A marketing video is any material or presentation that features someone speaking about products or services. Marketing videos can be for companies to advertise their product, for you as a marketer to promote your business, or both!

Video types include things like vignettes (situation-based stories) and testimonials (speaking directly into the camera). They also include advertisements (branding efforts), introductions (of people or organizations), announcements and promotions (marketing messages), appeals (asking questions or making statements), responses to comments or inquiries, etc.

Whether they’re short (one minute) or longer (five minutes), all of these types of videos share one thing in common – they create interest!

Many times, it’s just because something interesting happened while the viewer was watching, but more often than not, it’s due to an understanding of the topic inspired by what was said. Either way, it’s worth it!

With so many different kinds of videos out there, there are lots of opportunities to use them effectively. This article will go over some basics around how to use video to boost your online sales and generate leads.

Product marketing videos

marketing video types

With the explosion of digital media that we have today, content is king. Companies are trying to pack every minute with advertisements so that people will spend time consuming ads instead of surfing the web or watching television shows.

Businesses seem to be going crazy about product marketing videos. While some feel that they go too far in the over-saturated market for commercials, I believe there’s a reason why they’re such a popular way to promote products.

They work! – Creating a video advertisement takes more than just filming someone talking about your product. It requires editing and graphic design which take time and money, but they are both worth it. A well done product launch video can create excitement for your product and showcase its features.

There are several different types of videos used in product marketing, including testimonials, how to videos, vlogs (video blogs), and outro videos. What type of video you use depends on what kind of product you are promoting and what messages you want to get across.

Marketing videos that inspire

marketing video types

A few years back, very few people had ever seen a marketing video. Now they are everywhere! It is virtually impossible to watch an hour-long YouTube clip or surf through the many online channel pages that don’t contain a marketing video.

With the explosion in popularity of using videos for business purposes, it made sense to classify different types of videos and learn how to use them most effectively.

That is what this article will help you do! So let’s get started by looking at some type specific videos that are great examples of how these different types can be used for business purposes.

Now, before we dive into the types of videos, let us take a look at the importance of creative marketing messages.

Why creating engaging content is so important

As discussed earlier, marketing videos now occupy much of our time online. This is due to their easy accessability and low investment cost per view.

However, while watching your average one minute promotional video may not hurt anything (yet), there is still something missing from those videos. They lack creativity.

Content that is simply repeated, experimented with length and style, and/or that uses offbeat analogies and metaphors cannot easily be categorized as ‘creative’.

Creating truly inspiring content requires more than just having a well crafted message and good pictures and sounds.

It takes artistic expression and innovation. And I mean really artful, not empty or clichéd.

Marketing videos that are informative

marketing video types

Most marketing videos these days are either for advertisements or motivational speeches. They are usually very eye-catching, but they often do more than that!

Most of them contain information that other videos don’t. These types of videos teach people new things about products and services, how to use products correctly, and even practical skills like taking good care of yourself or cleaning your house.

These types of videos are important because they help spread knowledge and understanding of product and service areas. They also give you an opportunity to showcase the qualities of your company’s products or services by talking about something related to the market.

Marketing videos that promote

Product launch videos

Directly marketing to consumers with a product launch video is one of the most effective ways to market products. Companies use short, promotional videos to tell their audience about new products or services!

Here are some examples of product launch videos:

A video promoting dog walking services for dogs who need exercise

A video telling people how to wash and style hair using fake eyelashes as an example

A video showing off new furniture or room design ideas

All of these things can be done in-depth or brief, but they all make it clear what the company offers and/or what their customers should know about their service or product.

It’s very eye catching and helps set your business apart from the rest.

Online video marketing

marketing video types

Recent developments in online video include new styles, features, and strategies to implement into your advertising campaigns. What is adaptive video? This type of video requires no editing or graphics software to create because you can use any device or platform to access it. You can make yourself a virtual studio space with computers or using YouTube as your filming area.

With adaptive videos, content does not need to be filmed exclusively under static settings either. Settings do not have to remain constant for different parts of the video! Things like introducing a product, taking calls, talking, interacting, and so on are all part of the setting changes.

There are many applications that can easily facilitate the creation of an adaptive video. Some examples are Adobe After Effect, Canvas (web app tool), Flash Pro (expensive but very powerful), and Photoshop (costly but possible).

Marketers have been creating commercials and films since the beginning of media. Creating advertisements for TV, radio, newspapers, and magazines is a way to reach an audience and has us all watching media at this time.

Video marketing strategies

marketing video types

A growing number of businesses are finding success in the art of video marketing. With the ability to easily edit videos, it is very easy to make your own videos or to create a well-paying sponsored video for someone else!

Businesses have been using short videos to promote their products since the beginning of time. However, with the explosion of online content and technology, creating an interesting enough YouTube clip or shooting a Sponsored Post has never been easier.

Now anyone can do it!

There are many different types of videos that can be used for different purposes. Some require you to use a script, while others don’t. It all depends on what results you want to achieve. Having various styles of videos prepared gives you more opportunities to apply them towards achieving your goals!

This article will go over some basics about how to market a business through video and also talk about which types of videos are needed most.

Create a video marketing plan

marketing video types

The type of videos you make affect how your video is seen and heard. There are six main types of videos that can be made to promote a product or service. These are introductions, testimonials, announcements, calls to action, explainer videos, and revues/feature films.

Introductory videos are usually short (1-2 minutes long) with no other content included aside from the product being promoted. They get their name because they often begin with an introductory statement about the product before showing off the product.

Testimonial videos feature individuals talking about the product in depth either for individual use or comparison against another similar product.

Announcement videos tell the audience something new – typically about a event or sale related to the product.

Calls to action (CTAs) ask people to do something such as buy the product, visit a website, or both.

Explainer or educational videos talk about the product in length and features benefits of the product.

Revue or feature film style videos are also called POVs (point of view) since it is focused on just what angle of the product is shown.

Create videos

marketing video types

Creating a video is not as difficult as some might think! There are many free, low cost, and paid-for software programs that can help you create your YouTube videos or other types of marketing videos. Many of these applications have easy editing features so even if you are not very artistic, you can produce effective videos.

There are several different styles of videos that can be used for marketing purposes. Some of the most popular include: testimonials, how tos, product reviews, introductions, giveaways, and interviews. All of these can be done in either a prerecorded or live setting depending on what type of content you want to create.

Having a basic understanding of all of these video types will help you develop your own style while still producing quality content.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.