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Learn to listen before you speak. It is easy to sound like a know it when you try to come out with the answer to the question before the question has been asked.

By taking some time to listen, you will find that your words will be easier to put together. This will make you sound far more confident when you speak.

If you are losing at a board game, don’t quit right away. Wait a few minutes to gain your composure and get a better strategy.

Having a bad game of card or board games shows a lack of patience, something you will need when you become successful.

One great way to increase your self-confidence is to practice public speaking in front of a mirror


Even though you might not be in front of the mirror very often, you can use mirrors in your own home to practice.

In doing so, you will not be embarrassed in front of your reflection. You will also be able to see and correct your flaws.

Always take compliments well. People will try to put you down because they are jealous of you.

The key to getting over this is to focus on the compliments and try to find the positive in them.

Try to find one thing about what was said that you can work on. It could be a habit you are trying to break.

You don’t need to have the self-confidence of a blockbuster actor to succeed in your job.

Even if you just have a small position at a company, you still need to be confident and approachable to your co-workers.

People may respect you for being approachable. Even if they don’t like you, they might just be too afraid to do anything about it.

Never reveal personal information about yourself in your first interviews

You can’t use this time, to tell the truth about what makes you happy or sad. You need to appear as if you are the kind of person who has no emotions, and they won’t want to hire someone who seems like that.

Don’t try to impress a potential employer or client with your wittiness or wit.

The only thing that will impress someone with your wit is a witty back-and-forth banter with them. Don’t try to show off, and you’ll get more clients that way.

To make yourself more attractive to people, spend some time on your appearance. Try a new hairstyle or dress.

Even a nice pair of shoes can boost your confidence. You can try this new look, even if you’re just visiting a friend or relative.

If you really feel comfortable, you can do something similar the next time you’re out shopping.

Don’t let your fear of making mistakes keep you from trying

Making mistakes is a normal part of learning something new, and in life in general.

The best way to get over this fear is to make mistakes often. The more mistakes you make, the less afraid you will be of making them.

When making an appointment, keep your expectations realistic. Many people will set their expectations of an appointment too high.

They think they need to schedule an appointment hour in advance when they actually just need to drop by and say “hi”.

Then you are wasting their time, as they will not have the time to see you as soon as they wanted and will lose interest.

Offering some advice to someone can often be a good way to improve their attitude.

For example, if you see someone struggling with a tough decision, share some of your thoughts on the subject.

This can help the individual think more clearly and make a more informed decision.

While having confidence in yourself is important, remember that it’s just a feeling

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To some, confidence can help them get out there and accomplish things, whereas others may be intimidated and afraid of taking that first step.

Either way, the most important thing is that you feel good about yourself and the way you feel about yourself is very important.

For women who wear makeup, using brown eyeliner can hide “new” lashes that you put on your eyes. If your mascara does run, then simply apply a brown eyeliner to your waterline.

Doing this will create the illusion of thicker, more lush lashes. You can also try mascara in different shades for that added glamour.

Since journalism is such a visual field, it’s best to create an editorial calendar for yourself with all of your important deadlines and location changes listed.

Letting yourself know what you need to accomplish and when will give you the structure you need. This will also allow you to take a step back if you get too stressed.

Make your CV stand out. When you are applying for jobs, the people doing the hiring are looking at plenty of resumes.

To stand out of the pack, but the attention-grabbing highlights on your resume. These highlights can include interesting information, activities, or experience that make you stand out and make you a great fit for the job.

Do you feel as though you can now handle any of the above tips?

Hopefully so, and perhaps you have now built a stronger foundation of confidence and are now ready to start applying those tips to any situation that you can find yourself in.