Is it normal that I don’t want want to spend time with my friends?

Even with friends, every person needs to occasionally spend time alone.

Just make sure to keep it a regular thing so you don’t become a hermit.

I’m a person that struggles with spending time with friends because I always feel like there isn’t enough time. My friends are always busy with their families or family commitments.

So I end up feeling like I have less time to spend with them. I love my friends and I want to spend more time with them, but how do I make it happen?

It sounds like you need to get in the habit of making time to spend with friends regularly.

At first, it might not be easy, but once you start and the habit is established you will begin to understand that it really is worth it.

Even if your friends are not the type of friends that are willing to just be with you, maybe you can get away from their families and go out on a mini-adventure.

Here are some ideas that might help you spend time with friends.

Look for activities

I shot this picture in a breathtaking wheat field in Mexico as the sun was going down. I love how it captures their individaul personalities and who they are as a collective. Together they are facing all the world throws at them. They are each other’s safe harbor. As a mother it blesses my heart to know she has such incredible friend to do life with.

One of the reasons people aren’t spending time with friends is that they are wasting their time on the wrong activities.

For some people it’s sports or poker night, for others it’s doing all the laundry.

Not having any friends means that you’re always doing something with the wrong type of people. You’re not spending time with friends or people who truly care about you.

Once you take the time to have an hour to do something, it will become a habit. Then it won’t seem so bad to make that time each week to hang out with your friends.

This might take a few weeks or months to establish, but it is so worth it in the end.

Make friends with your companion

A lot of people think that they are not supposed to be friends with their pets, but it actually could be a great source of friendship.

You might say no to a pet, but it’s time to get over that and find ways to spend time with your animal companion.

Try to get to know them on an individual level and create a relationship with them.

People often make friends with their pets because they think they can’t do so with humans, but that is actually false.

If your pet doesn’t get along with people, try to find out why and change the situation so it works out.

If the pet is fine with the people in your life, it’s not time to ignore that.

Partner up

Happy Couple Kissing

One of the reasons people are spending so little time with their friends is because they are always with a partner or spouse.

Once you find a partner, your time will be tied to theirs and you will have less time for friends.

When you get into a relationship it’s not uncommon to want to spend time with your partner every second of every day.

But the problem is you can’t do that because you have your partner to take care of too.

The time you had for other activities when you weren’t in a relationship can be transferred to spend time with your partner.

You can be flexible with your time and develop an understanding of when you should spend time with your friends.

The key is to balance your time to spend with your friends and your partner so that you have the best of both worlds.

Spend time alone

When you feel like you need some time alone, this is the perfect time to make plans with your friends.

You can say, “I’m heading out for an hour. I’m sure I will be able to catch up with you all later.”

Try to find out when you will be able to spend that time with your friends because you need some quiet now and again.

Talk to people

Best friends in summer on the beach girls

One thing that will help you build friendships is by talking to other people.

Spending time with people can be very draining, so why not do something good for you.

By spending time with people, you will get a chance to make a lot of friends and build a strong community.

Talk to people. Approach people you know and you’ll find that you are making a lot of friends.

As you spend more time with these people, they will become closer and you can develop a great relationship.

Have activities

Have activities planned to do?

There are a lot of things that you can do in your spare time to make new friends, but finding the time is the biggest problem.

If you plan a few things that you want to do, you can always spend time with people and make friends.

By spending time with friends, you will be able to keep their friendship in the back of your mind when you are looking for new activities to do.