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It does not mean that she is a lazy wife.

There are different kinds of work for women.

It could be laundry, cooking, cleaning or housekeeping, or any other job that she does around the house.

Women’s Weekly reported that this is an important point to make to a husband.

Women have different types of work as compared to men. Some women even try to talk the husband into doing work that they do not enjoy doing.

Women who want to earn an income often do it in a way that their husbands do not see what they do.

Some of the work women do that their husbands do not see may include housework or attending to family obligations.

Another possible mistake women make is to ask a husband to make money for them.

The truth is that husbands do not earn an income. Their income comes from their jobs or their job opportunities.

When a woman works from home

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Some women’s work could include caring for kids. Some mothers want to try to earn some extra money by looking after other kids at night.

If a husband does not want his wife to work, then he should not encourage her to do so. He should teach her how to get jobs outside the home.

Picking up extra work is one way to get some income for a woman who wants to be a businesswoman.

It is a good way to save for children’s education. Some women who work from home may offer child care services to their neighbors.

Some ladies who work from home can also sell items they make like garments or home décor.

Some women who say they are not working do work for their husbands

Some wives who say they are not working may actually be helping their husbands.

They are not lazy wives, they just find other ways to earn some money.

Some of the ways a woman could help her husband with his business are by shopping for groceries, cleaning, making meals, laundry, home care, and taking care of kids.

Some of these wives take care of all these things at the same time and they never complain about having a busy life.

Women should not feel the need to prove to a husband that she is not lazy or that she is doing her work.

She should respect her husband enough to know that it is not her job to earn an income for her family.

Your marriage is about you and your wife

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One of you is the bride, the other is the groom. The day you got married, you entered into the union of two, not one.

On the day of the wedding, you were two, now you are one. You are not a team, you are a unit.

Ladies, think about it. You just became one, but now you are supposed to stop thinking of each other as individuals and start thinking of each other as a single unit.

You are no longer a couple, you are a family. If you don’t think of your husband as your husband and you don’t think of your husband as your father, you will be worthless, you will be avoided, you will be useless.

I’m not just talking about physical or emotional closeness, I’m talking about work, home, life together.

Don’t you want your children to grow up in a home with two parents who love each other?

I don’t want that for my kids, I want them to grow up with two parents who work together.

If you and your husband can’t do that, you will be weak, you will be useless, you will be lacking in intimacy and love.

That is why you are together, you are each other’s only option, you are meant to be together.

OK, so you’ve realized this and you know you’ve got to change things.

I know you’re on Facebook and it’s constantly reminding you how useless you are

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You’ve got to take the smartphone out of your wife’s hand.

You don’t know how she feels when she is texting and checking her Facebook page or watching the TV instead of doing whatever it is she was supposed to be doing. Stop it.

You are not her maid, you are her mother. You are not her chauffeur, you are her driver.

You are not her food provider, you are her homemaker. You are not her companion, you are her best friend.

You are not her caretaker, you are her provider and protector. Get to know her and your wife better than you do now.

Stop with the small talk, stop with the chit chat, stop with the small talk. Get down to the real business, be her partner.

You are not living in the past or dwelling on what she was doing when you first met.

You are not dating in the past, you are spending every moment you have with your future wife before you even have one.

If your first night together you can’t go to sleep without sex, there is a problem.

Sex is great, sex is wonderful, but sex without love is no good. Sex without love is sex.

Sex with love and love without sex is a bonus.

How long have you and your wife been together? Long enough to know if you are happy?

I’ll bet you have been together longer than you have been engaged or married.

What are you waiting for? You have one day left, and it’s never too early to start the honeymoon.

You are a team, and you are meant to be together.