A product marketing video is a way to showcase your products or services through creative, explanatory storytelling. It can be for any number of things – you do not have to make videos for it to be effective! Videos are a powerful tool that allows people to relate to and understand your business easily.

Most businesses now use some form of video in their marketing strategies. Businesses seem to be popping up all over the place using Vlogs, how-to videos, product reviews, etc.

But what makes a great video beyond just having fun with it? What qualities does it need to effectively tell your story to your audience?

Here we will discuss the importance of creating engaging, educational product videos as part of your company’s media strategy.

We will also look at some tips on how to create your own product promotional videos.

Examples of product marketing videos

product marketing video

Recent examples of great product marketing videos include Taylor’s “Barefoot Mode,” in which she demonstrates how to do your nails with zero plastic polish or gel products!

And then there was Kellogg’s “Dance Your Day Away,” where they paired their famous breakfast foods with some hot dance moves!

And what about Dove’s “Cleanliness Is Sexy?” Or Axe’s “Why Men Love Junk Food?” And why not use that knowledge to motivate them to make healthier choices?

All these brands have created engaging YouTube content that people enjoy watching. Their followers and watchers increase due to the fun content they supply.

Running a video production company doesn’t require formal education or training.

Touchpoints in a video marketing campaign

product marketing video

Many marketers these days rely heavily on using videos to promote their products or services. It is very common to see advertisements that are completely done up in rich media, with flashy animations and pictures or videos. These advertisements can be made more effective by including additional touch points such as text, sounds, and designs.

When creating an advertisement it is important to consider what element of your product or service will play a large role in attracting new customers. This could be the main feature, or the advantage over your competitors’ products.

Based on the above description, the main feature of this product would be its ability to help you manage your stress levels. By reducing stress, you give yourself a chance to recover and re-focus on other things that matter to you. Therefore, the primary purpose of the advertisement should be focused on emphasizing this aspect of the product.

Secondary features like how durable the device is, or whether it has enough settings for various situations may also be highlighted. While these features are not necessarily related to the main feature, they do contribute something special about the product.

Benefits of product marketing videos

product marketing video

As we mentioned before, video is a powerful tool that can be used for your business or brand to communicate more clearly with others. It has become very popular to create short videos to promote your products or services!

Most online businesses now have a YouTube channel where they upload product videos to show off their merchandise or provide helpful information about how to use it. This is particularly effective as most people are familiar with watching TV shows and reading magazines so having a way to access all this content through a platform that many people own (the internet) is easy for them to watch out for.

Some companies will even produce longer format videos to tell their story which is also valuable since there’s an opportunity to get more in depth information from viewers.

Tips for creating a video marketing campaign

product marketing video

As seen with the first product marketing videos we mentioned, you can start by filming yourself or someone else using the product.

Add some voice-over and initial words to create your introduction. Then add more detail about the product and why it is important to have it. You could even mention something related that this product also helps promote.

After your introduction, it’s time to show off the product! Take your time to play around with the products and use it; this will give your audience more inspiration. Don’t forget to break down how to use the product and what functions they are capable of!

Lastly, get some photos or illustrations to make your video more interesting. Add an airtight close to see all the pictures clearly.

Identify your target market

product marketing video

Many companies these days rely heavily on product marketing videos to promote their products. This is totally okay, because it makes sense!

Most big businesses have their own in-house video production teams that create promotional material like this. And most small business owners who are trying hard to grow their company need help promoting their products or services.

So why not take advantage of this resource? By creating your own product launch videos, you can reach out to an audience that would otherwise not know about your product or service.

Your potential customers will find your videos useful, interesting, engaging, and sometimes even fun to watch.

Provide content that your target market will find helpful

product marketing video

A product marketing video is very similar to a traditional video except it is more focused. It typically features the product or service being discussed, with some additional supporting information and commercials or products related to the product.

Product videos can be made in many different styles and formats. They are usually one of two types: introduction videos or promotional videos. An introduction video is typically longer than three minutes and covers important details about the product. This type of video is good for establishing credibility and understanding the product’s fundamentals.

A promotional video is shorter (usually under three minutes) and includes more detailed steps for using the product effectively. These videos often focus on how to use the product efficiently or showcase benefits of the product.

There are several reasons why having a product marketing video can be useful. First, it gives you an opportunity to tell your potential customers what the product is and what makes it special. Second, it creates online exposure for the product or company. Third, it helps promote sales as people may purchase the product after watching the video.

Create a website

product marketing video

Recent developments in digital marketing include product marketing videos (PMVs). A PMV is an interactive, fun way to promote your business or product. You can use music, pictures, and even other videos to create your product video!

There are several good software programs that allow you to produce engaging videos with ease. Many of these have free versions that are enough for most users. By including some basic features like animations, special effects, and voiceovers, you’re already well on your way to producing a quality video.

Now that you have all the tools, it’s time to pick a platform where you can easily publish and control the content of your video.

We recommend using YouTube as your publishing site because it is a popular site that people visit daily. Not only will this help expose your business to new audiences, but it is also cost-effective and easy to get the word out about yourself and your products.

Your followers can add comments and reactions, which helps strengthen the bond between you and the community.

Create video marketing content

product marketing video

After deciding what type of product you want to advertise, now you need to pick your platform to do so. There are many ways to create a video advertisement, and the best way will depend on your industry and the market you’re targeting!

Most businesses these days have at least one channel on YouTube, so that is an excellent place to start creating videos. It can be making a direct sales pitch or showcasing a product!

You could also choose to write a special article about the products and then film yourself as you describe it and sell it directly. Or maybe you’ll chose to put together some of their materials and use them in your own advertising for a small cost.

The choice is really up to you and your budget! And don’t forget to factor in the time needed to produce your videos – we recommend doing this early before you invest too much money.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.