A video email is very different from an ordinary email you would normally send. It is much longer than most emails, usually around one to four minutes in length. An average person can easily watch a short YouTube clip, making it a perfect way to showcase your product or service.

Most people use social media sites like Facebook to view videos so incorporating some of that into your email marketing campaign is easy to do. You can even create interactive videos where users can chat with each other or you could have a talk show style setting with two speakers.

The settings can be adjusted during filming so everyone feels comfortable. People enjoy watching videos so this will not feel overly formal. However, there are rules about content for the sender and recipient so these things should be considered.

Email marketers use video to promote their products or services, to keep customers engaged, and to increase open and engagement rates. Many say that having a video attached to the email is the best way to connect with recipients.

Benefits of video marketing

email marketing video

With the explosion of digital media, it is easy to get distracted. With every new app, website, or device that comes out, people lose focus on what matters most – your business!

That’s why producing engaging content for online mediums (like blogs and social sites) has become so important.

It gives your business an opportunity to be seen and heard, which can boost your exposure and web traffic. It also helps promote engagement and interaction with your site, enhancing your user experience.

And since 70% of all internet activity now happens via mobile, making use of rich media such as videos can help make your site more accessible to individuals.

This is particularly helpful if you sell products or services through online platforms like Facebook or Amazon. More than half of their users view advertisements or commercials while buying something, so using a well-made video can increase sales.

With how quickly technology is moving forward, there are many ways to produce and edit a video. A professional looking video does not require too much effort or time.

There are several free software programs available that allow you to create and edit videos easily. Many of these have interactive features, which allows you to add in some special touches.

Ways to make a video marketing campaign

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Many people use videos in their business practices, from creating your own YouTube channels with catchy titles and content or using free online platforms to create your videos, such as Vidly or Wistia.

Running a video marketing campaign is not very difficult if you are willing to put in some time to hone your craft and learn about different strategies.

There are many ways to run a successful video marketer so don’t feel like you need to be totally familiar with everything before getting started!

This article will go over several easy tips that can help you start creating your own media campaigns.

Create a campaign

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Most people start their email marketing journey by creating an account at a free, third-party email service like Gmail or Yahoo! Then, they must pick a domain name and upload a template to fit your business’s style.

You can now create campaigns in Microsoft Office 365 directly from this page as well. All you have to do is choose whether you want to use the default templates or design your own, then add components to fit within your budget.

The rest takes care of itself! You will be able to edit and test your messages before sending them out to your audience, which is one of the best parts about using office365.

There are many free tools that help you manage your emails during the process as well. Some track opens, clicks, and replies for you, while others give you more detailed reports.

Distribute videos

email marketing video

As we mentioned before, video is very popular these days. People love watching them and investing in a device to watch them is no exception! Most people have at least one smartphone that they use for daily activities so creating an app digital media player or using your phone’s camera to create a YouTube channel are good starting points.

By distributing videos through this medium, you increase your audience size and exposure quickly. This is important as you will want to grow your fan base rapidly!

When growing your brand, there are two main ways to do it: through social proof or through challenge and reward. Social proof happens when others show and speak about how great you are, while challenge and reward means improving their experience with you.

That is what email marketing videos are! They improve someone else’s experience by showing examples of you producing quality content and educating readers.

Encourage subscriptions

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Many experts agree that offering an incentive to subscribe is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to email marketing.

This incentivization can be via coupons, your newsletter for free, or even both!

By offering these incentives, you are drawing more attention to your product or service and creating opportunities to connect with new customers or current ones.

You will also want to make sure that whatever incentive you choose is clear and unambiguous so there is no confusion.

Identify your target market

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A few years back, video marketing was only really possible using either YouTube or another site that hosts videos. Now, with the availability of easy-to-use software like Adobe Creative Suite and free web hosting sites like WordPress and Squarespace, creating a business video campaign is much easier than it used to be!

With the ease of access to all sorts of technology, there’s no reason you can’t have your own little movie production company. Plus, being able to edit and enhance your videos easily gives you flexibility in how you use them.

There are many ways to add some flavor to your messages by adding additional graphics, music, or even other videos. You can also include voiceovers and written content to emphasize key points.

Email is one of the most cost effective forms of digital media marketing available. It doesn’t require too large of a budget to start producing engaging content. By keeping it simple, you will find yourself developing clever strategies along the way.

Develop a website

With all of these apps, your business will need to have an online presence either through a free or paid domain name and web hosting account.

It is not enough to just create an email address for your business and start sending emails – you must actually set up an online profile that people can access.

This includes creating a social media page, putting content on websites and setting up Google accounts such as Gmail or Plus. You should also think about using video marketing tools to create videos and put them onto YouTube and other sites.

Create a blog

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Starting an email marketing campaign is not as difficult as some may make it out to be. You can start by creating a blogging site or website using a free hosting service like WordPress, Blogger, or your own domain.

Once you have this set up, you will want to pick a niche and area of business that you are going to cover with your content. This will determine what products and services you offer others through advertisements and/or direct sales.

Your community will grow if you provide high-quality information for your audience – so choose carefully!

You should also find a way to include a link to your online store in the article or video where possible. This will help boost traffic to your site and increase revenue!

At the very least you should include a link to your social media pages so people can follow you.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.