A marketing video is much more than just a way to showcase your business or company. It’s an excellent medium through which to expose your audience to who you are and what you have to offer.

Your business needs exposure, otherwise people will not know about you or what you have to offer.

With that said, creating a successful marketing video isn’t easy. Luckily, there are some simple rules that can be applied to ensure your videos succeed in promoting your brand.

The tips mentioned below will help you create engaging YouTube videos with the goal of getting new followers for your channel and enhancing the follower base you already have.

1. Tell a story

This doesn’t mean telling someone else’s story, but instead making content that has narrative flow and features stories within stories. Your viewers should feel engaged and interested while watching, so tell a tale!

Your video may focus on how to do something related to your industry, such as finding the best ways to promote your products via social media. Or it may discuss why your product/service is important to use or need in their lives. Either way, keep the messages coherent and relateable for your intended audience.

2. Use rich content

Instead of using low quality pictures or videos, invest in ones that look professional and interesting.

Research your market

marketing video tips

A well-marketed product or service will not succeed without solid research. Before developing and creating any marketing material, you must know who your audience is!

Researching your target audience can be done via direct conversations with people around you, through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and by looking at their online activity.

Knowing what they want and how to cater to them makes for great content that they will actually watch. By incorporating these into your business, you’ll start receiving compliments about your videos and knowledge of the products and services you represent.

Business owners often forget this crucial step in the process. It is very expensive to go back and rerun TV advertisements, radio commercials, and ads on websites after filming your video. So, do yourself a favor and invest time in researching your potential customers before going forward.

There are many ways to do this; you don’t have to spend hours upon hours doing it. Some of the most common ways include using free tools or apps, talking to colleagues, and reading personal blogs and notes. All of these apply to helping develop your video marketing strategy.

Choose the right setting

marketing video tips

Choosing the proper filming environment is an integral part of creating your marketing video. You want to make sure that what you are recording for has adequate light, good natural backdrops, and appropriate use of decorations.

If possible, try to film in either outside or indoor locations that contain textures, patterns, and/or objects. This will give your footage more variety and texture than just going into a empty room with nothing but white walls.

Photos and videos are rich resources that can be used many times for other purposes. Don’t waste money by buying new clothes if your only plan is to throw away the movie later! Rent first before investing in expensive clothing.

Think about your theme

marketing video tips

The first way to know if your marketing video is working or not is to consider what level of success you want to have and how much time you have to spend on marketing. If you need more investment, the better your result will be!

If you just don’t have enough money to invest in great videos that are seen by many people, then the second tip we recommend is to try making shorter videos with the goal of creating a sense of momentum. This can be for a product launch, an announcement, or just because you run out of time before taping the longer version.

Tell your story

marketing video tips

A video that doesn’t tell a story will not be engaged with by viewers. Your story can be about anything! Whether you are promoting a product, giving an opinion, or announcing an event, there is an element of storytelling in every narrative piece.

Your audience members will connect more deeply to your message when they feel involved in the storyline. They want to know what happens next so they can anticipate how you will solve their problem or fulfill their desire.

When telling your own personal story, use first person (I) or second person (you). Iuse it here all the time- my tip for writing better marketing emails. Use third person when referring to someone else’s story – “Marketing expert X says …”

There’s no wrong way to tell a story as long as you’re telling it sincerely and from the heart.

Focus on your audience

marketing video tips

A lot of people make marketing videos that are very focused on what you want to get out of this video or what product you want to push. These types of videos can be really boring for your viewer.

Instead, use content to focus more on how well you’re doing with this material already. Talk about things that you’re passionate about and how they relate to the product you are promoting.

Your viewers will feel motivated when they watch your videos because they know you as a person and they will connect with you.

Use promotional videos to promote your product

marketing video tips

A marketing video is any type of movie or film that features talking, self-produced content designed to create interest in the product or service being marketed.

Marketing videos can be made for personal use (you may make yourself watch them to learn something new about yourself or how to improve your own business) or to help increase sales for your company.

There are several reasons why marketing videos are effective marketing tools. First, they’re cost-effective. It doesn’t require much money to produce a quality video. Most people who start filming movies usually don’t need fancy camera equipment or special effects.

Second, studies show that viewers like watching videos more than reading articles or listening to podcasts. This means you have more opportunity to reach out to potential customers.

Third, videos grab attention better than other types of media. When someone sees a video that matches their interests, it draws their focus, which could mean changing their mind about a product or moving onto the next item on their list.

Make it exciting

marketing video tips

A marketing video should be engaging, interesting, and fun to watch. Videos that use too many direct messages or calls-to-action (CTAs) are boring for your audience. Yours will not want to watch that kind of content!

Instead, add some intrigue to your message by incorporating stories and examples. Use storytelling to motivate people to take action.

Your potential customers can feel like they know you when you incorporate yourself into your videos. Your personal style and tone of voice matter so choose yours carefully.

Make sure to create quality content – writing is still the best way to achieve this. More advanced ways to promote yourself online include using an automatic computer program to produce your videos and editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft PowerPoint to edit them.

Use a firm hand

marketing video tips

As mentioned before, keeping it natural is best when filming your videos. Your voice can get drowned out by overly enthusiastic or nervous clips so try to keep those things aside!

Your video should tell its story naturally, without too much editing. If you have to edit something out, do not force it in unless it really fits into the story.

Avoid using flashy filters as they may distract viewers from what part of the film is being focused on.

Keep your messages clear and concise. Do not use longer than one sentence if possible.

Never make exaggerated facial expressions; this could come off as fake or annoying. Keep them natural and pleasant.

Try holding yourself with a solid, strong hand to create an authentic feel. With our busy lives, people are becoming more camera friendly, but staying professional still takes some effort.

You want to give others the feeling that you mean what you say and will follow through on commitments, just like in life!

Hopefully you now know some helpful tips for creating marketing videos that stick.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.