The term marketing video comes with quite a few definitions, depending on who you ask. Some define it as a short movie or advertisement that uses storytelling to convey a product or message.

Other people may refer to it as a longer YouTube clip or teaser for an extended ad or film. Still others describe it as a promotional video that features either stills or videos of the product or service.

Whatever definition you choose, creating your own marketing video is an excellent way to reach out to new audiences! While there are many ways to use videos in marketo-tive strategies, this article will go into more detail about some easy ideas to make marketing videos.

This article will also include some recipes to create your own marketing videos.

Give a product tour

marketing video ideas

Many companies have made huge profits by offering what is known as a product tour. This is when an employee of the company talks about their products in detail, highlighting all of the features.

By doing this, they draw attention to the product and help promote it for use. Product tours are usually done via YouTube or other video websites so that people can easily access them.

Some very popular brands do this, such as Amazon with its own products, IKEA with furniture, Coca Cola with drinks, and Google with laptops and computers!

Companies who offer product tours include making themselves look interesting, explaining how much money they make using their products, and showing off some of the uses of the product.

They also may tell a story related to the product. For example, if the product is bed sheets then they might talk about how good they feel and why you should buy theirs.

Such videos create a sense of excitement because there’s always something new to see about the product. They increase interest in the product and bring in more customers.

Marketing videos should provide content

marketing video ideas

A marketing video is not just a way to advertise your product or business. It can be an excellent medium to communicate a message, showcase a feature, introduce someone, teach something, etc.

If you have been looking into how to make your own marketing videos then that is great! Creating a video for yourself or your company is definitely a ton of work so it is nice to have some guidelines and tips.

That is why we asked our writers at The Writing Team to give us their top tips for making marketing videos.

Tell a story

marketing video ideas

A marketing video is not just a series of advertisements with an attached camera. That would be like watching a movie where you only see the characters for a few minutes and then it’s done.

That wouldn’t make much sense to watch, would it?

A good marketing video must tell a story that keeps viewers interested. It has to grab their attention and keep them engaged until they reach the end when they can assume something was learned from the video.

Your business could be telling this story right now – about yourself or your products and services. Create a setting, position yourself as someone people can look up to, emphasize importance of the product, and talk about how it can help others in the same situation as them.

The longer the better! Keep talking about the product for at least a minute and see what happens. Your audience will quickly learn about the qualities and benefits of the product, and if there are any special offers available.

Interact with other social media accounts related to the product to increase exposure and brand awareness.

Use a theme

marketing video ideas

Having an interesting topic is great, but it’s not enough! You need to use that content to help your audience do something or find an answer to what you are promoting. If your video is too general (something like “How to Save Money Online Shopping”) then people will be able to skip over parts of the video without really getting anything out of it.

Instead of telling your viewers how to save money online shopping, tell them a story about someone who saved money through doing business with you. Or maybe tell them about a product or service you have that can help them save money, and include links to those products in the YouTube description.

Your video description is another way to connect with your potential customers. The more connected they feel to you and your business, the more likely they are to buy from you.

Make a video

Making a marketing video is not as difficult or expensive as some make it seem. In fact, you can create pretty awesome videos with free software and tools! If you are more creative or have an idea that needs to be conveyed, then no, you cannot afford to avoid creating a video at this stage in your business career.

There are many ways to market yourself via YouTube videos. You can do personal tutorials, product reviews, interviews, etc. It all depends on what your audience wants to see and read. Your potential clients will find you if you cater to their demands and give them what they want.

The hardest part about producing a video is deciding where to start. What types of content do you like? How much time do you have? These are questions you must ask yourself before investing into production equipment and filming.

Hopefully you already have most of these resources, but just making a simple test film can prove helpful nonetheless.

Create a video schedule

marketing video ideas

After you have identified your target market, determined how you can help them, and gathered some of the needed materials, it is time to create a video marketing plan!

Start by deciding when and where you will film your videos. You can do this according to your budget and luscious timing.

Plan out a weekly video production schedule or even daily if you’re very organized. This way, you are not left with no content during times that you cannot produce a video due to limited resources or time.

Your followers and watchers will also enjoy knowing what days and hours you are online so they do not have to worry about content or you being unavailable.

Having a routine for posting videos helps keep you consistent and on track in terms of messaging and content.

Know your audience

marketing video ideas

As mentioned earlier, you do not need a large budget to create engaging videos. You can even start with just yourself as the speaker!

By being familiar with your audience, you will know what content they desire and how to provide it for them. Your followers and watchers of your YouTube channel are a great source of information for this.

Furthermore, knowing your audience makes producing your own video more efficient as you are already aware of things that appeal to them.

Your message will be much clearer and better received if you are able to relate to them first.

Blogs are a nice source of information to learn about your audience. You may also make use of social media sites to gain insights into who their loyal members are.

General tips such as holding a conversation or asking questions is good way to begin interacting with your audience.

Produce good quality videos

marketing video ideas

A marketing video is kind of like a business movie. It’s designed to create an impression about your company, what it stands for, and what people can expect from it. Content marketers spend time creating engaging, interesting, and informative videos that position their products or services in a positive light.

Video content is popular these days – everyone has access to a camera, most phones have decent enough cameras to capture okay footage, and software such as YouTube are free to use. This means you don’t need very much money to start producing videos.

However, not every company uses videos effectively. Some seem more interested in using flashy clips than they are in telling someone something meaningful, while others just talk over the top of the material without paying attention to anything else. Use of tone, body language, and eye contact are all important when filming interviews or product demonstrations.

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