With the explosion of digital media, it is easy to get distracted. There are so many different ways to consume content online that choosing what to focus your time on can be tricky.

Content marketing has become the norm for large businesses due to its efficiency and effectiveness in generating interest and traffic to a company’s product or service.

Marketing via video is no exception – if you want to see true growth as a business owner, you must add this tool into your arsenal!

What is marketing video?

Video marketing is when an organization creates videos to promote their products or services. This could be YouTubing a how-to tutorial on some equipment, filming a promotional movie for their brand, or creating an educational YouTube channel.

It is important to use mediums effectively to create interest in a product or service. And with a growing number of people preferring to watch videos over reading articles, video marketing is exploding in popularity.

With that being said, why should you care about marketing videos?

Here are three reasons:

1) It is more powerful than ever before

Technology has improved dramatically since the first commercials were filmed. The ability to capture natural, genuine conversations has never been better.

Having a camera allows anyone to produce creative advertisements or explanatory movies. Even if you aren’t very artistic, there are lots of free editing software options available now.

History of marketing

what is marketing video

As we can see, video has played an important role in advertising for most major brands. It’s not surprising, then, that many consider it to be one of the main strategies used in modern day marketing. According to research done by TubeBiz, 90% of advertisers use videos at least occasionally to promote their products.

With the rise of digital media, however, marketers have found new ways to include videos into their campaigns. Online videos are just as effective (if not more so) than traditional television advertisements or print ads. This is because they can be viewed and listened to anywhere, any time, and very little content needs to be produced – you already have all the materials ready!

What is marketing video?

Video marketing is the practice of creating educational, entertaining, or informative videos to promote your business. The aim is to create a positive viewer experience that is influenced by your product or service. You may want to connect with others on social media sites like YouTube to increase awareness of your brand.

There are several types of videos designed to fit different goals. Some are better suited than others depending on what you want to achieve. Here are some common ones and tips for using them to boost engagement.

Promotion videos

These are typically short (1–5 minutes long), goal-focused clips aimed at getting people to buy your product or service.

Definition of marketing videos

what is marketing video

A marketing video is any material or presentation that features your product or service. It can be for YouTube, TV, digital billboards, social media, etc. There are three main components to most marketing videos: introduction, message, and conclusion.

The introductions usually tell you who the speaker is and what their title is before getting into the main topic and messages. This is important so people know who they are listening to and what angle they will take the content at.

Messages in marketing videos typically contain information either about the product or advertisement/feature of the product. They may also make a claim or statement related to the product or its benefits.

A conclusions often reiterate the main idea of the video and offer additional resources or announcements. These are strong forms of engagement as they keep the viewer interested until the next piece of content comes along.

Reasons to make a marketing video

what is marketing video

Making a marketing video is not as daunting as some may think. There are many great reasons you should consider making a video! Here are some of the benefits of creating a business video.

It can boost your online exposure. By adding a YouTube channel or posting a business video on social media, you can increase your audience and reach. Your followers and watchers will be able to see your videos free without having to create an account or pay for a subscription.

You can use a tool like Adobe Spark to produce your videos quickly and easily. This app allows you to edit, add music, effects, and captions all in one place. You do not need any experience in filming or editing to give this a try!

Your customers and potential clients will enjoy watching your videos. They will get a feel for your company, what products and services you offer, and what people talk about you and your business.

Tips for creating a marketing video

With the explosion of technology, there are now many ways to create a marketable video. You can use free software or you can purchase expensive packages that offer more features.

The best way to begin is by filming yourself! Before investing in professional equipment, try experimenting with your own camera first.

You do not need special skills to start producing videos. All people have to launch their own YouTube channel is an excellent starting point.

Naming your business

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Many people get stuck in the trenches when it comes to marketing strategies. They spend most of their time trying to come up with new ways to market their product or service without any success. This is totally normal!

Most entrepreneurs start off with ideas that work, but as they grow their company, they reach a limit on how much time they have to invest into marketing. Or, they run out of funds to keep advertising on track.

As we know, spending money to promote your business can be expensive, which is why many companies will outsource some of this work for them. This way, you can focus your energy on running your company, not promoting it!

Businesses are very creative these days when it comes to marketing. Some hire professional marketers to help spread their message, while others find other ways to bring attention to themselves. Either way, having a variety of tools at your disposal is important to remain competitive.

Research your market

what is marketing video

A marketing video is any sort of footage that features or mentions your product or service. It can be for an advertisement, a segment, movie, etc. These videos are typically designed to sell a product or message.

With such a wide range of formats, length, and messages, it’s very difficult to describe what types of videos are considered “marketing”. There isn’t really one universal definition.

Instead, marketers create their own definitions for different terms in the field.

Know your audience

what is marketing video

A marketing video is like any other type of media—it depends on what message you want to send and who you are messaging!
As you start creating videos, make sure they match your brand’s style and messages. If you don’t know how to create a business look, usuallty don’t want that to show through.

A good way to test this is to do a quick YouTube search for your products or services. See what styles appeal to your market and add some touches of their own to fit your brand.

Also, if you are trying to target younger audiences, making sokies (super kawaii stories) can be fun ways to capture attention.
Provide information while keeping it educational and entertaining. Use storytelling and anecdotes to get more insights about your product or service.

Do not make a marketing video if you do not enjoy

what is marketing video

If you are going to invest in marketing videos, you will need to be passionate about what you are filming and how you will use the footage.
If you do not feel passion for your product or business, then why would anyone else?

You will also have to be able to articulate what it is that your company offers. There should be no “me too” products out there – people will notice!

Your audience will also expect high quality content so make sure you are aware of the basics of filmmaking before starting to edit.

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