More content helps your website grow

One of the biggest struggles that website owners face is growing their audience. It can be difficult to attract people who follow your brand or know about you, so it’s important to have many ways to engage with visitors.

The more content you put on your site, the more engaging you are going to make it for readers, and the more likely you are to rank on Google with one of your pages.

The question is: how can I save the most time writing my website content? Enter AI writers. You’ve heard about them. You have an opinion on them for sure. Here we will explain one of my favorite tools that just hit the market a few months ago.

AI content generation for all!

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AI content generation is now sweeping the landscape with legacy players like and dominating the landscape. However this has led to a suite of new companies that are trying to grab their market share as well. One of those players is

The idea behind article generation software is that, rather than spend hours writing a good topic and corresponding text, you can input some basic information and generate several pages of content right from within the program. This company is already changing businesses and getting them more return on investment.

Generate blog posts in seconds

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Although Juice isn’t always 100% perfect, the reality is most of the time Juice can turn out a professional-grade blog post as a draft in less than a minute. This tool is almost a godsend in giving you a fully written article complete with tags, images, headings as well as some tools for editing.

What sets Juice.AI apart from other similar tools are its “all in a box” approach to content generation. and still make you piece together the article via a bunch of different tools that you have to sort through. Juice makes it simple by literally being able to click one button to generate a 1000+ word blog post.

You can also organize your articles into folders and test the SEO score of them. The simplicity of the system is not to say it isn’t powerful, and we will get into more of the features below.

Juice saves time by generating a first draft of a blog article for you

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The problem that most people run into is that they don’t have enough well written content to fill up the blog section on their site and have Google recognize this is a big site they should be taking seriously. Google still relies heavily on having tons of niche filled content on ones site which builds domain authority.

Despite the recent announcements of a helpful content update, AI writing can still be a way to get the ideas flowing and save tons of time in the aggregate.

The section rewrite feature makes editing a breeze

As is the case with most AI writing tools, there may be a section or two of the generated article that just doesn’t make sense or fit with the rest of the article.

That’s where the magic of the section rewrite tool comes into play.

By clicking on any heading that you have generated (or written yourself!) you can regenerate all the content that the section contained. I found this feature really helpful when going through my article and regenerating any sections that look bad. The trick is to change the heading of the section to something that fits better with the article. is a growth hacker’s wet dream

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Why does work so well for growth hackers? Generating fresh, original content for your website’s blog used to be a thing that would take hours of time and a full team to accomplish. Now this is as simple as typing in the title of an article clicking a button. You can use it to write reviews, articles, posts, and tweets.

You can then distribute this original content via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr and other platforms.

If you want more control over your content, you can also hire a freelancer to edit and spruce up the articles.

We’ve already heard of a few success stories from website owners that use Juice… these are by no means overnight successes, mind you. But they do speak to the power of a solid SEO content marketing strategy.

Juice allows you to publish articles that you have generated directly to your site

Another cool feature is that you can connect your WordPress or Shopify website and send content right to your site.

This allows you or your editors to work directly in Juice, regenerating sections and fixing up the content until you are ready to publish.

For me as a freelancer, whose whole job relies on producing content and driving traffic to my website, Juice is a gem that I’m very glad I found.