Moscow, new year, 2021

Will this year be similar to the previous one?

“Hopefully it will be a better year next year,” you undoubtedly heard a lot towards the conclusion of 2020. As the year 2021 begins, people all across the world are hoping for a restoration to some kind of normalcy.

However, Telstra CEO Andy Penn told an Australian audience in late January that “unfortunately, there is every chance that 2021 will be even more uncertain than 2020.” I’ve never been less convinced about where our world will go from here, and I’m sure I’m not alone.”

He believes that “there’s not going to be a nice neat glide path back to normal – new ways of working and technology-driven change are only going to increase from here,” as one of Australia’s most renowned CEOs.

Perhaps you’ve been concentrating on your plan to get through this hiccup, waiting for things to go back to normal. Perhaps the prospect of another year that is similar to the previous one, if not worse, is not just irritating, but agonizing.

That, in my opinion, makes judgments concerning working methods more important. These choices might be difficult to make. They are unable to wait another year, or even a week.

Because a strong Workplace Experience is required for a great team to function successfully. And you need a solid team now more than ever in times of uncertainty.

Mistakes in the workplace that can be avoided

I’ve been hearing a lot of comments about unproductive and unpleasant virtual meetings. Hybrid meetings — some people in the office, some others at home – have thrown leaders for a loop.

There are certain workplaces that seem like a waste of money – rooms and workstations that aren’t being used.

Perhaps you’re one of the many people who’s noticed that conference rooms are now overbooked, with many of the attendees being single people on video chats.

You may be able to maximize the efficiency of your workplace. You might make good use of your workplace.

Decisions regarding how you’ll work and how you’ll improve your workplace should be made in the near future.

Thanks to Nina Fountain at Business 2 Community whose reporting provided the original basis for this story.