Woman Consults with Pharmacist. An older African-American woman talks to a Hispanic male pharmacist as he explains her prescription. Photographer Rhoda Baer

Many of us get tired of asking our friends and family about their day because they can be so negative.

It’s actually much harder to be positive all of the time, but when you can be confident in your job and know exactly what you’re doing, you have a lot of confidence in yourself.

Most of us will admit that we ask our doctor when he’s about to give us bad news whether we should push or go the other way.

This is only because we don’t know how to handle the situation and we’re not prepared for it.

Confidence is the key to handling anything that comes our way in life, and it is definitely a trait you should strive to be proud of.

I have friends who are miserable in their job because they have the least amount of confidence in themselves.

On the other hand, my friends who are the most confident and are very good at their job will look back and can see how they’ve grown from where they were when they started.

They had absolutely no confidence in themselves in the beginning, but have developed it throughout the years.


A female pharmacist is selecting a drug from the pharmacy inventory.

We all know the phrase, “Trust, but verify.”

I feel that trust is vital to any relationship and definitely a critical factor when it comes to working with patients.

If you cannot trust a nurse or doctor then you won’t be as patient with your care. We must remember that we are human and cannot be perfect.

There are times when we do something wrong, but it’s important to realize that we are humans and no one is perfect.

The only way to get to a point where you trust someone and get to a point where they are as honest and faithful as you are is through open communication.

While it may be hard to admit that something went wrong with your care, you must allow yourself to trust the person who is caring for you.

We are human and can make mistakes, but it is important to move on from these mistakes and start anew. This is not a perfect world and everything goes wrong in the blink of an eye.

It’s important to remember that we are imperfect human beings and we are expected to take things in stride. Everyone is different and you can’t expect everyone to do the same thing you do.

As a nurse, you need to realize that you cannot always be perfect and that your patients don’t always care about the wrong thing that you do.

It’s important, to be honest with your patients and sometimes say sorry, but it is also important to admit that you made a mistake and move on.

Lack of communication

A male pharmacist is examining a drug from a the pharmacy inventory.

Communication is another essential trait that is essential to every job.

If you cannot communicate with your patients or the doctor, then there is no way you can do your job properly.

You need to be honest with the patients and have open communication with them.

It’s hard to do this when you have a medical condition that you need to hide from a patient.

However, as a nurse, you have to realize that sometimes you will have to be honest with patients.

As a nurse, you have to have the ability to take your patients’ emotions into account.

Some patients will not be able to take certain things the same way that others can. Some patients will not want to hear about your past and some patients will be angry and mad.

You may not want to take their negative emotions into account when they are with you, but you need to be an open book.

You must understand your patient’s emotions. Your patient does not want to be hurt, so you must be aware of everything that is going on in your life.

As a nurse, you need to realize that you are human and you have flaws. While you have to remain open and honest, you can’t go and try to fix everything in the patient’s life.

Patient interaction

Your in Good Hands

Another vital aspect of being a nurse is that you must be able to interact with your patients.

You cannot be the type of nurse who wants to spend every moment with the patient. This is not the type of job that you want to do every day.

The nurses that spend all of their time with their patients are the ones who succeed in the hospital. Your patient interaction must be based on care and making them comfortable.

As a nurse, you also need to know the limits of your patient’s patience. There will be patients who want to be the “everything” nurse.

This means that they want everything from a nurse. This may mean that you need to let them know that you do not have everything.

Even though you may not have the exact pill they want, you can suggest something else that may work for them.

Oftentimes, the way a nurse handles patients will differ from person to person.

For some, they would rather have an attentive nurse that is caring and attentive, while others want a nurse that will talk to them and joke with them.

Every patient is different and you cannot treat every patient the same.

You can always make someone feel more comfortable and more able to open up to you if you are the type of nurse that likes to make connections with their patients.

Caring for people

Caring for your patients is also important. When you take care of a patient, you must make them feel comfortable and safe.

This means that you must not judge a patient or treat them with any prejudice. This is the easiest way that you can win their trust.

While there are times where you can tell something is not quite right with a patient, you also need to be the kind of nurse who tries to fix it.

When a patient is hurting, you need to do everything in your power to make them feel better.