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Quality time can sometimes be tough to come by, especially when you’re a twenty-something. A little quality time goes a long way.

In a recent article by Refinery29, they talked about why some people may choose to spend so much time with their families, even though it’s such a hard thing to balance.

The article explained that oftentimes people are seen as the glue that holds the family together. When a member of your family does get sick, needs help, or even has a baby, it’s natural to want to be by their side.

But should that always be the case? Sure, family is supposed to stick together, but it’s sometimes okay to step away and allow each person to be independent.

Quality time can be hard to define, but if you want to make sure your Instagram isn’t filled with a bunch of perfect shots of your loved ones, you need to be sure to add a couple of captions to each picture.

The best quality time with family captions

1. “My little flock of sheep.”

2. “Stopping on a random street in Vegas and now he’s walking the aisle.” — Unknown

3. “The best quality time you can spend is spent with family.” — Unknown

4. “Family vacations are my favorite.”

5. “Me and my favorite brother from another mother.”

6. “True and real is where we get to laugh.” — Unknown

7. “The best day I’ve had this year was with you at the zoo.”

8. “We all need our family members, don’t we?” — Unknown

9. “Family is everything.”

10. “Always a bridesmaid, never a bride.” — Unknown

11. “Family is life.”

12. “Making memories with my family this weekend.”

13. “We had such a good time today.”

14. “One of my favorite things is family.” — Unknown

15. “My family is my bestest best friends.” — Unknown

16. “One of the sweetest things a girl can do is choose family.” — Unknown

17. “Let me see you sparkle.” — Unknown

18. “Family photos. Our favorite keepsakes.”

19. “Love is all you need.”

20. “Family isn’t the government; family is what you make it.” —unknown

21. “Family can only mean so much without friends.” — Unknown

22. “My parents taught me life skills in one week.”

23. “Family is everything.”

24. “When you’re with your family, no one can hurt you.” — Unknown

25. “Family is love.” — Unknown

26. “In times of trouble, we are always there for each other.” — Unknown

27. “There’s a reason families stick together.” — Unknown

28. “You should always have your friends and family with you.” — Unknown

29. “Family is forever.” — Unknown

Whether your main interest in using Instagram is to keep up with your friends and family, or if you just want to document your daily life, there’s no doubt that photos of your loved ones will bring a smile to your face.

Whether you post a simple picture of your morning coffee, or you get creative and turn it into a birthday tribute, your family will be blown away by the originality of your creativity.

From the morning coffee to an elaborate birthday cake, everyone in your family is likely to be involved.

You could even make it fun and get them to pose with giant portraits of you and your family members.

Regardless of the subject matter, just be sure to have your caption on point

When your idea of quality time with family might be sitting in a sunlit room, or exploring a new place, it’s still necessary to make sure your captions are witty and humorous.

Whether it’s a simple quote, a wordplay that leaves people scratching their heads, or a trip down memory lane, you’ll still get a kick out of these captions.

Other captions

1. “The best morning coffee I’ve ever had.” — Unknown

2. “I don’t have to fake it, I just have to be me.” — Unknown

3. “They say family is the best dessert, but I don’t believe it.” — Unknown

4. “Coffee and babies, take two.” — Unknown

5. “All my family gets is the best of me, and I get the best of all of them.” — Unknown

6. “Family first.” — Unknown

7. “There’s nothing better than a baby’s smile.” — Unknown

8. “Coffee. Family. Always.” — Unknown

9. “Family portraits: I always forget to take them, so I always post this one.” — Unknown

10. “My happy place, it’s my family.” — Unknown

11. “Family time is where my heart is.” — Unknown

12. “These moments are where I find my worth.” — Unknown

13. “Family is everything.” — Unknown

14. “Take a moment to remind yourself to live life.” — Unknown

15. “Love to all the moms with little ones, we understand. We feel your pain.” — Unknown

16. “This is the stuff of dreams.” — Unknown

17. “Who cares where we go, as long as we’re together?” — Unknown

18. “I hope this is not an actual life.” — Unknown

19. “Coffee is the best way to wake up.” — Unknown

20. “Family game night. What’s not to love?” — Unknown

21. “Life is better with you.” — Unknown

22. “I found love, I found a family, I found Coffee.” — Unknown

23. “Family is way more fun when we take turns kicking their asses.” — Unknown

24. “This is why I love my family.” — Unknown

25. “Here’s to a life well lived and good morning kisses.” — Unknown

26. “Every day with my family is a gift.” — Unknown

27. “This is what coffee and family look like.” — Unknown

28. “Family time is the best time.” — Unknown

29. “My happy place is knowing that when I wake up, I have the best people to wake up to.” — Unknown

30. “Life is better with my family.” — Unknown

31. “We’re family; the love is thicker than blood.” — Unknown