Be Prepared

Getting yourself ready to start a brand new job can be more than a little intimidating.

You’re not exactly sure how the new office operates, and there will be weeks and weeks of learning before the office will start to feel familiar and comfortable.

Being prepared for your very first day in a new office can be a huge help in adjusting to a new work environment.

Coming to work prepared and excited for your new job will show everyone in the office that you’re ready to make an impact.

Here’s a quick guide on what to bring on your first day of work, featuring practical and strategic ideas for what to pack for that very first shift.

A First-Impression Outfit

Even on your very first day of work, you should dress for the job you want.

what to bring on your first day of work

Pick an outfit that’s professional and also communicates to the entire office that you have serious ambitions for your career.

Make sure that your outfit adheres to the office’s guidelines on professional attire.

If no such rules exist at your new place of work, then plan to be overdressed rather than underdressed.

Showing up in a thoughtful, casual work outfit will let your coworkers and your boss know that you mean business.

A Stay-at-Work Mug

Most offices these days have a dedicated kitchen space or break room where the coffee maker lives.

And while your new office may also provide disposable cups for coffee and water, it’s a good idea to bring your own mug from home, one that can stay in the office for as long as you work there.

It shows concern for the environment while also just being a convenient way to have a cup ready at all times.

what to bring to work

Try to bring a unique mug that will be different from the mugs of your coworkers. This is an easy way to avoid confusion and arguments in the future.

It’s also a way to express yourself. Bring a mug associated with a favorite sports team or with a picture of your pet.

If it’s truly unique, it can be a great conversation starter that will help you get to know your coworkers a bit better.

Water Bottle

Along similar lines as a coffee mug, you should also try to bring a water bottle that will stay in the office.

Water bottles can hold much larger volumes than mugs, making it easier to drink the medically advised amount of water each day.

And once again, bringing this perpetually reusable container will show concern for the environment and help you cut down on the number of trips to the water cooler each day.


what to bring to work on the first day

While there may be many lunch options near your new office, on the first day you should bring your own lunch from home.

This way, you won’t have to scramble around the immediate neighborhood to try and find an affordable, healthy lunch while on your break.

Staying and eating lunch in the office on the very first day also signals to your coworkers that you want to get to know them and have a brief chat.

Find a seat in the break room and try to avoid using headphones or spending too much time on your phone.

Bringing a healthy lunch for yourself can also help you to make it a habit, avoiding unhealthy options that may be near the office.


Before going in for your first day, stop into an office supply store and buy two or three plain folders.

what to bring on the first day of work

When you do finally go into your new office, these can be a great way to separate important documents, for example, based on which ones you’ll need to keep at home and which can stay in your desk at the office.

Staying organized, even at the very beginning, can be crucial to having a successful trajectory at a new place of work.

And several months later, you’ll be glad that you know exactly where your company handbook is.

You may also want to check out this article on various ways to keep your office space organized.

If you don’t set up your own organizational system early on, you’re likely to be scrambling for important documents when you really need them.

Personal Identification Documents

There’s a good chance that your first day of work will involve an extensive amount of paperwork. Many companies require at least different forms of identification when signing on as a new employee.

That’s why you should plan ahead and bring along the appropriate ID, whether in the form of a driver’s license, passport, social security card, birth certificate, or state ID.


What to Bring On Your First Day of Work

Going back to organizational skills, you may want to invest in a briefcase or high-quality document case that you can bring with you to the office every day.

Having a specific holder for work-related materials can help cut down on confusion.

Using an all-purpose bag like a large purse or a backpack can muddy the water, especially if you use that bag for other things beyond work.

Check out some professional bags on Amazon, Target, as well as some local clothing retailers.

Find one that fits your style and personality and make sure that it comes with you every day that you have to work.  

A Healthy Dose of Enthusiasm

This recommendation may be more important than all the others on our list.

Coming into a new job with the right attitude is absolutely crucial to meeting goals and finding success in the workplace.

What to Bring On Your First Day of Work

Try to avoid negative thoughts in general, especially if they’re based on irrational fears and anxieties.

If your new boss asks you to do something that seems intimidating and difficult, don’t just immediately panic and ask to be reassigned.

If you need guidance, ask for it. Otherwise, see the task as a new challenge, one that you’re bound to master soon enough.

Learning new things only makes you a more valuable addition to the office as a whole, and all those new skills will look great on your resume.

So don’t be worried, don’t be afraid. Assume the best and find the strength to tackle whatever the office can throw at you.