This list includes a combination of opportunities at the bachelor’s level and beyond. These jobs are at or above the national average for pay and industry.

Do you want a solid career, a fulfilling job, and an exciting career? Then you should have a liberal arts degree.

Here are the best jobs for liberal arts majors:

Travel counselor

International Airlines Group (IAG) Travel, one of the world’s leading airlines, is seeking a Travel Counselor to help assist its multinational customer base.

Travel Counselors will work in the Americas, EMEA, and Asia-Pacific regions.

Information technology technician

Amazon Web Services, the world’s leading cloud services provider, is seeking an Information Technology Technician to join its developer and operations teams.

You’ll need experience in networking, scripting, security, and operating systems and should be proficient with Python.

Travel agent

Travel Agents are integral to your travel experience.

All successful travel agents work in multi-channel sales, marketing, and distribution.

Biomedical scientist

Biomedical Scientist is one of the most exciting career paths for college students.

Biomedical Scientists are scientists working in the field of biology, health, biology, and biomedical science.

Chief nurse

The Chief Nurse is the chief nurse who oversees the operations of a patient care facility.

The job holder reports to the chief executive officer of the hospital.

This job is well-paid with great growth potential.

Technology educator

High tech jobs in the technology field pay well and offer many opportunities for job growth.

This is a great opportunity for a student looking for an advanced job and a challenging position.


Special Education Teachers work in public schools, or schools funded by the government, and are tasked with teaching students with a wide variety of special needs.

Science teacher

You do not need to be a science major to become a science teacher.

Some colleges have certificate programs in science education for people who are currently in the workforce, or who plan to begin working in the field shortly.

Computer science teacher

You do not need to be a computer science major to become a computer science teacher.

Some colleges have certificate programs in science education for people who are currently in the workforce, or who plan to begin working in the field shortly.

Financial aid officer

Part of the college-going process involves figuring out how to pay for college.

Financial Aid Officers are needed to help with this process.

Financial Aid Officers are responsible for collecting tuition, room and board, and various other fees from applicants.


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Medical assistant

Medical Assistants are required to assist in the management of patient care and function as healthcare assistants.

Medical assistants must be fully certified and pass a comprehensive written and practical exam to work.

Occupational therapy assistant

Occupational Therapy Assistants work closely with healthcare professionals to aid in the rehabilitation of disabled people.

They are involved in all aspects of patient care, ranging from the evaluation to modification of functions or equipment to patient communication and problem-solving.

Medtech registered nurse

Medtech Registered Nurses are medical professionals who work within the medical field.

They coordinate the treatment of patients with a wide range of chronic diseases.

Communication specialist

Communication specialists are employed in the area of public relations and communication.

They work for the media, in the legal profession, in the military, and in any field that involves the production and transmission of information to and from the general public.

Library assistant

In the library, you will be responsible for assisting the person who supervises the library collection.

Fashion designer

As one of the many artistic majors, fashion design offers you the chance to do what you love and change the world at the same time.

Public relations

Public Relations requires extensive training and education in the area of public relations.

Media reporter

As a media reporter, you will be responsible for keeping the public informed of the events of the world.


Photographers are responsible for recording important events in the world and capturing beautiful photographs.


Illustrators are people who draw, paint, or otherwise create art in a creative medium. Their skills could be used for advertising or design purposes.

Partnership manager

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You might have noticed how many young college students are going to business school these days.

This means that a lot of their work is also done in a business setting.

A partnership manager is a business employee who coordinates projects and can negotiate and coordinate between different individuals, organizations, and groups.

Developing an understanding of customer relationships and requirements is crucial.

To become a partner manager, you should have a Bachelor’s degree from a business school.


You probably spent a lot of time as a bookkeeper in school, either as a part of an internship or during a college course.

After school, you may have decided to get your own bookkeeping job. The field has a lot of opportunities and jobs pay around $20,000 per year.

Dental hygienist

If you always wanted to be a dental hygienist but couldn’t get into dental school, now is your chance!

In 2017, dental hygienist salaries were $39,000 per year. The preferred job is to work in outpatient settings, as opposed to other dental offices.

A future dental hygienist can expect to make between $45,000 and $53,000 per year.