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Some of these things are quite controversial, because you may be watching porn, or perhaps doing something more indecent and immoral.

No matter what you’re doing, don’t be a jerk.

You have three weeks left before winter break, and in today’s time where everyone is desperate for time, people will inevitably be doing these activities.

If you are bored and hanging out with a friend, here is what you can do to kill time in the least offensive way possible.

Call them all the time

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It’s a common curse that people can’t wait to get off the phone with someone.

It’s even worse when you’re calling someone you have a hard time reaching, because they may have moved or don’t pick up their phone or if their phones are dead.

Having the phone on your person at all times is fine if your situation is not dire, but if you can’t reach someone, there’s not much worse than calling them and not hearing their voice or having no idea what’s going on.

It sucks being bored, especially when you know you’ll be back in school soon. Call your friends.


Everyone loves a good party, but sometimes it’s nice to eat something, even though you’re not hungry.

There are plenty of things you can eat when you’re bored, including Cheetos, Doritos, macaroni and cheese, cake, etc.

There are even weird snacks that are appropriate.

Those cheeseburgers in the trash? Take one of those and split it. Now don’t eat all of it; you’ll be hungry in a few hours.

Say inappropriate things

People are going to get offended. You may do it just to see their reaction.

It’s so funny when people get offended, and I love watching people’s faces.

If you are alone, you can say anything you want. If you’re with your friends and they say it back to you, it’s okay too.

Some people would actually be offended, so just watch their faces.

Let them know you’re bored too.

Drink (you can blame it on the alcohol)

If you’re drinking, don’t be surprised if you’re at school and doing something you shouldn’t be.

No one is saying that students should be drinking in school, but they’re not going to get too upset if you do.

They can’t do anything to stop you.

In college, it can get pretty bad, but don’t get so drunk you get arrested, I guess?

However, you shouldn’t get so drunk that you can’t walk. Just try to stay alert and watch where you’re walking and try not to fall asleep.

The last thing you want is to go home with your friends and sleep for three days. That’s just embarrassing.

Eat more snacks

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Chips are always good to have in your backpack or car or on hand.

Macaroni and cheese are also good.

Just make sure they’re a little salty and not too cheesy, and keep yourself healthy.

Have sex with random people

This one is offensive. Don’t do it. It is a socially acceptable form of death.

This goes back to the fact that no one likes to see you do something you shouldn’t do, and they don’t want to see you die.

As I said, the last thing you want to do is go home with your friends and sleep for three days.

That’s just embarrassing.

Ride a bike

It’s just like playing a video game.

If you have a bike, why not get on and have some fun.

It is amazing how many people don’t know how to ride a bike.

Get some ice cream

One of the best things to do when your friends are over is to find out what their favorite ice cream flavor is, and make them a special treat.

They won’t forget it and you will enjoy the fact that you were able to pamper them.


There are a ton of great places to view the night sky in Seattle, and one of the best places is Green Lake.

The sky is very easy to spot during the day, but at night it is so much better.

There is a portion of the lake that’s open so if you go during the day, you can catch the view, and if you want to watch the sunset, it is also open.

Take your friends, or even yourself, and enjoy the night sky.

Cheer them on in a game

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Now, of course, this is assuming that the game isn’t close and you will lose, or if you’re talking about college.

It is always a lot of fun to cheer on your friends and even yourself in sports.

So go down to the arcade and play a few games and just cheer each other on.

Go to a movie

Again, if you are trying to get a few friends together and all you have is tickets to a movie, you are going to have to be creative.

There are a ton of movies released on different days, so check online to see which day the movie you want to see is playing and get your friends together to go see it.

Outdoors has a lot of perks to offer you, so go out and explore!