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The fact is that self-confidence is a fundamental aspect of our personality. Self-confidence is the awareness of our own strengths and abilities.

So when you are confident about yourself, then it is an indication of an excellent personality.

However, there are a few essential qualities of self-confidence which are well known. And they include;

1. Never being humble

The most common issue for people with low self-confidence is that they always consider themselves to be the most insignificant and they have a deep feeling of inferiority.

This is a situation where the person feels guilty and is always torn between two worlds, the good world, and the bad world.

They always feel like they do not fit into both worlds and therefore they tend to feel bad about themselves.

They do not value their own qualities because of this inferiority complex and this can be dangerous for the self-confidence of a person.

2. Being careless

They do not take care of themselves and they just do whatever they want to without care.

They tend to give little attention to their own health and hygiene and care about no one else but themselves.

3. Having low empathy

People with low self-confidence do not care about anyone but themselves. This type of person has no empathy for other people, and so he or she gets upset easily over little things.

They can easily get irritated over the stupid things which others do, such as not answering back to people when they talk to them.

4. Living in denial

This is a character flaw and one of the very common self-confidence issues in most people.

Many people with self-confidence issues tend to live in denial about what is wrong with them.

This leads to them having low self-confidence, because they do not take time to think about what they have done wrong, and they do not address any of their weaknesses.

5. Seeing themselves as losers

People with low self-confidence tend to think that they are the losers of the world. They think that they are failures at all things in life.

They take a negative view of themselves, and they always see the negative in everything.

They tend to think that there are people who are far better than them and so they are just ordinary people who are destined to live their lives in misery.

6. Lack of social confidence

Lack of social confidence makes the person feel like he or she is not good enough to be part of the group.

Their social skills are not good, and this gives them the feeling of being out of place.

They feel like they are not good enough to be with others.

7. Distrusting others

They think that others are really stupid and so they do not trust anyone.

They tend to get mistrustful of other people and when they get into an argument with someone, they think that they are the stupid ones.

8. Being difficult

People with low self-confidence are very irritable and very difficult to live with.

They can be very bossy and can be very critical of others.

They can be rude and selfish. They tend to expect a lot from others and do not appreciate what they have in their lives.

9. Lacking self-discipline

They tend to get bored easily and are easily distracted by anything and everything which comes their way.

Their attention tends to be all over the place.

They tend to get lost in these things and forget about all their important things.

10. Easily distracted

They have a very hard time staying focused, and this is due to their inattentive nature.

They always get distracted from their work.

11. Lacking empathy

They have a very shallow understanding of other people, and so this makes them very difficult to live with.

They have trouble understanding why people do the things that they do, and they don’t care about this.

They have no sympathy for others.

They can easily get upset over petty things.

12. Feeling weak

They feel like they can’t do anything, and so they tend to think that they can’t take on any tasks.

They get upset over the small things, and they get depressed over the smallest things.

13. Not liking themselves

They do not care about the opinion of others, and so they do not like themselves very much.

They hate themselves and tend to think that they are just worthless.

People with low self-esteem tend to think that they do not have any value in the world.

14. Believing that they are not good enough

People with low self-esteem often think that they are not good enough in every aspect of their lives.

They tend to think that they are not any good at anything.

They think that they are just average people, and nothing special.

They think that they are failures in all areas.

They are not proud of themselves, and they are not at all confident about who they are.

15. Having a bad body image

They feel bad about their bodies and think that they are just average people in every way.

They are dissatisfied with their bodies and their bodies do not look good to them.

They do not like the way they look, and they do not look after themselves well.

16. Thinking that others have the upper hand

They often see people having all the power over them.

They are very egocentric and see themselves as always having the upper hand in everything.

They think that everyone has it better than them, and so they think that others are better than them.

They think that everyone has it easy in their lives and that they have nothing to complain about.

They tend to think that others are better than them and that they have it easier in their lives.