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To avoid any future unnecessary misunderstandings, here are some important things to keep in mind:

When you want to spend some time with your boyfriends, such as a nice evening or lunch, simply text her.

Tell her you would like to spend some time with her to talk or get away from the house. Do not send her the message in person.

Tell her the date and time of the time you plan to see her. Be there at the agreed time.

If you text her late in the night, she might not see the message or she might be out with her friends or at a party.

If you’re the one spending time with your boyfriend, simply text him the name of your favorite restaurant and the time you would like to meet.

Send him a picture of the food you are planning to eat.

Don’t open a conversation with him in person

Best Ways to Answer the Phone

Say your piece in the text message, which is why you are using this kind of text messaging to communicate.

Text him that you are thinking of him. He will not reject it and will never ask you why you are sending it.

When you see him, tell him you miss him and want to see him. Just say the word.

Try not to send him pictures of your new haircut or your new shoes, unless you just got them and you want to share them with him.

You can also send him videos. He will enjoy it and you might get to see his reaction to the video.

Tell him what you are doing or what you are thinking. Just tell him what you would like to tell him.

Don’t tell him what you think he should be doing, or anything that you think he should be doing.

He doesn’t want you telling him what he should do, so don’t do it to him.

If you are playing golf or in the gym, try not to ask him about it or send him a picture

Working in an Office is Depressing

He may feel obliged to go along with your plans.

Just tell him that you enjoyed the game and will go to the gym next time.

Don’t tell him your plans to go out with your friends, or anything about your plans for the next day or the day after tomorrow.

On your wedding day, you don’t want to tell him that you are planning to stay home. Just say that you would like to spend time with him on your wedding day.

He is going to find a lot of things out about you if he keeps asking you about your plans.

At the end of the day, if he can not spend time with you, he will understand you have plans.

He may still not want to see you, but he will understand.

Don’t argue about it

There’s no point arguing with her. You should not blame her because it will affect you and also strain your relationship.

It is better to just communicate with her and not tell her what to do or how to do it. Be nice to her and understand her.

If she does something wrong, just tell her she is wrong. If she does not appreciate your desire to spend time with her, tell her she is just being stubborn.

Instead of bringing up these sensitive issues, just continue spending time with her and share the same interests and enjoy your time together.

Other reasons

working from home guidelines for employees

Your boyfriend probably does not want to spend time with you

People are busy in life. They want to spend time with their partner but don’t always get to do that.

That is a good thing because people are a priority in life, but it could be a problem if there is a lack of communication between you and your boyfriend.

He has stopped showing you affection

Many people show their love with physical gestures such as hugging, kissing, cuddling, and so on.

It is the action part that is most important, but you need to ask him for some affection or, at least, say that you need some.

He only wants to go to work and sleep

If he is the kind of man who only wants to go to work and go to bed, that is a bad sign. He may be a workaholic.

He is too busy for you

A man may think that you are his whole world, but if he is too busy to spend time with you, that might be a bad sign.

He only talks about his work

If he is always talking about work, that may be a bad sign.

You need to ask him about what he is doing or ask him to go out and have fun with you.

If he cannot find anything to talk about, that might mean that he is too busy.

He is too quiet

A man can be quiet when he is not talking to you, but when he is silent, that means there is something he doesn’t want to share with you.

He never listens to you

If he is always listening to someone else, but never to you, that is a problem.

What he does with his other friends is not your concern.