man doing yoga session

I do my yoga practice on the large stability ball, and if it is a clear day I will sunbathe on the beach with it.

It is a good size for me as I have a long back.

The rubber side of the ball is great to reduce friction on my shoulders, thighs, and lower back during yoga poses.

It is also good for gentle ab stretches. The hard side is great for Yoga practice, a type of exercise that is hard to find affordable workout equipment.

I have this ball under the counter in my kitchen, so it is very easy to roll out in any season.

Yoga balls are also great to exercise with if you are overweight.

The rubber side of the ball cushions my movements, which helps my posture.

The stability and ball-like shape of the ball are great for balancing poses such as downward dog and tree pose.

Yoga for beginners


I like to use the Large Yoga Ball because it is the least expensive, but it is also the most likely to be able to find one in stores.

It is the right size for me and the shape is great for yoga poses.

For a full description of a beginner’s routine, and how to warm up properly for Yoga practice, see my entry on Yoga for Beginners.

Here are some of the basic Yoga poses that you can do with the ball:

  • Tree Pose (Bhujangasana)
  • Bridge Pose (Karandavasana)
  • Child Pose (Ustrasana)
  • Plank Pose
  • Sansaarasana (Wheel Pose)
  • Ardha Matsyendrasana (Seated Forward Bend)
  • Viparita Karani (Seated Forward Fold)
  • Dhanurasana (Decline Chair Pose)
  • Savasana (Namaste)
  • Kapotasana (Chair Down Pose)
  • Head to Toe Pose (Para Chaupa Sarvangasana)

I also recommend stretching your arms out with the ball under your feet and your head on your knees for Pranayama exercises.

What do I need?

A yoga ball can cost between $20 and $50. You will need a yoga mat for your bottom and a towel or exercise towel for your feet.

It is best to have two or three mats so that you can switch between them if you are doing the same workout or pose.

What can I do with a yoga ball? Many people use their yoga balls to do simple strength and core exercises.

This can be a great way to do a bodyweight workout with minimal equipment.

I did a very simple cardio routine using a yoga ball that you can do at home.

I recommend doing one set of ten to twelve repetitions, taking two to three minutes to complete each set.

You can do this routine first thing in the morning or the evening.

If you are taking part in a fitness competition, this could be a great workout for your endurance.

The sweat you get from this routine is key to keeping you in condition during the competition.

When can I use a fitness ball?

silhouette photography of woman doing yoga

If you are serious about doing yoga and want to do it properly, you can use a yoga ball for exercises.

Most people are not serious about Yoga, and just use their yoga ball for resting, taking in the sun, or simply rolling around on it like a cat.

Where can I get a fitness ball? Yoga balls are not hard to find in any good book store or the gym section of a department store.

You can buy yoga balls for about $20 or less.

The downside of buying a fitness ball is that they are not that safe for your dog or your children.

They are not designed to withstand the movement that a small child will exert on them. This is especially important for yoga balls.

Many yoga instructors also recommend yoga or pilates balls, if you do more intensive exercise such as yoga, pilates, or yoga reformer.

What types of yoga are you using your yoga ball for?

Most people use their yoga mats for a warm-up and cool down.

They are also used for keeping your knees from kicking up while you do yoga poses.

A yoga ball should never be used for twisting or holding poses.

The ball should be used only in a place of yoga instruction where safety is assured.

What are the dangers of doing Yoga on a Yoga Ball?

woman performing yoga

I did a lot of research before writing this article to try and determine the level of danger that I was going to take with using my yoga ball.

In my research, I looked at all the literature I could get my hands on and all the YouTube videos on YouTube.

I looked at the website of NASA, which has a good page on the dangers of doing Yoga on a yoga ball.

I also read the FAQ page at Yoga Education. I also read the FAQ page at Pure Yoga.

In all the information I could find, I could find no scientific evidence that a yoga ball is a danger to someone’s health.

As I was writing this article, I stumbled across a letter from a Yoga instructor, written on the Yoga Source FAQ page.

She stated that yoga balls are not harmful and are used properly. She is right!

She also linked to a video of two women, working out with a yoga ball in their backyard. It is a nice video showing the safety features of yoga balls.

You can see that you need to never let your children play on a yoga ball in your backyard.

You will also need to supervise any exercise class or activity that you do with your ball in your home.