have downloaded the Scrum Guide Reordered thus far.

Anti-patterns for product owners — 31+2 ways to improve as a PO

If you’re a Product Owner, there’s almost certainly space for improvement. This list of the most prevalent Product Owner anti-patterns might be a good place to start.

As a result, if you see certain anti-patterns in your everyday job, why not seek help from the rest of the Scrum Team? The list of anti-patterns for Product Owners is a useful place to start when doing a retrospective.

Anti-patterns for sprint planning

Sprint Planning is a key event that determines how the next Product Increment will enhance the lives of your consumers. Learn how to increase the efficacy of Sprint Planning by avoiding 20 frequent anti-patterns.

Making Your Scrum Work #1: Three Widespread Scrum Master Failures in 5:31 Minutes
Scrum Masters have a lot of failures. This result should not surprise anybody, given that Scrum is a framework with a clear and simple but short “manual.”

In three brief video segments lasting 5 minutes and 31 seconds, I’ll show you three common instances of how Scrum Masters fail their teams.

Anti-patterns for Scrum masters — 20 Signs Your Scrum master needs help

Scrum Masters defy the spirit of the Scrum Guide for a variety of reasons. They range from incompatible personality qualities and the pursuit of personal goals to dissatisfaction with the team as a whole.

Continue reading to understand how to detect whether your Scrum Master need team help in this topic on Scrum anti-patterns.

The good, the bad, and the ugly of agile metrics

Appropriate agile metrics represent either a team’s or your company’s progress toward becoming a learning organization.

Qualitative agile measurements generally outperform quantitative agile metrics at the team level. This is the opposite at the organizational level: quantitative agile measurements yield greater insights than qualitative ones.

Scrum 2022 – getting you started as a product owner or Scrum master

Scrum will continue to be Scrum in 2022. This consistency is beneficial to me since it helps us to think more deeply about issues and problems.

Scrum 2022 isn’t about recreating the wheel or going after the next “Agile” flashy thing. Showing up, embracing what is ahead, and getting your hands filthy while making your Scrum work, one anti-pattern at a time, is what 2022 is all about.

In 2022, how do you intend to get started? Please provide your opinions in the comments section.

Thanks to Stefan Wolpers at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.