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In their relationship, my boyfriend spends more time with friends than he does with me.

He is much more interested in spending time with his friends than he is in spending time with me.

So, what’s his excuse? It’s easy to tell that he doesn’t have a girlfriend when he has time to spend with friends and not with his girlfriend.

I mean, if he really cared about me, he would spend time with me.

There are a couple of reasons why he spends more time with his friends.

It could be that he doesn’t have time to spend with his friends.

It could be that he just prefers spending time with his friends.

The bottom line is he doesn’t spend as much time with me as he would like to, so when he does have time to spend with me, it’s obvious that he doesn’t really want to.

What can I do to change this? Well, the first thing is that he’s cheating on me.

Sure, you’re not the type of person to do this, but it’s a good thing you know it’s a habit that he’s developing.

What if I tell him I know his secret

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If he’s an honest and honorable person, he’ll probably have no problem sharing with you the reason he spends so much time with his friends.

You could talk to him about it and let him know that you’re suspicious about his behavior and that you think he’s hiding something from you.

If he tells you the truth, great! He’ll have no problem working on this problem so he can spend more time with you.

If he doesn’t and continues doing it, then it’s something that’s not worth addressing.

If you’re willing to do this, then here’s my strategy to have him start spending more time with you

When he comes home, after a long day of work, and tries to get away from his friends and find time to hang out with you, you’re going to start to send him text messages.

When he arrives home, you’ll send him a text message saying, “Hi, sweetie!” or “Hi!” and then ask him if he has time to spend some time with you.

You can always leave it at that because it’s clear you’re asking him if he wants to spend time with you.

If he says no, you can respond with a very blunt and direct message, which is, “Hey. I know you didn’t want to talk to me when you got home, but I’m here, waiting for you.

Is there anything you want to talk about with me?”

Try to be as nonchalant and natural about it as possible.

This will force him to choose: He can either spend time with you or spend time with his friends.

If he chooses to spend time with you, you can only congratulate yourself.

If he chooses to spend time with his friends, you have to figure out how to deal with it and accept it.

I feel your pain.

The road to revenge is stuck

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For the love of all things awesome,

Do not send him a text message.

If he does it, you may be forced to respond in a less than caring way, which is almost as bad as not sending him the message at all.

Sending a text message is the worst thing you can do to someone.

P.S. There is a positive side to this. If he does it, and he really cares about you, he will come to regret it.

If he knows that you know what he’s up to and he doesn’t, he may respond by telling you, which would be a good thing for you.

He hangs out all the time with his friends

You see him go out a lot, with his buddies or hanging out with his buddies, just to avoid you.

Yes, this is so true, a boyfriend who loves hanging out with his buddies more than being with his girlfriend is definitely a sign of an abusive relationship.

When you guys are together, it’s just he and his friends.

He doesn’t give a damn about you, as long as he is having fun with his buddies.

He doesn’t care if he’s neglecting you, or makes you feel inferior.

The bottom line is he doesn’t love you

Let’s get married

Most likely, he’s not the kind of boyfriend you want. He’s not showing you what love is all about, love is about spending time with you, not just with his buddies.

If you want a man who truly loves you, who does everything for you, and is loyal to you, don’t compromise your morals, or morals of the kids and move on.

Find a guy who treats you like a princess, and he will make you happy.

A man who will do anything to spend time with you, and who will love you.

A relationship that is purely about two, or more people having a great time with each other, is good.

For those of you who want a more committed relationship, you may want to look at a friend zone relationship.

You may be able to have all of the benefits that come with a girlfriend, but with a boyfriend, you can choose your friends and your partner.