questions to ask at the end of a phone interview


Do you know which questions to ask at the end of a phone interview to seal the deal?

At the end of an interview, most interviewers tend to ask, “Do you have any questions you would like to ask me?”

If you ask a few intelligent questions, the hiring manager will understand that you are seriously committed to the job.  You also get to better understand your chances of acing the interview.

Sample Questions to Ask At the End of a Phone Interview

You could ask any of the following questions. However, make sure not to ask all of them.

questions to ask at the end of a phone interview

1. Do you require more information from me?

This question is important since the interviewer may have chosen a phone interview due to the time, distance, or cost limitations of a face-to-face interview.

They may have concentrated on a list of key areas they see as vital in the undertaking of the job. Adding more information to what they have already asked could be what differentiates you from the rest of the interviewees.

2. What is the most critical issue that needs to be addressed in the next 30 days by a person undertaking this job position?

This question asserts your skills to the interviewer as a solution-oriented person who wants to get results in the shortest time possible.

It also helps you to gauge whether you can accomplish the tasks ahead of you or not.

questions to ask phone interview

3. What are the significant challenges faced by a person in this position?

It is vital to understand the hurdles that you will have to deal with on a daily basis. This prepares you psychologically for the job and you can equip yourself with the necessary resources to deal with these challenges.

It is possible that the position is vacant because the former employee was overwhelmed by such challenges.

Establishing yourself as someone who is already preparing for the workload can set you apart.

4. What has been your best experience in working for this company?

This question not only gives you a peek at the company’s culture, but it also reaches out to the interviewer on a personal level.

Most interviewers welcome such questions as they are an excellent opportunity for them to showcase their achievements.

questions to ask at the end of a phone interview

5. Do you need any clarification concerning my qualifications?

This question aims at addressing any doubts that the interviewer may have regarding your professional qualifications.

Use this chance to explain how your professional abilities are a perfect fit for the skills needed for the position

6. What is a probable career path for someone taking up this role?

Is the role you anticipate to take pushing you forward in your career or putting your career into a place of stagnation?

Some organizations carry out annual appraisals which they use to promote their employees through well-structured hierarchical levels.

Asking the interviewer these questions enables you to see the kind of career progress you are likely to make should you accept their job offer.

7. What should I expect next after this interview?

Organizations follow a structured interview process that may have several steps. It is essential to ask about the next level so that you can prepare adequately for it.

Usually, a phone interview is followed by a face-to-face interview. Knowing this next step will assist you to choose the right dress attire, plan to be there on time, and assemble all the needed physical documents for verification.

questions to ask in interview

8. The interview so far indicates that I am the best match for this position. I believe your recommendation for the best candidate is highly valued by the company. May I have your endorsement for the position?

This question is aimed at closing the deal. It is a polite way of prompting the interviewer to make their final decision in choosing you as the best fit for the job.

It is particularly relevant when you are on a phone interview for a sales position.

Even though the interviewer is likely to brush off the question and answer with something like, “We still have other candidates to be interviewed,” they will see your sales skills at work.

The Advantages of Asking Questions

Is It That Important?


An interviewee can use the opportunity presented by the interviewer to understand the kind of working arrangement to be expected in this job.

You can also use questions to get feedback regarding your qualifications and experience.

questions to ask at the end of a phone interview

Additionally, there are times when the interviewee knows they have made a mistake. At this point, chances of getting the job may seem almost impossible.

You, the interviewee, can use this chance to salvage yourself and increase your chances of being selected.

The Balancing Act

The right questions to ask at the end of a phone interview can be a balancing act. The interviewee seeks to better understand what the job entails and whether or not they are a good fit.

On the other hand, the interviewer may see the questions as either a lack of preparedness or a sign of interest in the job on offer.

Without adequate preparations for such closing gestures from the interviewer, the interviewee can find him/herself in an awkward position.

Avoid such unpleasant moments by preparing well in advance.

questions to ask at the end of a phone interview

Knowing Your Interviewer

Do you know who your interviewer is within the organization? It would sound inappropriate when you, for example, ask a technical question to a human resource associate who is not directly involved in your job. 

Similarly, a CEO’s perspective is on the bigger picture. Therefore, it will look odd when you ask him/her about your specific job duties.

You Become More Engaged

Do not wait for the end of a phone interview to ask all your questions. Some questions are appropriate when asked as the discussion is going on.

For example, inquiring about the goals and philosophies of the company at the beginning of an interview will help you tailor your answers to match the hiring criteria.

However, it should never seem to the interviewer like you want to hijack the discussion.

Since you have already been active in the interview discussion by asking questions, limit the number of questions to ask at the end of a phone interview to either one or two at most.

questions for a phone interview


An interviewee’s response in a phone interview should demonstrate how much they have invested themselves in the job and make a lasting first impression.

As you pick out a list of possible sample questions to ask at the end of a phone interview, you should aim at ending the call with a ‘congratulations’ and not a ‘maybe next time’ response.

Adequate planning and research before the scheduled interview will, therefore, come in handy.

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