There are so many different career choices after a long career in law enforcement. You can pursue different passions, or pursue other options such as teaching or joining the armed forces.

There are many different reasons why police officers make the transition into a career that’s less stressful.

After a long career, you may not be ready to do much more physical work. Whether it’s environmental concerns, personal or political differences, or financial concerns, police work is not for everyone.

That is why so many people choose to pursue other careers once they retire.

There are many different career options for those of us that love to interact with people but are not interested in doing so all day every day.


new medical device

The first career choice for many police officers is a nursing career. Many different types of nursing are quite popular right now.

Some become nurses to make money, others become nurses to make a difference.

There are so many different benefits to working in a medical field after a career in law enforcement.

These benefits are numerous. The most important is the ability to help someone when they need it most.

This allows the nurse to connect with a person and see what makes them tick. Even if they are in a coma or are critically ill, this interaction can lead to a new perspective on life.

Medical workers are always in high demand, and this provides your family with security and a source of income for many years.

You might have the option to apply for Medicaid in the state that you live in. This will enable you to keep your family in their home and allow you to afford to go to school and learn more about a nursing career.

It is easy to see how this is a perfect career choice for those that want to help others and make a difference in the lives of others.


Several programs allow police officers to become pilots. Some of these programs allow for continuing education.

Some also allow for regular training. It’s an excellent opportunity for those who love to fly and want to make the most of their piloting career.

These are just a few of the many options for police officers to pursue after a career in law enforcement.

This is just a small sampling of all of the career choices that are available for a person with a passion for law enforcement.

Master detective

questions to ask at the end of a phone interview

I was told that a detective would probably need to get a degree or learn at least a little about the law to become a master detective.

The detective would also need to use a variety of different databases to check suspects and track them.

Currently, the FBI has a program that trains retired and active detectives in research skills.

This program can help you to become a master detective, especially if you have the desire to work in a museum, historical society, library, or similar type of place.

Police chief

Retired law enforcement can apply to become police chiefs, superintendents, police commissioners, or other high-ranking positions within a police department.

This is not a job for the faint of heart.

Retired police can be sued or face personal issues that may arise while the public may not be as forgiving of a retired officer.

However, some police departments, like San Francisco’s, are very forgiving of former officers.

In San Francisco, you can retire as a lieutenant, detective, or sergeant, and the city will “allow” you to work in a different area of the department.

For example, if you’ve been a lieutenant, you could get your old desk back in charge of detectives or even patrol. It is up to you to decide what area you’d like to be in.

Behavioral analyst

teamwork skills

Behavioral analysts are used to helping people with mental health problems.

There are several possible ways to use this job, but it’s an exciting and fulfilling job. I know that I personally feel like I could have done a lot with a job like this.

A few resources are the Association of Behavioral Analysts and Bio-Cognitive Systems.

You can also Google “psychological jobs” to see how the job market has changed over time.


Marshals are police officers who are at the top of their agency.

If the department needs help at a crime scene, they will call marshals to help out.

Marshals can also respond to serious incidents such as shootings and stabbings.

The Marshal’s Association has several different resources to help people search for jobs in this field.

Private investigator

Some private investigators can work with insurance companies and lawyers.

They are used to investigating the criminal activity or other misconduct.

I personally did not do this, but I thought it was a very interesting job.

Other sites list a variety of different people who can make you money with their services, but I only listed these five jobs for retirees.

If you’ve got other ideas, please comment below and let us know.