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When people are together, life is a lot more fun.

Our lives are richer and we can learn so much more when we spend time with other people.

Don’t get me wrong, when you are with your family, it is just as important as when you are with friends.

Yet there is something about spending time with friends that feels different.

If you spend time with your friends, you can get a broader view of the world, a wider perspective.

For example, a friend of mine once said to me,

“People might like you and like being around you, but that doesn’t mean they are going to change their mind and see you the same way after spending time with you.”

When you spend time with friends, you can create a new perspective on people

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For example, if your friend enjoys wasting time with you, you will see how silly they can be, which will lead to a wide range of jokes.

If your friend hates listening to you and you only like telling jokes, you will become a master at building up a monologue.

To top it off, your friend might not understand that you find this funny, so the moment you mention it, their reaction will be at the same level as yours.

There are so many fun things that can happen when you spend time with friends.

I know how you feel. Your life feels empty without friends around.

So why not change that?

I have some strategies for you that will make your friendship stronger and better.

I have put some of these tips below, but I will share the main points here.

Create a strong friendship bond

Before you even begin to discuss anything with your friend, you have to establish a bond with them.

Not only that, but you have to make sure you are friends first.

You cannot even consider having a relationship with them until you have become friends.

One way to do this is to share your inner self with them.

Now I know what you might be thinking.

“How do I tell my friend my inner self? They are going to think I am crazy or weird!”

The best thing you can do is talk to them about your true feelings.

You may feel embarrassed about your feelings or you may think they are irrational or impossible.

However, by expressing your feelings to your friend, you will be helping them to understand you and get a better perspective on your feelings.

To explain, many of us are experiencing feelings of sadness or anger at some point in our lives.

For example, you might be feeling angry when a friend says something offensive

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You might feel sad when a friend does something that hurts you or pushes your boundaries.

Even if you don’t like your friend, if you explain why you are feeling sad, your friend will take this into account.

By explaining why you feel the way you do, they will see you in a different light.

This will make your bond stronger.

To explain further, let’s take a look at one of my friends. I feel very close to him, even though we are complete opposites.

I can be selfish and think only about myself and the things that I want to do. He is very caring, always giving his time to help others.

It is easy for me to be selfish and put my needs before his and think only of my own needs.

However, if I sit down with him and share my thoughts, he will not only understand why I feel that way, but he will give me the benefit of the doubt and show me he is trying his best.

He will be a good listener and show me that he cares, while I give him advice. This has made our friendship stronger.

Create quality time

As previously mentioned, if you want to have a better relationship with your friend, you need to have time for one another.

You cannot stay in contact with them if you have no time for them.

The best way to create quality time is to do something you both enjoy. It does not have to be something exciting.

If it is something you both enjoy, then the more time you spend together, the better your bond will be.

You can plan little activities like going for a drink after work, or going for a walk in the park.

You can also play board games and video games with one another.

Whatever your partner’s hobbies and interests are, it is important to do these with them.

Create a close friendship

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You must first have a strong bond with each other before you can have a close friendship.

You cannot make plans to be friends unless you have a very close relationship.

If you think you do, then you have a much better chance of creating a strong friendship.

Look, you can see your friend only once a month. Maybe once a month is not enough.

I have seen friendships last for years on a Saturday night, just talking to one another over a cup of coffee.

People with a strong friendship with each other are like family, even if they are not related.

They will listen to you when you need to talk, but also talk to you when you need to vent.

This type of friendship makes it much easier to have a close relationship.

Advise each other

Whenever I talk to my friends, I offer my advice to them. I know some people will not want to take advice from someone else.

However, most people want to hear what you have to say, even if they are not always ready to hear it.

Some people never know when to stop offering their advice and instead just listen and nod. If you are like this, then maybe this friendship isn’t going to work.

Although I’m a strong believer in advising my friends, I still listen to what they have to say and then advise myself.

After all, I am not the perfect person in the world.