Many people are insecure about themselves and many fear that if they become too confident, others will not like them or their abilities.

It seems like the more we talk about the confidence the more questions I get.

Most people have the same question I do, why do we need confidence.

I think there is a lot of good news in confidence and so much in bad news

I know many people who think that confidence means arrogance and that it makes them appear cocky.

Some people think that confidence is cockiness and they worry that being confident might lead them to get into trouble.

Others worry that people will think less of them because they are confident.

There is so much hype that surrounds being confident, and we all wonder if it is necessary.

Most of us think that it is not necessary. Most of us are confident enough to just go out and be ourselves.

However, many are not confident enough to speak up

They wonder if others will like or respect them.

They worry that if they are not confident, they might lose their job, get kicked out of their organization, or lose their friends.

In truth, confidence is not confidence, but lack of it is.

You can have a lack of confidence and still have the ability to stand up for yourself.

In my experience, and in my experience of helping others, I have seen confident people who are not arrogant, and many people are arrogant who are not confident.

Some people will tell you to “be confident” and “you are a great person” and “be confident, don’t be shy” but I know of many people who feel that if they “try too hard” they are unable to “think on your feet” or are not confident enough to not only have a conversation but go for a drink with a person.

I hear so many people say that they are shy and that if they can just overcome that, they can start to become more confident.

People say that confidence and lack of confidence are not the same things, that some people are shy but are confident at work and a party, while others are shy and are not confident.

In the end, they both are the same thing.

That is why I’ve changed my opinion on confidence.

I do not believe that we need the confidence to be confident

man in blue denim top standing under tree leaf

The reason we need confidence is that we need to be able to stand up for ourselves, make decisions, and make a difference.

When we are shy, we are afraid to make decisions. If we are in a meeting and we are asked a question, we are afraid to ask it, because we are afraid that we will make a mistake.

We are also afraid that we will be ridiculed if we do ask it. We are not confident enough to stand up for ourselves.

A lack of confidence is more than just not being confident enough to ask a question.

We are not confident enough to recognize that we have a problem. We are not confident enough to know what we need to do to change it or even to recognize that we have a problem.

When we realize we have a problem we start to work on it

We decide to change our problem, we do something to try to change it and we take action.

Sometimes, when we do something to try to change our problem, we feel like we are making progress.

Other times we feel as though we are just moving in the same direction we were before.

In many cases, we feel as though we are moving in the wrong direction.

We make mistakes, we are confused, we feel defeated and we wonder why we even bother.

A lack of confidence can be a reason why we are not successful in meeting our goals

Woman wearing blue shawl lapel suit jacket

We are not confident enough to make decisions or to make people understand our business.

We are not confident enough to put ourselves out there in a way that is competitive or to ask people to work with us.

We are not confident enough to go to events and meet new people.

When we lack confidence we will stand still and we will not see what is right in front of us.

If we want to change our lack of confidence we have to take the first step and recognize the problem.

We have to want to do something about the problem.

Often, when we do not feel confident we don’t know what we need to do to change it, or we just feel stuck.

If you want to change your lack of confidence, you have to be willing to make a change, and you have to want to change.

You have to want to recognize that you have a problem and want to take action to fix it.

You have to decide that you want to change, and you have to take the first step.

If you have a goal or a goal to reach, take the first step to get there. If you can’t take the first step, get someone else to take it for you.

You need help to take the first step, but it doesn’t matter if you have help or not.

It will make no difference if you are confident enough to ask for help.