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This seeks to give a brief overview of all the requirements to appreciate devotional singers, to get a grip on their position and action on a stage, what they wear on the stage, what they eat, and how they take a bath.

In short, it will provide you an insight into their way of life.

The first thing that must be noted is that every devotional singer who takes the stage comes to sing.

However, the problem is that the tradition which dominates the religious practices in the Indian culture is a custom that tends to curb any expression of joy.

While singing, there is a careful calculation being followed in the head of the devotional singer.

What he/she sings is carefully thought through so that one can naturally express their feelings and yet doesn’t go against the customs which do not allow an expression of joy.

The main problem is that we Indians have this tendency of never having allowed our emotions to show in our faces

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As soon as we become emotional in any situation, we bury ourselves in some self-satisfaction.

While we wear some dress or adornment, the burden of our feelings and moods often ends up getting put on the shoulders of the ornament or the outfit.

The closer the ornament, dress, or any adornment is to our face, the more we are constrained to conceal the expression of our feelings in the eyes of the public.

A group of singers performs on stage at a festival.

The same thing happens with the songs of devotional singers.

Their songs are intentionally written so that they don’t draw attention to their emotion.

This helps in maintaining the orthodox traditions which run our way of life.

All these reasons make it hard for us to really appreciate a devotional singer.

While music is a very subjective field, it seems that there are certain criteria that we may use to appreciate devotional singers

This would also make the appreciation of devotional singers easier. We must try and appreciate them in the true sense that they are.

We must also appreciate them in their own way and not judge them for their ways.

It is always a very good idea to watch devotional singers before singing, to make sure that we know what they look like.

In the past, the gods used to go about their daily business at a time when human beings lived in caves.

In those times, human beings could not get an insight into the devotional activities of the gods.

Thus, the gods used to perform their activities simply

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Their songs may have been a little high pitched but at the same time, their emotions were understood to the best.

So if a human being sat in a cave, in complete darkness, and had no idea about the movements of the god, he/she would never be able to understand what the song meant.

The song may seem very familiar but at the same time not.

Devotional singers also have an extremely strict diet, and this must be observed by every individual.

They may consume only a certain amount of food during their performances.

It is always a good idea to do a bit of research before you attend a concert or a festival so that you don’t end up breaking any of their rules.

Devotional singers are often told by their fans that they are looking well, having no other complaints and that they are doing good work.

So, all we must do is compliment them on their own terms. Please don’t show your support in the form of criticism.

Devotional singers can be identified by their sheer dedication to their practice

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They also possess a lot of patience and will be content with just one song, or even less. We must consider these factors while admiring them.

If you’re searching for someone to listen to devotional songs, there is no better person than a devotional singer.

He has been a devotee of the same gods for many years and he must have the faith of a saint.

He would never harm the faith of the audiences and hence, he is a god himself.

Let’s not wait for the same festivals and festivals to be over to listen to devotional songs because they always come alive on a set day and no matter what day it is, they will be alive.

Let’s not wait for a certain day of the week, because our lives are full of these days. It’s the day you’re born and it’s the day you die, no other day can be considered as a festival.

Why wait for that day, it’s now you get to enjoy them and nothing more.

If you try and take only a few minutes of your day to listen to a song, the time you’ll spend is enough to witness the good deeds of a devotional singer.