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The main source of body language is the specific expressions of the faces and body movements that are made by the individual and how those expressions are different from a neutral face and a fearful face.

A person displaying confidence doesn’t have to smile at every situation they are in. They can choose to keep their facial expression neutral and not showcase what’s going on inside of them.

Confidence is demonstrated when one displays a confident face, the same way someone without confidence displays a fearful face.

To show confidence you will need to have confidence in your own decisions, your present and future, and in your own ability to solve any situation you are faced with.

If you want to feel more confident in yourself, it’s time to build a positive self-image.

Your confidence is the result of the way you carry yourself and the confidence you exude.

People can sense this vibe, which is why they instinctively gravitate towards you.

Here are some key ways to show confidence, while still being yourself.

1. Adopt a loose and open posture

When we feel confident, we’re more likely to place ourselves in a position of power.

Although it may sound counterintuitive, you actually have more power when you’re open and relaxed.

Try to stand with your legs open, which promotes fluidity. The torso and the shoulder should be straight.

If possible, lean slightly forward, which should also allow you to appear taller. Your neck should be relaxed with your jaw open.

This position also makes it easier to look down. When you feel confident, adopt a more relaxed and fluid body language, including hands.

When you reach for your cup, you’re not holding onto a stiff object, which shows a confident posture.

It also allows you to move around a bit, which contributes to your confidence.

2. Stand up straight

It’s key to keep your back upright and your chest out.

This will send a signal that you’re self-assured.

When you keep your hands at your side, you avoid “laying claim” to a specific item, which is a sign of insecurity.

This posture is also especially good for keeping your spine aligned and your shoulders back.

3. Pause when you speak

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Punctuation is very important. Pause before you respond.

This will give you a chance to gather your thoughts and calm yourself down.

Pause before you answer a question.

It takes around 2.8 seconds for your brain to process and responds to a verbal message, so you want to give yourself that much time.

Pause when you write.

It takes about 20-30 seconds for your brain to register a picture, so try to include some pause time in your daily writing.

This pause gives your brain time to access and retrieve all the information it needs.

4. Smile naturally

When you smile, it changes your whole body language. It shows you’re enjoying the conversation.

Smile at your friends, coworkers, or people you pass on the street. Let them know how they make you feel.

Smile just a little wider when you’re interacting with people.

By widening your smile a bit, you’re sending a signal that you’re happy and that you’re interested.

Your smile is contagious, so smile a bit more to show that you’re genuinely feeling happy.

When you’re feeling confident, a genuine smile will startle you a bit.

5. Laugh easily

Everyone wants to be a mood lifter, so be a mood lifter.

Laugh and let your personality shine through. People will gravitate towards you because you’re charming and interesting.

You may have the ability to be an entertainer, too. The key is to be confident.

When you’re confident, you are open to the things that people have to say and have an incredible amount of energy.

It comes across when you’re laughing. Your happiness radiates, and people will naturally want to be around you.

You’ve probably had experience being around someone confident.

They make you feel great, and people around you tend to feel better because they’re interacting with someone secure and confident.

You don’t want to be that person that people are intimidated by because they think you’re too good to approach.

People are much more likely to approach someone confident.

That’s what a confident person is: someone who is going to tell you what she’s feeling, who knows who she is, and who has an infectious personality.

When you’re confident, you tend to give off an energy that draws people to you.

But don’t be afraid to be a little more vulnerable.

There’s nothing wrong with letting people in, so don’t be afraid to share your feelings with someone you trust.

You can do this by writing an email or a blog post. Just be sure to keep a good sense of humor and are you writing something that helps and doesn’t harm other people.

When you give off confidence, people are drawn to you. You have an amazing opportunity to be an incredible leader, mentor, and friend.

Being confident is the easy part. The hardest part is finding a way to stay confident without being cocky.

Most of us have spent most of our lives feeling unsure of ourselves.

We’re all constantly comparing ourselves to others, which makes us think that everyone else has it all and that we’re not good enough.

Be happy with yourself. You have a unique personality. You have talents and skills.

You deserve to be able to call yourself a strong, confident person.