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The best way to give someone prosperity is to find the theme that connects with them and surprise them.

These feelings of connection to a key person, event, or idea are what people want when wishing someone prosperity.

Read on for some insight.

1. Find something that has the same themes as the person you wish to give prosperity to

Love above all. My son and I. A picture taken in my mother’s house in Kinshasa

When you find this, you will be able to give them prosperity with a simple wish of love and affection.

It’s as simple as this:

You write a heartfelt letter to your recipient, thanking them for being in your life.

The love that you share comes from your own heart and is spread all over the letter. It shows your love to them.

Then, after thanking your recipient, ask them this question:

“What theme is present in your life that I can bring prosperity to?”

You’ll be surprised what this question will prompt them to say.

If they are open to your thoughts, they will reply and show you their wealth of knowledge and wisdom that they possess.

That’s what the key is: finding this theme.

To help you, I recommend going through all the different areas of their life and see what fits.

Just make sure that the theme you wish to give prosperity to is present in the themes you feel in their life.

It should be universal, not tied to just one specific area.

Take your time and don’t be wild about the prediction

I know, I know, we want a concrete prediction. But you have to be prepared for the world as it is today.

Asking a person about their prosperity will give them a glimpse into the future and help them get off your back.

There will be some people who won’t take it well.

If they do take it well, it means that they have opened their mind to your thoughts and ideas.

Don’t let this deter you, though.

You’ll be surprised at the response that you get.

Think about this for a second: Would you take something so personal so lightly?

Have an open mind and stay focused.

2. Make sure that the theme is universal

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

This is a big one.

There are many different themes present in the world.

A great example of this is wealth.

From the Grand Canyon to Wall Street, there is a multitude of aspects to the word.

For the prosperity you wish to give, this is not a big deal.

However, let’s not underestimate wealth as an underlying theme.

Look around you.

You can find it everywhere you look.

Think about how much money you see. The banks that are crashing.

The corporations that are collapsing. The number of billionaires that are creating so much wealth.

You have to think big, especially if you want to bring prosperity to someone.

You can give prosperity by just sharing the wealth that you already have, or you can wish for someone to create more wealth for themselves.

But don’t forget, it’s a choice.

You don’t have to want them to be billionaires, or to have the newest car. You can choose a theme that suits the wealth they already possess.

Because money makes the world go round, you can choose to give them prosperity from a place of sharing, caring, and support.

3. Make sure that the theme is heartfelt

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When you do this, your delivery is everything.

It’s important to have a heartfelt feeling with your delivery because if they don’t receive the message, they won’t be moved.

Let’s say you’ve chosen a love theme to give prosperity.

Because love is universal, and the theme is not tied to a specific area of life, you can give them love without giving them a bunch of cash.

Here are a few ideas:

A bunch of romantic gifts, like flowers, chocolates, or a night out at the movies.

A fancy dinner at a top restaurant.

How about a romantic getaway to a hotel?

Give them a daily reminder of what they mean to you.

Shower them with compliments and appreciation.

Write a note every day.

Turn your inbox into a love letter.

Simply write them a nice note.

Give them a challenge that you are sure they can complete.

Take a book to the library.

Set up a new workspace.

Smile at someone you know.

Anything that inspires them.

4. Make sure that the theme is a personal one

When you give someone prosperity, you are giving them something that they love.

This is a very personal thing.

One of the biggest mistakes that I see people making is to give everyone the prosperity that they can get.

It’s not about you, nor do you know anyone who needs prosperity.

No one can ever say “I need this right now.”

It’s not about you, so let it be.

If you give them something personal that they would love, then they are more likely to take it.

I’ve also seen people give someone prosperity out of obligation.

This isn’t going to fly either.

When you give prosperity to someone, it’s an offer, it’s an offer to bless someone with a portion of your blessings.

You’re not the doctor, or the pastor, or the teacher, or the author, or the friend, or the politician.

You are just you, giving to someone who is in need.

When you do this, you are blessing them in a way that can only be done between you.

It’s a gift of charity and selflessness.