Notepad on a busy workspace

Over the past several years, I have implemented a few productivity principles in my daily activities.

In short, this approach is predicated on the notion that your mental state directly impacts your productivity.

It’s a simple concept, and many fail to recognize its relevance.

That said, it’s a principle that many fail to implement, which is why I have devoted much of my career to creating productivity tools that deliver positive results.

Our minds naturally go into autopilot mode.

Regardless of how much we dislike it, we do not give our full attention to what is in front of us. As a result, our working time is largely wasted.

So, let’s get into what to do to have a productive day.

1. Eliminate negative self-talk

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Why would we have a productive day if our attitude is to be negative?

The answer lies in the fact that negative self-talk kills productivity. In my experience, most people have a negative attitude.

As a result, they are not productive. This is why I will discuss two techniques that will help you be more productive.

The first is to remove yourself from negative environments. I regularly use AirBnB for my travel.

I make it a rule to only stay at Air BnB properties for long periods of time. You’ll notice that the free rooms tend to have a more positive environment.

The second technique is to replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

Think about the last time you were at the doctor’s office and a doctor said to you:

“It’s not your fault that you have cancer.”

You might’ve felt like you had cancer all over again. That’s because the doctor had talked negatively to you. Instead, you could’ve replied:

“No, I have an option. If you don’t believe me, I can get a second opinion from a different doctor.”

It’s all in the language you use. If you want to be more productive, stop making statements that hurt your brain’s ability to think positively.

2. Set the right goals

Why would we have a productive day if our goals are set in the wrong way?

All goals should be set on a path that has three identifiable goals: personal, professional, and financial.

These three goals are interrelated because we need to have the right environment to be productive.

When we are truly productive, we produce more income. This translates into more freedom.

The more freedom we have, the more freedom we have to be productive.

The problem occurs when our goals are not aligned. Instead of setting goals that will help us become successful, we set goals that help us keep a certain status quo.

Instead of setting a goal to save, we set a goal to spend. Why?

Because it’s easier to make choices that will only help us maintain the status quo.

The same goes for goals. Personal goals should help you get the most out of your time.

If you aren’t maximizing your time, you are not maximizing your income.

On the other hand, professional goals should help you to become more productive.

If you are not accomplishing as much as you could be, you are not maximizing your income.

You’re right, there is a time and place for focus on your finances. Just as there is a time and place for focus on your personal life.

However, when is it appropriate to put your financial goals on hold?

3. Manage your work schedule

Why would we have a productive day if our work schedule is set in the wrong way?

In our modern society, it’s common to have a 24-hour workday.

This is simply a way for employers to save money. By working longer, employees can earn more money.

It’s a pretty lousy arrangement. You work longer and you earn less. You have less free time.

This is why we should set our work schedule in the right way.

If you want to have a productive day, you need to work in the following sequence:

Prioritize your work schedule and determine the hours you will be working the next day.

A scheduling program called iCal helps you to prioritize your schedule.

Whenever you are free, you can choose to work on the most important task in your day.

You can also choose to dedicate an hour to some other task.

4. Treat your body right

Why would we have a productive day if our body isn’t taken care of?

When our body is taken care of, we’re able to think clearer and achieve more.

We should take care of our health to be productive. But we shouldn’t just focus on the physical aspect of our health.

As important as it is to maintain a good physique, we also need to focus on mental health.

What happens if you can’t sleep because you are stressed? You can be productive for a few hours but then you will crash.

You don’t want to work on a project that is making you feel down. Take some time off to relax.

We should take care of our minds just as much as we take care of our bodies.

Try taking a walk in nature, meditating, or spending time with your family.