A video is a medium that can be used for almost anything, from educating people about products to creating a movie-style story. It’s easy to create and edit, and you don’t need much experience to produce quality content.

Video marketing is one of the most powerful tools in the toolbox of any successful business. Technology has made it possible to create engaging videos at a low cost.

With all this talk of costs, what are we talking about? The price of a camera body doesn’t include the software needed to upload and manage your videos (like YouTube), nor does it account for the time spent editing and producing the pieces you will put together into a video.

This article will discuss some simple ways to start filming and editing videos. Then, we will look at some free resources before looking at some paid ones. We will also cover how to publish your videos online so they get seen by others.

Steps of video marketing

video marketing

Step 1: Create a YouTube Channel!
A YouTube channel is like having a place to store your videos online. It can be linked to your personal profile, or paid account depending on how you want to organize your content.

You get some basic settings to edit, such as changing the category for your channel and picking an appropriate logo. After that, you are ready to start creating videos!

Step 2: Pick A Topic And Style
Your channel should have its own theme or style. This will help people know what to expect when they visit your page.

For example, if your main topic is baking, then your viewers should see clear pictures and clips related to baking. If your topic is about fashion, then your channel should contain lots of fashionable photos and videos.

It is okay to mix and match, but make sure there is at least one item in each genre so people can find their favorite type of video.

Create a video marketing plan

video marketing

More and more people are exploring the power of using videos to promote your business or product. It’s no longer just for big companies that can afford an expensive production team.

You can create your own YouTube channel with free software, upload entertaining videos, and use paid software to enhance your content and increase engagement.

By creating engaging videos that appeal to your audience, you will attract new viewers and increase traffic to your site/business!

Plan out your video marketing strategy by thinking about what messages you want to send and how you want to convey those messages.

Think about who your target market is, and whether there are any special promotions or events happening at this time. You may also need to determine how much budget you have for advertising.

When planning out your campaign, be sure to schedule enough time to actually produce the video before publishing it. Sometimes things get interrupted, so add some buffer to ensure everything goes well.

Create your video marketing strategy

video marketing

Creating a YouTube channel is free, but you will need to pay to run it. You can create a free account that allows you to upload two videos per month. To add more content to your channel, you must upgrade to either the paid or personal level.

The paid level offers larger limits for uploading and editing videos as well as additional features. These include direct messaging other users of the platform, which some people use to promote products or services. The cost to start off as a business professional is around $15/month (paid annually) – close to our budget!

You do not have to be very artistic to put together great videos. There are many free tools available to produce engaging clips. Fun fact: Many companies now hire professionals to create funny, educational, motivational, and inspirational videos using these apps.

Now let’s talk about how to use your video marketing tool to achieve your goals.

Choose your video marketing theme

video marketing

Choosing a niche to promote is one of the most important steps in developing your YouTube channel. You would want to make sure that what you are promoting fits with your audience, and that it is relevant to them!

If you do not know who your target market is yet, start by creating content for different themes or areas that seem interesting to you. For example, if you love cooking, create recipes or how to cook videos. If you are passionate about fashion, design clothes or run a fashion store.

By starting out with a general topic, you will find it easier to connect with your viewers. They will feel more inclined to contribute and interact with you since you targeted a something they already wanted to watch.

Your followers will also give you feedback as they view your content – try asking them questions and see what answers you get!

The best way to determine whether your message resonates with your audience is by testing. Create a new video, but instead of advertising your product, talk about an issue related to your niche field. See what responses you receive and work from there.

Choose your video marketing topic

video marketing

Choosing a theme or topic for your videos is an important part of creating effective videos. You want to make sure that what you are filming and how you amped up before coming into this article apply to your business!

Having an uninteresting video will hurt your chances of getting more views. Your audience will be very hard pressed to watch a movie they have no interest in.

Your business’s main goal is to get new customers, so why would people pay attention until it seems interesting?

Running out of things to say can be fun if you know yourself well and are able to come up with some funny stories or experiences related to your field. If you don’t though, trying to talk about something totally unrelated can help.

Finding the balance between talking about things that matter to you and things that inspire you to keep doing what you are already doing is key.

Do your research

As we mentioned before, videos are very popular content marketing tools that can help you reach your advertising goals. With that said, there is an infinite number of ways to use video for business!

There are many different types of videos you can make- how well these products or services work for your company depends on what kind of product it is and if it works for your audience.

For example, making a testimonials and service videos might not work as well for people who have already invested in the product or service you’re trying to promote. Or maybe your product or service is too expensive so no one uses it, which would eliminate any potential sales.

Given that, instead of creating a short testimonial video, you could create a longer explanatory video about the benefits of the product. This way your audience can get more information and it does not cost much extra. You may even be able to pick up some customers this way!

Reading another person’s testimony will also give you some tips and tricks for using the product yourself, which is always a good thing.

Make a list of content topics

video marketing

After you have your home base, create a second list to include different types of videos. These can be informational videos or promotional videos.

Informational videos should aim to educate others on the product or service. They’re helpful and informative!

A great way to develop an educational video is by creating a lesson plan. Create a setting that feels natural and relate to the products or services being marketed.

Promotional videos are one-way advertisements for a product or service. They’re not intended to inform nor learn anything about the product, they only promote it.

Some examples of promotional videos are testimonials, behind the scenes footage or clips of the product in use.

Write and edit your blog post

video marketing

Even though videos are not the best way to advertise every product, you can create a YouTube channel for almost anything! Starting with a short video introducing your products or business, then editing and writing downproducts and offering them- this is a great way to grow your online presence.

By creating your own channel, you get to choose what kind of content you want to make and how you want to organize it. You also have control over what types of ads you place for sales or events.

Your followers can easily watch your posts, making it more interactive and establishing some type of connection. Influencers use their channels to connect with others so that they may buy their products or services.

There is no wrong way to do it, but using videos as an advertisement can be effective when done correctly.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.