As we already mentioned, marketing videos are very popular today. They seem to be the new standard way to market a product or business. People use them to talk about their products, to advertise for others, and even to tell stories!

The best way to create your own video marketing campaigns is by learning how to edit your videos yourself first. This way you can control what goes into the film and tailor it to fit your business’s style and message.

Many people start filming with a smartphone that has some editing apps pre-installed. These apps can make creating a movie easy. But aside from the price tag (the app itself usually costs around $10–$20), there is also an upcharge per minute to use their hosting service.

This article will go over the prices of YouTube and other free web hosts for video editors. We will also discuss some tips on how to save money while still getting quality material.

Ensure the quality of the video

marketing video price

After creating your video, the next step is to edit it! The first thing you should do is make sure that your editing software is able to save heavy files such as videos. This will ensure that your device does not run out of memory or crash because they are too large.

Most online tools allow you to test your video before publishing so that you can see how it looks. You may want to test this out in a private area of the internet so that no one else can view it until it is done.

Once everything is looking good, you can then export the file which will take some time depending on the length of the video and the size of the file. Make sure that you have enough space to properly store the video after exporting.

Make the video interesting

marketing video price

A marketing video is much more than just a way to advertise your product or service. It is an integral part of any successful marketing campaign. The length of the video, what content you include in it, and how you edit the video are all important factors in creating your video.

The first thing anyone should know about videos is that they cost money to make. This can be done via online freelance sites or through company budgets, but no matter where you source the funds, there’s always costs involved.

General expenses such as filming, editing, music, and production run about $400-500 per minute for a half hour video. Additional minutes require additional budget allocations.

Subtitles and voice over talent add to the overall expense as well. These professionals are not free, even if paid at a very low rate!

Price dependents on the number of takes you have, the time allotted for each one, and whether or not you need a second speaker’s opinion before recording. Technicians also deserve compensation for their services!

Once the video is completed, the next step is to promote it. Setting up a YouTube account and investing in some decent advertising channels (more on those below) sets up a nice platform for your business.

Create a website

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Now that you have your platform all set, it’s time to start creating content and marketing videos! Creating a video is much simpler than people make out – there are only two major price points for every marketer now.

The first price tag is the cost of production – which includes filming, editing, music, voice over, licenses, and other costs such as domain names and online distribution. This price can be expensive if you’re not used to spending money, or don’t take steps to keep down overhead.

The second price is the cost per view – this is typically calculated using statistics provided by YouTube (or another channel with high volume). For example, if someone watched your video for one minute, it was three seconds long, and they received an indication it had been seen ten times, then the CPV is nine cents per viewer. Nine cents may seem like a lot, but most marketers spend far more in advertising fees alone!

With these numbers in hand, we can calculate how much profit your business will earn with a new video. Let’s use our car sale example again, but instead of having the seller write their own review, we’ll have them create a video talking about either why the same model vehicle is a good choice, or why theirs is better than the others. They can also include some tips and tricks for taking great care of your vehicle.

Buy marketing videos

marketing video price

It is not expensive to create a video market your product or service. There are many free platforms where you can produce quality content material.

Most online businesses have their own website, so creating an excellent YouTube channel is usually no cost at all!

By using these sites’s tools, you do not need special software or equipment to film your video. You can use your smartphone to make it great.

The hardest part about producing a marketing video is deciding how long you want to keep it short.

Distribute the videos

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As mentioned earlier, you do not need a large budget to create marketing videos. In fact, you can start filming and editing your video at home using free software!

There are many ways to distribute your videos including YouTube, digital distribution sites such as Flixter and Vimeo, and direct outreach to other businesses or individuals in your field.

By distributing your videos through various channels, it will give your video more exposure which could help in shaping people’s perceptions of your business.

Running into naming issues, however, is the price tag. Technically, anything we put online can be accessed for free, but limiting yourself to that resource may limit your growth.

As with any form of media, investing in equipment and/or training is worth it in the long run if you want to reap the benefits of creating content.

Encourage commenting

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A lot of online content these days seems to disappear without anyone noticing, leaving you with no way to reach your audience. As such, most people start to give up and stop trying to spread their message.

This is especially true for business owners who are trying to get their name out there by sharing their expertise through blogs or social media sites.

By missing out on potential customers, you will not receive feedback or comments about what you have to offer. This can be discouraging at best and frustrating at worst.

Fortunately, it’s easy to fix this problem if you take some time to make sure that everyone is able to leave a comment on your site.

Most website hosting providers allow users to create an account via their own domain. Many times, however, these accounts are limited to certain numbers of postings or hours per day.

Create a social media presence

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After you have done all of your research, gathered your products, and created your business model, it is time to start creating marketing videos!

This does not mean going onto YouTube and trying to pick any topic that gets views quickly! Nope, those videos are the hardest to create and will take up lots of time!

Instead, invest in software or apps that help you edit and produce videos. Many free applications can be found through Google or Facebook’s video editing platform.

Identify your target market

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As mentioned earlier, marketing videos are very cost-effective ways to advertise your business or product. With that said, you must know who your audience is before investing in any video advertisements.

It is important to identify your targeted audience correctly because this has an effect on how much you invest in each video advertisement. You want to make sure their needs are met and that they will be receptive to your message.

Try looking into demographics, income levels, and lifestyle trends to determine if your potential customers exist. This can save you money by not creating a campaign that people of other areas/markets cannot access or use.

Also, find out what types of products and services these individuals have so that you can place more emphasis on similar ones and win them as clients.

Caroline Shaw is a blogger and social media manager. She enjoys blogging about current events, lifehacks, and her experiences as a millennial working in New York.