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First of all, let’s look at what the word “stress” means in the English language.

According to Merriam-Webster, “stress” means “the state or condition of being distressed; alarm or uneasiness.”

If you know this, then you’re already aware that there are negative ways to deal with stress.

What most of us do in an attempt to deal with stress is to turn to negative methods.

As with any toxic substance, most of the negative ways of dealing with stress will leave you physically and mentally worse off, and in a worse place emotionally.

Here are the top negative ways of dealing with stress:

1. Drinking

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The saying “wine is better than water” has never been truer than during times of stress.

Drink wine in moderation and don’t become a bookaholic.

Make it a point to drink a glass of water right after you have your wine to detox.

For those who enjoy wine, try to drink smaller amounts throughout the day instead of drinking it throughout the night.

2. Doing junk

Doing junk can be both physically and mentally damaging.

For example, take a bag of potato chips or open a package of cookies.

While it might take a couple of bites, the chances of you overdoing it are really high.

Also, when you are at home, do not allow yourself to enter the kitchen, turn on the TV and then sit down and have a snack.

Go straight to the bedroom and take a nap or do some stretching.

3. Avoiding things that make you sad

When you start avoiding things that make you sad, it’s time to get some help.

The first thing to avoid is Facebook and Instagram. Next is to stop watching so many sad movies, or listen to depressing music.

Avoiding these kinds of things will get you out of your funk, and the help you need is a change in your diet.

By eliminating junk food, you are not only starving your body but your mind and spirit as well.

After a week, when you start to feel depressed again, you can go back to eating healthy again.

4. Dealing with stress in a toxic way

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When you get stressed and reach for the bottle of wine or the bag of chips, you are only feeding your stress.

That’s when you need to get some help.

If you don’t have a therapist or a psychiatrist at your disposal, you can try going to the gym and do some cardio to boost your immune system and also help with stress.

5. Staring at the clock

Another negative way of dealing with stress is to do this.

When you are waiting for a meeting, take a walk.

Try to find a different way to de-stress and relax.

Watch a funny movie, play with your kids, or even write a letter to a loved one.

If you’re working in a stressful environment, use the time to do a stress-relieving activity like doing push-ups or jogging in place.

6. Do not try to stop fear

If you do not want to get overwhelmed with fear, you should try to just accept the fact that there are some things you cannot control.

You should try to focus on the things that you do have control over.

If you are a little overwhelmed with all the unknowns, that’s fine.

Just take a deep breath and take it one step at a time.

7. Do not pursue joy

It is okay to have joy. What you should not do is force joy in your life.

You should not try to make yourself happy at the moment.

Rather, you should try to find joy at the moment.

If you cannot find joy at the moment, you should take a step back and seek joy in the future.

8. Do not complain to people

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It is fine to be happy. But, you should not try to make others happy to feel good about yourself.

It is okay to be happy but, you should not let others decide your happiness for you.

If you want to make someone else happy, then do so in a non-competitive and non-compelling way.

9. Do not stop caring

If you care, you should not stop caring. It is fine to care about yourself and your life.

However, it is not fine to stop caring.

People often stop caring for themselves, for the most part, and it is this “do not care” mindset that leads to an overall lack of happiness.

People who try to care and yet, do not get the results they desire may try to care harder next time.

10. Do not pick up heavy things

Heavy objects can make you feel like a complete failure.

You will be exhausted after picking up a heavy object, even though you may think that you can do it.

Therefore, you should pick up things that are not heavy and light, instead.