A few years back, creating a YouTube channel was easy- you just created your account, picked an impressive username, and started filming!

Now that almost every person has access to a camera, this no longer works. Creating a successful video marketing channel is not as simple as it once was.

It takes time, effort, and most importantly, NUTS AROUND AMOUNT OF CONTENT!

Finding quality content can be hard when there are so many options out there. Luckily for you, we have done some of the work for you! We will be going through different types of videos, what makes them good or bad, and how to make the best use of them in your business.

This article will also go into detail about why having lots of videos is important and how to start producing yours.

Types of videos

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Running a YouTube channel is not a one-size-fits-all strategy, there are actually several different types of video content you can make. These types include: review videos, how to videos, product launch videos, promotional videos, and more!

The first type is a “review” or “how to” video. A review video is when you teach something new or what to do with a product. For example, if you use natural cleaning products, then you could create a review video about the best allergen test strips.

Or maybe you have heard about people mixing milk with water and eating it to stay awake, so why not make a how to hit your coffee with milk or drink enough milk to feel sleepy?

Both of these examples would be review videos because they both talk about other things, but they focus heavily on those items/products. This is typically their main goal– to get you into that item or service.

Another option is a “how to” video. Here, you could teaching someone how to complete a task or theory concept in a way that person may not have learned before.

For instance, I might make a how to bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie. Or perhaps a how to read good quality material quickly.

There are many ways to apply this principle to promote a business or product.

Who should do video marketing?

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As we mentioned earlier, anyone can create a YouTube channel and start posting videos. This is not a good idea unless you are willing to invest in creating your content every day. Before investing that time into your business, make sure you have done all the necessary work to ensure your success as an entrepreneur!

It’s easy to make a short YouTube clip with little or no production value. If you don’t take your craft seriously, people will recognize this and avoid engaging with your content.

Producing quality content takes effort and creativity. You must know how to capture and communicate with others if you want your audience to connect with you.

Ways of creating videos

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Videos are an excellent way to promote your business or product. Creating a video is not very difficult, nor is it expensive unless you are investing in professional equipment. There are several ways to create a video using free software or apps as well as paid software.

You can make your own videos with nothing more than a camera and some creative ideas. By filming yourself talking about what you offer for sale, you will help to establish your brand and identify your market area.

Some businesses use pre-made videos or templates to produce their videos. This may be because they do not have time to film and edit the video themselves, or due to budget constraints.

There are many online resources where you can find and test out different types of videos.

Creating videos that your audience will love

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A video is defined as a film or short movie produced for publication. What makes a video special is its length, content, and engagement. It is much more elaborate than just a simple movie because it requires editing, graphics, sound, and research to produce.

The most successful business owners know how to create engaging videos. They use their skills in media production to make entertaining videos that appeal to their target audience.

They are careful about what they include in the video and whether or not to include advertisements. They focus on creating an interesting story instead of promoting a product.

Many believe that marketing through YouTube is the best way to succeed. Businesses have made a lot of money using this medium to promote themselves or provide helpful information to others.

Video marketers also earn substantial income producing and selling products via online stores like Amazon and Etsy.

Taking videos to the next level

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Sometimes, after trying out different video types and strategies, you find yourself thinking, ‘Well, I could have just done that earlier!’ It is very common to feel this way when starting out with video marketing.

If your audience seems tired of your same style or tone of content, it is time to try something new.

You can always begin making shorter and more targeted videos, but then eventually you will run into our first tip — creating engaging videos that people want to watch.

That is the hard part!

So how do you know what kind of videos are popular? You can use YouTube to look up some tips, but there is an even better source – analytics. Google provides a place for you to upload all of your past videos as well as some basic information about them.

This includes things like how many times each one was watched and any comments or reactions made while watching. Also, they offer a little questionnaire to ask why someone left a review. This gives you insights into the viewers’ experiences with your videos.

Creating a video marketing strategy

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A few years ago, creating a video and sharing it online would require expensive equipment or software. Now, you can create your own videos with just your phone!

There are many free apps and websites that allow you to produce and edit your videos without having to pay for anything. Many of these tools have interactive features such as adding background music, captions, and/or special effects.

Video content is still not easily distributed unless you are an influencer or have a channel through YouTube or another site. But with technology becoming more accessible, this is starting to change.

With all of these resources at our disposal, it is easy to start producing engaging videos. Plus, we live in a society where everyone has a device with internet access, so why not use these resources to promote your business?

General tips when filming a video
To make your video stand out, try experimenting with different angles, distances, levels, and themes. Use these to convey your message and emphasize important points.

Including visuals and using descriptive language help achieve this. The more creative you become, the easier it will be to connect with your audience and gain their attention.

When editing your videos, remember to take breaks and refresh before continuing. Take time to evaluate what parts were successful and could be improved upon.

Testing your videos

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After you have created your video, it is time to test it! Obviously, you will want to make sure that your voice is strong and audible, but other than that, everything else can be seen on the screen.

If possible, try to watch your video using a smartphone or computer so that you do not have to worry about external distractions. Many online tools exist that allow you to record yourself watching the video and then edit the footage down to see what parts look good and how to emphasize certain points.

This way you can check out how the camera angles look as well as if anyone was able to hear you properly. All of these things are important to assess whether people like what they heard and whether there were any mistakes that could be corrected.

Your success will depend on many factors, mostly related to marketing and advertising. Using video for your business’s growth definitely falls into that category.

Enhancing your videos

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While creating engaging videos is an integral part of any successful video marketing strategies, there are some things you can do to make your videos more interesting and impressive. Here we will discuss several ways to enhance your video advertisements while also being creative and different from the rest.

Your viewers’ attention spans have become shorter due to over-saturated media in their lives, so making your content more interactive and entertaining than just watching a movie or listening to an album is important.

There are many ways to accomplish this, such as having conversations, asking questions, sharing stories, and/or doing experiences related to what your product or service is. By adding these components into your videos, your audience will want to watch them and spend time talking about the products and services mentioned.

Another way to achieve interactivity is by incorporating testimonials. Getting candid feedback from past customers can show potential clients how well your product or service works for others. If possible, get first hand accounts – not secondhand comments that someone else said they benefited from the product.

Lastly, be creative! Don’t feel limited when it comes to our media and technology today. You don’t need billions of dollars to create great videos. Many free apps and websites allow you to add additional touches like music, pictures, and overall style.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.