Creating a video is not easy, but it’s very professional-looking! If you want to know how to create your own videos, there are many free resources available online. Many companies have their in-house marketing teams that manage social media, so they can teach you some basic tips on editing a video and posting it.

There are also a growing number of freelancer sites where you can find and hire people to help you produce your movie. In this article, I will go into more detail about why using videos as an advertising tool is powerful and cost effective.

Video content is becoming too common a habit to ignore. Online users are creating increasingly large amounts of content by way of blogs, Facebook pages, and YouTube channels. As such, the average person now has access to almost all of the internet content, which means he or she can watch everything else being posted online.

It’s important to understand the value of having a presence on various websites and forums. Having a well designed website with interesting content can boost your search engine rankings and generate new web traffic for your business.

Better SEO

why video marketing is so powerful

A video can be much more detailed than just a simple text article. When videos are used to create content, they are referred to as animated videos or sometimes called rich media.

A rich media piece is very similar to a normal movie except it has additional features such as sound, animation, graphics and/or live action footage. These additional components make it more interesting to watch.

Google loves an eye-catching detail so adding some of these elements into your videos will help improve your search engine rankings!

It’s important to note that not every website is designed to accept rich media pieces, so you may have to do some research on whether or not yours does.

However, most websites will work just fine. You should pick your battles when it comes to changing things up because even if your site doesn’t look great in a video, you’ll be able to upload a plain old regular still image instead.

That way you’ll get the same results (hopefully) but you’ll hold onto your hard drive space until later.

Better conversion rates

Even more impressive is that YouTube videos with interactive features such as surveys, questions or calls to action typically have higher conversions than non-interactive ones. This makes sense because you can add additional components to help direct your audience to take actions.

Interactivity allows viewers to contribute and connect with the content which creates an environment of engagement. When they are trying to find information or solutions to a problem, they may look up similar materials or products to see what options exist.

That is why it is helpful to use video marketing strategies for your business. You will be able to draw in new customers and keep current clients through their interactions with the product or service.

Your followers and watchers can check out how your company works or learn about tips on using your services or products by looking at some answers to related questions.

Better engagement

why video marketing is so powerful

When you compare still pictures or videos to oral conversations, it is clear that there is an overwhelming amount of interest generated by the first two. People are fascinated by stories and experiences told through images and sounds, as we already have in our lives.

Images convey messages subconsciously with just one picture. Videos take this a step further as they tell a story with sound, setting off reactions in the same way still photos do. We become engaged longer because we need to listen and watch for both content and lengthier breaks between engagements.

Users enjoy creating their own narratives via YouTube videos and other sites like Snapchat. Your business can create your own video narrative by answering questions about your product and service and incorporating them into storytelling rounds such as introductions, testimonials, solutions, and conclusions.

Better conversions

Many times, people struggle coming up with the right reasons to purchase a product or service. Having a video advertisement can help solve this problem by taking away some of the hesitation.

Most people these days have cell phones with relatively good quality cameras, so producing engaging advertisements has never been easier. More and more companies are using filming as a tool to promote their products and services.

By including explanations and use cases for their product, along with a few minutes’ worth of footage or even a short movie, they make sure their audience does not skip any important details.

Less advertising costs

why video marketing is so powerful

A well-crafted video can be one of the most effective ways to market your business or product. Creating a video is not very expensive, either! It’s estimated that you can create a professional quality video for around $500-$1,000.

Many people start out creating videos with less advanced editing software, like YouTube. You do not have to be Mark Zuckerberg to produce engaging content. Plus, it’s easy to edit and tweak things once you get the hang of it.

There are many different styles of videos that can be used in marketing. They include: introduction videos, testimonials, how-to guides, event announcements, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.

Using a combination of these, you can make your own style that fits your company, products, and messages.

Less effort

why video marketing is so powerful

Gone are the days when you could simply upload an edited video and spread word of it via social media or posting it on YouTube. Now, with every tool having its own platform for content, creating a video is much more difficult.

Not only that, but due to the sheer amount of videos people create these days, it can be tricky finding one that will appeal to your audience. If you’re looking to increase engagement, traffic, and sales, this is not a good situation.

Fortunately, there are ways to produce high quality videos in less time than ever before. And most importantly, they do not require any special software or skills!

What You Will Need

To begin filming and editing a video using what we call The Productivity Principle, you need nothing more than yourself and some plain old white paper and pen.

From there, you just have to learn how to use some simple free or low cost softwares such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Google Docs. Make sure to download them from either their website or through the app store if available.

After that, it’s pretty straightforward. Simply take your notes written down points and edit those bits and pieces into a cohesive whole.

Can be shared

why video marketing is so powerful

A video is a lot less expensive to make than an average person may think. You do not need any special equipment to produce a movie worthy of sharing.

All you really need are your own materials and software such as YouTube, Photoshop or other editing programs to create yours.

Most people start filming with their smartphone which can easily be done outside so no heavy equipment needed!

By using these tools, it’s easy to edit photos and videos so don’t feel like you have to be professional level material before you get started.

Your first film doesn’t have to look amazing but it should tell your story effectively AND BE CREATIVE!

What is the point in having a video if you aren’t going to use it? Creating a separate video about how powerful video marketing is will only bore your audience.

So what are we talking about here? We’re talking about creating videos that help promote your business.

Business videos tend to focus more on promoting products and services but that’s just the starting point.

The importance of video marketing comes down to two things: communication and exposure. By adding video content to your website and social media accounts, you’ll achieve both of those goals.

Website owners use videos for testimonials and giveaways which increase engagement. Social media users enjoy watching them because it gives a glimpse into who you are as a person.

Helps with branding

why video marketing is so powerful

Creating a video is not trivial, but it is simple to create a beautiful one. If you are having trouble choosing your genre or finding the right balance of length, keep looking! There are free editing tools available such as YouTube. You can also use software like Adobe Premiere Pro or other more advanced programs if you have them.

There are many ways to create a video that does not cost a lot. For example, you can use your phone or computer camera to do some filming and edit this in an app or program later. This way, you do not need special equipment to begin creating videos.

Making a short film does not require very much budget either. Many people have made their first films using these resources which makes it possible for anyone to start doing it.

Helpful tips for videos

why video marketing is so powerful

Creating a video to promote a product or service is not difficult to do, but it does require some time investment. Luckily, you can make our life easier by using some pre-made videos and editing them slightly!

Most companies will release a tutorial or Vlog (viral live stream) that includes step-by-step instructions for creating your own marketing video. By watching these tutorials, you will learn how to create a great promotional video without too much trouble.

Tutorials are also a good source of information if you’re struggling to find an idea or inspiration for your own video. Many people have made very popular videos about products and services so there are plenty of ideas to take from.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.